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Can You Beat the B-Man?

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Compete directly with The B-Man week-to-week in this Against the Spread pool.

Pool Type: Vs. Spread        Current View: Straight-Up

Season Record:7653-4932, 60.8%
Season Rank:59 out of 116
Week 22 Record:20-17, 54.1% (52nd)
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Week #22 Rankings
1dolfan1364 1-0185-100 (64.9%)
2cuffy1 1-0139-126 (52.5%)
3kwbpics 1-0177-108 (62.1%)
4MEANMACHINE 1-0152-133 (53.3%)
5BONEMAN7 1-0193-92 (67.7%)
6PittsburghPat 1-0189-96 (66.3%)
7codybob 1-0173-112 (60.7%)
8LoveDemHogs 1-0172-113 (60.4%)
9The B-Man (Poolmaster) 1-0168-117 (59%)
10Penticton Seahawks 1-0176-109 (61.8%)
11Kluuz 1-0175-110 (61.4%)
12whitetoppop 1-0184-101 (64.6%)
13Homer 1-0161-124 (56.5%)
14bradman23 1-0174-111 (61.1%)
15SNAKE9 1-0170-115 (59.7%)
16Jedeye007 1-0169-116 (59.3%)
17lucklessal 1-0176-109 (61.8%)
18Prais7 1-0183-102 (64.2%)
19CharlesCoxIII 1 Auto Picks: home 1-0164-121 (57.5%)
19rfduncan 1 Auto Picks: home 1-0160-125 (56.1%)
21Jamy6 0-1158-127 (55.4%)
221vike 0-1184-101 (64.6%)
23bpercheson 0-1188-97 (66%)
24tucson-mike 0-1178-107 (62.5%)
25cr8zymik 0-1181-104 (63.5%)
26pablo hanliano 0-1168-117 (59%)
27VegasMan 0-1188-97 (66%)
28elmike007 0-1179-106 (62.8%)
29VictorianoMejia 0-1172-113 (60.4%)
30stickemchis 0-1178-107 (62.5%)
31Canardo 1 Auto Picks: faves 0-1180-105 (63.2%)
31ShaineL 1 Auto Picks: faves 0-1178-107 (62.5%)
31chavopm 1 Auto Picks: faves 0-1176-109 (61.8%)
31Jefe de Bufalo 1 Auto Picks: faves 0-1174-111 (61.1%)
31#1 RAIDER FAN 1 Auto Picks: faves 0-1173-112 (60.7%)
31Krusty 1 Auto Picks: faves 0-1171-114 (60%)
31seanb306 1 Auto Picks: faves 0-1161-124 (56.5%)
Totals for 37 players20-17 (54.1%)

Playoff Rankings
RankPlayerRecordPtsLast Wk
1Homer 10-3 (76.9%)171-0
2dolfan1364 9-4 (69.2%)141-0
2kwbpics 9-4 (69.2%)141-0
2PittsburghPat 9-4 (69.2%)141-0
2LoveDemHogs 9-4 (69.2%)141-0
2whitetoppop 9-4 (69.2%)141-0
2bradman23 9-4 (69.2%)141-0
2Jedeye007 9-4 (69.2%)141-0
2rfduncan 9-4 (69.2%)141-0
2Jefe de Bufalo 9-4 (69.2%)140-1
11MEANMACHINE 8-5 (61.5%)111-0
11BONEMAN7 8-5 (61.5%)111-0
11codybob 8-5 (61.5%)111-0
11Penticton Seahawks 8-5 (61.5%)111-0
11lucklessal 8-5 (61.5%)111-0
11CharlesCoxIII 8-5 (61.5%)111-0
11VictorianoMejia 8-5 (61.5%)110-1
11seanb306 8-5 (61.5%)110-1
19Rhalin 7-5 (58.3%)90-0
20Kluuz 7-6 (53.8%)81-0
20Prais7 7-6 (53.8%)81-0
201vike 7-6 (53.8%)80-1
20bpercheson 7-6 (53.8%)80-1
20pablo hanliano 7-6 (53.8%)80-1
20VegasMan 7-6 (53.8%)80-1
20Phins4Ever_aka_FFiB 6-4 (60.0%)80-0
20El_Que_Gano_es_Gay 6-4 (60.0%)80-0
20Canardo 7-6 (53.8%)80-1
20chavopm 7-6 (53.8%)80-1
30The B-Man (Poolmaster) 6-7 (46.2%)51-0
30SNAKE9 6-7 (46.2%)51-0
30Jamy6 6-7 (46.2%)50-1
30tucson-mike 6-7 (46.2%)50-1
30cr8zymik 6-7 (46.2%)50-1
30elmike007 6-7 (46.2%)50-1
30stickemchis 6-7 (46.2%)50-1
30ShaineL 6-7 (46.2%)50-1
30#1 RAIDER FAN 6-7 (46.2%)50-1
39cuffy1 4-5 (44.4%)31-0
40smokinjoe 4-6 (40.0%)20-0
41Krusty 4-9 (30.8%)-10-1
Totals for 41 players296-223 (57%)

Overall Rankings
RankPlayerRecordPtsLast Wk
1BONEMAN7 193-92 (67.7%)2941-0
2PittsburghPat 189-96 (66.3%)2821-0
3bpercheson 188-97 (66%)2790-1
4VegasMan 188-97 (66%)2790-1
5El_Que_Gano_es_Gay 184-98 (65.3%)2700-0
6dolfan1364 185-100 (64.9%)2701-0
71vike 184-101 (64.6%)2670-1
8whitetoppop 184-101 (64.6%)2671-0
9Prais7 183-102 (64.2%)2641-0
10cr8zymik 181-104 (63.5%)2580-1
11Canardo 180-105 (63.2%)2550-1
12elmike007 179-106 (62.8%)2520-1
13tucson-mike 178-107 (62.5%)2490-1
14stickemchis 178-107 (62.5%)2490-1
15ShaineL 178-107 (62.5%)2490-1
16kwbpics 177-108 (62.1%)2461-0
17lucklessal 176-109 (61.8%)2431-0
18chavopm 176-109 (61.8%)2430-1
19Penticton Seahawks 176-109 (61.8%)2431-0
20Kluuz 175-110 (61.4%)2401-0
21bradman23 174-111 (61.1%)2371-0
22Jefe de Bufalo 174-111 (61.1%)2370-1
23#1 RAIDER FAN 173-112 (60.7%)2340-1
24codybob 173-112 (60.7%)2341-0
25LoveDemHogs 172-113 (60.4%)2311-0
26VictorianoMejia 172-113 (60.4%)2310-1
27Bu!ld3rPW 167-105 (61.4%)2290-0
28Krusty 171-114 (60%)2280-1
29Rhalin 160-92 (63.5%)2280-0
30smokinjoe 170-112 (60.3%)2280-0
31SNAKE9 170-115 (59.7%)2251-0
32Jedeye007 169-116 (59.3%)2221-0
33pablo hanliano 168-117 (59%)2190-1
34The B-Man (Poolmaster) 168-117 (59%)2191-0
35CharlesCoxIII 164-121 (57.5%)2071-0
36jumbo12 154-102 (60.2%)2060-0
37Homer 161-124 (56.5%)1981-0
38seanb306 161-124 (56.5%)1980-1
39rfduncan 160-125 (56.1%)1951-0
40Cowboysfh 143-97 (59.6%)1890-0
41Jamy6 158-127 (55.4%)1890-1
42MEANMACHINE 152-133 (53.3%)1711-0
43Phins4Ever_aka_FFiB 145-137 (51.4%)1530-0
44cuffy1 139-126 (52.5%)1521-0
45punisher 74-62 (54.4%)860-0
46AMS4 29-29 (50%)290-0
Totals for 46 players7653-4932 (60.8%)

Week #22 Pick Statusarrow View Picks Scoreboard
PlayerSubmitted Picks?AutoPick Setting
Kevco NoAutoPick icon Home Teams
BOLTFAN NoAutoPick icon Random
FesteringPus NoAutoPick icon Home Teams
champr NoAutoPick icon Favorites
Bartman NoAutoPick icon Favorites
Ron NoAutoPick icon Favorites
Flippy DeCoin NoX None
jimjah NoAutoPick icon Favorites
Ross NoAutoPick icon Underdogs
Tony NoAutoPick icon Underdogs
kachupeto NoAutoPick icon Random
jimmy the geek NoAutoPick icon Home Teams
bjoysme NoAutoPick icon Favorites
Begg4change NoAutoPick icon Favorites
whopperhead NoAutoPick icon Favorites
CHRONOS 396 NoAutoPick icon Favorites
Tylus NoAutoPick icon Underdogs
Maybe Next Year NoAutoPick icon Underdogs
xPhoenix NoAutoPick icon Favorites
Swifty2 NoAutoPick icon Favorites
jhart NoAutoPick icon Favorites
THE HUN NoAutoPick icon Favorites
ClairesBears NoAutoPick icon Favorites
ravens2926 NoAutoPick icon Favorites
jaccardi NoX None
KickButkus NoX None
kat NoAutoPick icon Random
focalpoint NoX None
skidgod NoAutoPick icon Favorites
baycer NoAutoPick icon Favorites
Bogie NoAutoPick icon Favorites
slyty NoAutoPick icon Random
dbqer NoX None
smiley9636 NoAutoPick icon Favorites
sixhigh NoAutoPick icon Favorites
Sam the Man NoAutoPick icon Random
twomill NoAutoPick icon Favorites
misschick3 NoX None
Steelers #1 NoAutoPick icon Favorites
wposton723 NoAutoPick icon Home Teams
Sylvs07 NoX None
1.21gigawatts NoAutoPick icon Underdogs
sbacpo NoAutoPick icon Home Teams
true408 NoX None
greenvillekid57 NoAutoPick icon Home Teams
PawnSpirit318 NoAutoPick icon Favorites
NFL_ManiaC2011 NoX None
dad4kairi NoAutoPick icon Favorites
Cityboy NoAutoPick icon Favorites
Tonymartin69 NoX None
kdl721 NoAutoPick icon Favorites
CWe NoX None
taipan57 NoX None
Cacope NoAutoPick icon Favorites
HEEL ZIGGLER NoAutoPick icon Favorites
fmarti7 NoAutoPick icon Favorites
Jcotanche NoAutoPick icon Favorites
Jonner_wv NoAutoPick icon Random
NiteWolfUSAF NoAutoPick icon Favorites
FernandoPerezO NoX None
TrentRiddell NoAutoPick icon Favorites
raulclerici NoX None
samuelon 40 NoX None
Bengal14 NoX None
Kristoffer NoAutoPick icon Favorites
Rybrator NoAutoPick icon Home Teams
rjimenez NoAutoPick icon Random
Brad Pritt NoAutoPick icon Favorites
playtime NoAutoPick icon Random
Dan Brown NoAutoPick icon Favorites
dblanch12000 NoX None
ferminelmachin NoX None
hrdnox NoAutoPick icon Random
Savilar NoAutoPick icon Favorites
Primetime NoX None
werever NoAutoPick icon Random
CanAm21 NoX None
tatun100 NoAutoPick icon Favorites
snoar NoAutoPick icon Home Teams
FundMyGTR NoAutoPick icon Favorites
niner NoX None
bubba550 NoX None
BEE NoAutoPick icon Random
monstah NoAutoPick icon Random
MammaBear NoAutoPick icon Home Teams
Gary69 NoAutoPick icon Random
DanColvin NoX None
RickFlo NoAutoPick icon Random
Lacey NoAutoPick icon Random
The Gingah Ninja NoAutoPick icon Home Teams
Petrarch NoAutoPick icon Underdogs
shawdog NoX None
Captain Hindsight NoX None
ELCHERE NoAutoPick icon Favorites
Harambe NoAutoPick icon Home Teams
Baxter14 NoX None
colson1984 NoAutoPick icon Favorites
mp33zy620 NoAutoPick icon Home Teams
North of 55 NoAutoPick icon Favorites
IncognitoMan NoX None
mzbosslady NoX None
Robin A NoX None
OGO NoAutoPick icon Favorites
hoglover NoAutoPick icon Favorites
ETrevino NoAutoPick icon Favorites
Boss Ben NoX None
DrewH NoAutoPick icon Home Teams
Ronnie Dale NoAutoPick icon Favorites
gmoquiros NoAutoPick icon Favorites
trigger1305 NoX None
mannyaquino42 NoX None
jrfreyn NoAutoPick icon Favorites
The Hurricane NoAutoPick icon Favorites
Davis NoAutoPick icon Random
Ant0ne-628 NoX None
daniel1722 NoX None
emcp1024 NoAutoPick icon Random
Dandy Don NoX None
younglambo NoAutoPick icon Favorites
kevdog97 NoX None
FastpickDMP NoAutoPick icon Favorites
PanchoCT NoX None
Diegop14 NoX None
Go Dawgs NoX None
applepie NoAutoPick icon Favorites
RangerRocks NoAutoPick icon Favorites
Bigc94 NoX None
FranK1983 NoAutoPick icon Random
guizar51 NoX None
NIKFURY NoAutoPick icon Favorites
MichelP NoAutoPick icon Favorites
Sboudreaux5 NoAutoPick icon Random
bodgit NoX None
CanAm33 NoX None
nando869 NoX None
Hollandaise NoX None
Donbell NoAutoPick icon Favorites
special k NoAutoPick icon Favorites
fer666 NoX None
Peyoteros del 14 NoAutoPick icon Favorites
Poppy66 NoAutoPick icon Random
scnf17 NoX None
DNinja80 NoAutoPick icon Favorites
cdnf1fan NoX None
Retiredmcmahan NoAutoPick icon Home Teams
MARKO98 NoX None
Chavez NoX None
BucsFan31 NoAutoPick icon Favorites
Woodrow NoX None
koko NoX None
Armenia NoAutoPick icon Favorites
Lombardi Time NoX None
TATANKA #99 NoX None
Kaitlyn26 NoX None
Playmish NoX None
Payne52 NoAutoPick icon Favorites
bronx8770 NoAutoPick icon Home Teams
Taylorj3 NoX None
Rye Dog NoX None
Maxds11 NoX None
LaBarba NoX None
ElCuauh NoX None
DaisyMay NoX None
gma NoX None
Mezher NoX None
JCB-Abogdo NoX None
CK 21 NoX None
Khalil33 NoX None
Tortured12thMan NoAutoPick icon Favorites
djones NoX None
CanAm47 NoX None
adtest NoX None
BONEMAN7 YesAutoPick icon Favorites
PittsburghPat YesX Favorites
bpercheson YesAutoPick icon Favorites
VegasMan YesX Favorites
El_Que_Gano_es_Gay NoX Favorites
dolfan1364 YesAutoPick icon Favorites
1vike YesAutoPick icon Home Teams
whitetoppop YesAutoPick icon Favorites
Prais7 YesAutoPick icon Favorites
cr8zymik YesAutoPick icon Favorites
Canardo YesAutoPick icon Favorites
elmike007 YesAutoPick icon Favorites
tucson-mike YesAutoPick icon Favorites
stickemchis YesAutoPick icon Favorites
ShaineL YesAutoPick icon Favorites
kwbpics YesAutoPick icon Favorites
lucklessal YesX None
chavopm YesAutoPick icon Favorites
Penticton Seahawks YesAutoPick icon Home Teams
Kluuz YesAutoPick icon Home Teams
bradman23 YesAutoPick icon Favorites
Jefe de Bufalo YesAutoPick icon Favorites
#1 RAIDER FAN YesAutoPick icon Favorites
codybob YesAutoPick icon Favorites
LoveDemHogs YesAutoPick icon Favorites
VictorianoMejia YesAutoPick icon Favorites
Bu!ld3rPW NoX None
Krusty YesAutoPick icon Favorites
Rhalin NoX Favorites
smokinjoe NoX Random
SNAKE9 YesAutoPick icon Home Teams
Jedeye007 YesAutoPick icon Home Teams
pablo hanliano YesAutoPick icon Favorites
The B-Man (Poolmaster) YesAutoPick icon Home Teams
CharlesCoxIII YesAutoPick icon Home Teams
jumbo12 NoX Favorites
Homer YesAutoPick icon Home Teams
seanb306 YesAutoPick icon Favorites
rfduncan YesAutoPick icon Home Teams
Cowboysfh NoX Favorites
Jamy6 YesAutoPick icon Favorites
MEANMACHINE YesAutoPick icon Favorites
Phins4Ever_aka_FFiB NoX Random
cuffy1 YesX Random
punisher NoX Favorites
AMS4 NoX Favorites
37 out of 220 Players Have Picked

X indicates a player either does not have AutoPick enabled or has already used AutoPick 3 times (full weeks only).

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