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AmPm1/13/24 10:13:21AM ET
Super Bowl: DALLAS

Wild Card Lock of the Week: CLEVELAND
The B-Man1/12/24 6:17:53PM ET
B-Man's Super Bowl Bonus Pick: RAVENS

B-Man's Wild Card Lock of the Week: Eagles

Good luck fellas as we go into the home stretch. Don't forget to make your SB Bonus pick before the first game kicks off tomorrow!
Taylorj31/12/24 10:49:08AM ET
lock of the week dallas. super bowl pick ravens
orered1/11/24 3:48:50PM ET
this week lock pick cowboys----------Super bowl pick lions----------steelers upset pick, last chance I think.
The B-Man1/8/24 11:54:04PM ET
The Lock Club standings got a little more interesting with missing his pick this week.

Make sure you post your Super Bowl Bonus Pick this week *before* the first Wild Card game kicks off on Saturday. Pick one of the playoff teams to win the Super Bowl. If your pick wins the Lombardi Trophy, you get a bonus Win added to your record.

That bonus win could be the difference in the standings with everyone bunched near the top. With 4 Lock picks remaining plus the Super Bowl bonus, that's 5 W's you could hit still. So everyone still has a shot to win the money.

Reminder we have 2 spots to pay out: 1st Place: $367.50 and 2nd Place: $157.50.

Lock of the Week Club Standings
PlayerPickResultWinsLossesBonus Picks
kirby.comPatriotsL 13 5Upset: Commanders - Wk 18 (L)
charpBillsW 12 6Upset: Bengals - Wk 17 (L)
oreredLionsW 12 6
pvalJetsW 12 6Upset: Cardinals - Wk 7 (L)
The B-ManBengalsW 11 7Upset: Bengals - Wk 17 (L)
AmPmTexansW 10 8
Taylorj3No PickL 10 8Upset: Bears - Wk 8 (L)
Mean Mark1/7/24 10:16:50PM ET
Time to grade my preseason predictions.

NFC North: Packers (L)
NFC East: Commanders (W)
NFC South: Panthers (W)
NFC West: Cardinals (W)

AFC North: Stealers (L)
AFC East: Patriots (W)
AFC South: Texans (L)
AFC West: Raiders (L)

Cards and Texans to battle it out for the top pick in the draft (L)

I guess 4 out of 8 ain't too bad. I've been having a pretty good year with my overall picks. Was in the top 30 or so until the last couple weeks when I pulled an Atlanta Falcons level choke job and fell out of the top 100.

Saints end the season on a high note, beating the rival Falcons 48-17, but when you have to depend on the Bears and Cardinals to help get you into the playoffs... Good luck with that. But, they've nobody to blame but themselves. Just weren't good enough, the bottom line. I like how they faked taking the knee at the end of the game and ran it in for a touchdown. Falcons' coach called it chicken salad or chicken something, but it's all in good fun. It's a rivalry. You're supposed to be petty. By the way, after 108 regular season meetings the all-time series is now tied at 54-54, Dirty Birds have a 1-0 advantage in playoff meetings.
charp1/7/24 5:56:23PM ET
Lock of the Week: BILLS
pval1/7/24 12:58:26PM ET
Lock pick: Jets
kirby.com1/7/24 12:43:49PM ET

orered1/7/24 12:34:04PM ET
Happy Birthday, Have a great (lucky) day. cheers
The B-Man1/6/24 11:27:11PM ET
Welcome to the final week of the regular season, fellas. Good luck with your picks!

I'll be celebrating my birthday in BofA Stadium on Sunday trying to root the Panthers on to victory over Tampa Bay. Wish me luck. Ha.

B-Man's Lock of the Week: Bengals
John Mckenzie1/6/24 10:10:12PM ET
I think Johnathan Taylor would be a good fit on the Chiefs next year.
AmPm1/6/24 2:07:28PM ET
Week 18 Pick; Houston
orered1/5/24 10:08:27PM ET
lions for lock pick
The B-Man1/1/24 3:37:15PM ET keeps his two-game lead with a nice pick on the Ravens rout.

The Bengals gave me and charp hope for awhile but did not pull off the upset. We should have taken the Cardinals as it turned out.

Only a few more chances to use your Upset of the Year bonus pick. It looks like your only option in Week 18 will be the Commanders. After that, you'll be hoping for a big spread with upset potential in the playoffs.

After Week 18, we'll have 4 playoff weeks remaining, so 4 picks left. There is also the Super Bowl bonus pick that can give you an extra W to help your cause. You have to pick the Super Bowl winner before the first Wildcard playoff game kicks off. The last few seasons this pick has come into play during the Super Bowl for the 1st and 2nd place spots. So choose wisely!

Lock of the Week Club Standings
PlayerPickResultWinsLossesBonus Picks
kirby.comRavensW 13 4
charp49ersW 11 6Upset: Bengals - Wk 17 (L)
oreredJaguarsW 11 6
pvalRamsL 11 6Upset: Cardinals - Wk 7 (L)
The B-ManPackersW 10 7Upset: Bengals - Wk 17 (L)
Taylorj3RamsL 10 7Upset: Bears - Wk 8 (L)
AmPmChargersL 9 8
AmPm12/31/23 3:47:33PM ET
Lock pick W17: LAC
The B-Man12/31/23 11:58:43AM ET

I appreciate you guys sticking with this. I enjoy the competition and picking just one game each week. Gives me something else to focus on rather than the rest of my picks, which have been uncharacteristically bad all season.

B-Man's Lock of the Week: Green Bay

B-Man's Upset of the Year: Cincinnati

I looked ahead and I don't see many potential upset picks for next week and then the playoffs would likely be slim pickings. So... go Bengals! (the other Queen City)

I know you guys are veterans, but in case you missed it, here's my annual note about the end of the season tie-breakers, playoff picks and the Super Bowl.

Good luck today fellas!
charp12/31/23 11:24:37AM ET
Lock of the Week: 49ers

Bonus Upset Pick: BENGALS
pval12/31/23 11:11:40AM ET
Lock of the week: Rams
orered12/31/23 10:43:51AM ET
jaguars for lock pick. Happy New Year cheers
kirby.com12/30/23 5:00:17PM ET
Taylorj312/29/23 11:36:31AM ET
Lock of the week Rams
The B-Man12/25/23 11:57:57PM ET goes head to head with me on the Ravens-49ers game and comes out with the L, shrinking his lead to one game on pval, who correctly picked the Raiders.

By the way, we missed the boat on the Upset pick with that game, as the Raiders would have gotten you a bonus win if you had picked them as the Upset of the Year. Only 2 full weeks left to find a game to pick for that upset.

Looks like there will be 4 or 5 choices this week. If the Chiefs line stays above 7 points, I expect a lot of Bengals upset picks.

Lock of the Week Club Standings
PlayerPickResultWinsLossesBonus Picks
kirby.com49ersL 12 4
pvalRaidersW 11 5Upset: Cardinals - Wk 7 (L)
charpDolphinsW 10 6
oreredRamsW 10 6
Taylorj3BearsW 10 6Upset: Bears - Wk 8 (L)
The B-ManRavensW 9 7
AmPmEaglesL 9 7
kirby.com12/25/23 7:00:50PM ET
AmPm12/25/23 4:18:42PM ET
Lock Pick W16. Phi Eagles
The B-Man12/25/23 12:39:31PM ET

B-Man's Christmas Lock of the Week: Ravens
pval12/24/23 4:14:56PM ET
Lock of the week: Raiders
Taylorj312/24/23 3:15:13PM ET
Lock of the week bears.
charp12/24/23 11:53:52AM ET
Lock of the Week: MIAMI
orered12/21/23 3:15:53PM ET
rams for lock pick
The B-Man12/18/23 11:25:43PM ET
Big win for pval on Monday Night puts him in 2nd place, two games behind with 3 regular season weeks to go and 4 playoff weeks after that.

Lock of the Week Club Standings
PlayerPickResultWinsLossesBonus Picks
kirby.comRamsW 12 3
pvalSeahawksW 10 5Upset: Cardinals - Wk 7 (L)
charpBengalsL 9 6
oreredFalconsL 9 6
AmPmJaguarsL 9 6
Taylorj3BengalsL 9 6Upset: Bears - Wk 8 (L)
The B-ManTitansL 8 7
pval12/18/23 5:37:18PM ET
Supercontest : I’m in and I’m sure I can get others from the ZONA pool to participate.
pval12/18/23 5:34:38PM ET
Lock of the week: Seattle Seahawks
AmPm12/17/23 8:02:17PM ET
Week 15 Lock Pick; Jac Jaguars
kirby.com12/17/23 3:50:19PM ET
The B-Man12/17/23 11:45:01AM ET
B-Man's Lock of the Week: Titans

Crappy weather day here in Charlotte. The Panthers-Falcons game will be a slog. I can't decided if that helps or hurts the Panthers. Tickets are practically free but I'm staying home and will just watch from the couch.
Taylorj312/16/23 12:29:32PM ET
Lock of the week bengals
charp12/16/23 8:41:53AM ET
Lock of the Week: BENGALS
orered12/15/23 11:53:30AM ET
I think the raiders won.
orered12/14/23 5:15:47PM ET
atlanta for lock pick
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