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The B-Man
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chipster22/18/24 4:51:48PM ET
Thank you B-Man for running the NFL Picks Page! I have enjoyed (occasionally less so due to the lack of success of some of my picks) participating in your Picks Page website for over the past 22 years. Participating has kept me actively aware of the various teams and players and calculating the odds of success and failure. Doing so on a weekly basis has kept my mind alert and competitive with my sons and my friends. I look forward to next year's season!
pval2/13/24 2:58:57AM ET
Thank you B-man and participants in the lock club. It was fun for sure. Next year we will have a bigger group for sure.
orered2/12/24 12:50:37PM ET
thanks for do this, cheers
The B-Man2/12/24 12:21:13AM ET
Congratulations pval!

Lock of the Week Club Champion:

pval (15-7)

pval takes the crown with his Super Bowl winning Lock on Kansas City and finishing 1 game better than charp in the Season Overall standings. orered also finished 15-7 but misses out on the money due to the tie-breaker. That's as close a Lock Club finish as we've ever had.

The final tally for the Lock Club was 94-60 -- a stellar 61% clip with all players reaching double digit wins on the season. Nice picking fellas!

With the win, pval will take home $367.50. charp's consolation prize is $157.50. Let me know how best to get your winnings to you, fellas.

Thanks again for playing this season guys. I enjoyed running the show as always!

See you in September!

Lock of the Week Club Standings
PlayerWinsLossesSB LockResult
pval - 1st Place 15 7ChiefsW
charp - 2nd Place 15 749ersL
orered 15 7ChiefsW 14 8Over 47.5L
The B-Man 13 9ChiefsW
AmPm 12 10ChiefsW
Taylorj3 10 12No PickL
Mean Mark2/11/24 11:52:41PM ET
I tuned in to see Taylor Swift and they kept showing a stupid football game. I had set the over/under on Taylor sightings at 2. Boy was I way off on that one. I lost count at 10, and that after missing much of the 2nd quarter.

In seriousness, it was a tactical error for the 49er's to take the ball first in OT. Romo suggested they might have wanted to rest their defense, which makes sense if that was the case. Still, the information about knowing whether to go for the FG or not on 4th down is so crucial...

As for the halftime show, I can name as many Usher songs as I can name Taylor Swift songs (zero), but credit to him for having the guts to get on roller skates. A spill there would have been embarrassing.
saddle tramp2/11/24 10:57:08PM ET
Steve...... Congratulations on your picks this year. Well done !
kirby.com2/11/24 6:22:59PM ET
pval2/11/24 6:19:15PM ET
Lock of the Week: Chiefs
Yards: 747
The B-Man2/11/24 5:10:02PM ET
This is the oldest copy of the NFL Picks Page I could find on the Wayback Machine's Internet Archive:

NFL Picks Page from Super Bowl XXXIII in 1999
The B-Man2/11/24 4:47:42PM ET
Welcome to Super Bowl Sunday all!

It feels like this season (my 28th running the site) has flown by. I had a rough year picking but made a late run to break .500. Alas, a 7-5 playoff record wasn't enough to get me over the hump. So I'm picking this one for pride.

The Chiefs looked average most of the season and scraped into the playoffs. Now they're in Super Bowl dynasty mode and it feels like they won't be denied. There will be drama though. This should be a tight matchup with offenses getting the upper hand. Could be a really good one.

My prediction:

Kansas City 26
San Francisco 24

B-Man's Super Bowl Lock of the Week: CHIEFS

If I were using the Over/Under, I'd take the Over 47.5. My tie-breaker total for yardage is 687.

Good luck to the Lock Clubbers still in contention and thank you for playing this season.

I wouldn't do all of this if it weren't for those of you and your pools that come back and play on the site season after season.

AmPm2/11/24 4:00:08PM ET
SuperBowl Pick; KC Chiefs
charp2/11/24 3:18:00PM ET
Final Lock of the Week: 49ers
orered2/6/24 1:46:26PM ET
lock-- KC chiefs
The B-Man2/6/24 12:15:16AM ET
Super Bowl Lock of the Week

Over-Under Line: 47.5

Just a reminder: you can pick the Over/Under for your Super Bowl Lock Pick this week.
pval2/3/24 9:55:20PM ET
$ 25 dollar super bowl squares contest. About 30 squares left if anyone is interested.
The B-Man1/28/24 10:40:01PM ET
The Lock Club goes into the Super Bowl with 4 players having a chance to win it all or finish 2nd. This is the most exciting finish we've had in awhile.

There's also a chance that the SB Bonus pick will determine the winner and/or 2nd place. Only charp and are still alive for the bonus. If KC wins the Super Bowl, no one in the group will get a Bonus pick correct this season (Upset or SB), which would be a first in Lock Club history.

Reminder: The tie-breaker is your Overall Rank on the site (Vs Spread) for the season. The rank order for the tie-breaker amongst the 4 contenders is:, pval, charp, and orered. Based on records, this won't change. So if any of these players tie for 1st or 2nd, this rank will be used to break the tie.

Super Bowl Pick Reminder: You can pick the O/U for your Super Bowl Lock if you don't want to pick a side. I will finalize the spread and total the week of the game. So stay tuned for that if you want to pick the O/U.

Lock of the Week Club Standings
PlayerPickResultWinsLossesBonus Picks
charpLionsW 15 6SB: 49ers, Upset: Bengals - Wk 17 (L)
kirby.com49ersL 14 7SB: 49ers, Upset: Commanders - Wk 18 (L)
oreredLionsW 14 7SB: Lions (L), Upset: Steelers - Wk 19 (L)
pvalLionsW 14 7SB: Cowboys (L), Upset: Cardinals - Wk 7 (L)
The B-ManLionsW 12 9SB: Ravens (L), Upset: Bengals - Wk 17 (L)
AmPmNo PickL 11 10SB: Cowboys (L), Upset: No Pick (L)
Taylorj3No PickL 10 11SB: Ravens (L), Upset: Bears - Wk 8 (L)
Mean Mark1/28/24 10:09:54PM ET
Greg Olsen was all over it. Lions needed to throw that into the end zone instead of running. Run it on 4th down, fine, but not before then. In any case, save the timeout there for defense because you know the 49er's were going to burn 40 seconds for each timeout wasted there.

I won't criticize the aggressive decisions on 4th downs, but that was bad clock management.
charp1/28/24 6:23:28PM ET
Lock of the Week: LIONS
kirby.com1/28/24 5:54:42PM ET
pval1/28/24 5:31:12PM ET
Lock of the week: Lions
The B-Man1/28/24 12:41:20PM ET
Driving back home from the PGA Show in Orlando today. So I’ll be brief.

Rooting for a Lions-Ravens Super Bowl but any of the potential matchups would be compelling.

B-Man’s Conference Championship Lock of the Week: Detroit Lions
Mean Mark1/26/24 1:29:18PM ET
Ha ha. I don't doubt Taylor cam will be a legit prop bet. She'll be shown at least once at a minimum, assuming she hasn't dumped him by the time the game rolls around. I would probably set the over/under at 2.0 (during the game only).

Lions are only team left yet to win a Superbowl. Goff, left standing at the altar after having gotten his team there once before, now gets the chance to get another team to the Superbowl. Redemption? Revenge? The chance to do a Kirk Cousins style, "How you like that?" statement?

Great storyline there, but Mr. Irrelevant has to be an inspiration to all the 3 star athletes out there dreaming of being someday in that position, yet not getting an offer to LSU, Bama, Georgia, Florida, Michigan, etc., and instead settling on Small School U with a compass direction in its name.

Speaking of Small School U, how are they supposed to keep their programs afloat if they have to start paying players? Too bad, so sad, who cares, you might say, but that's a lot of scholarships and a lot of opportunities to change a lot of lives getting kicked to the curb so the 4 star and 5 star guys at Big School U can wear some bling bling.
orered1/25/24 1:48:51PM ET
Then we could bet on how many times the camera showed Taylor Swift.
John Mckenzie1/23/24 10:26:06PM ET
Posted this on my pool’s BB already but here goes……..
From the department of “you can’t make this stuff up” how crazy would it be if the last game of the season was between the same two teams as the first game of the season!
orered1/22/24 10:53:23PM ET
I'm going with the Lions for lock pick
Mean Mark1/21/24 10:23:53PM ET
Football could be like basketball. Last team to touch the fumble out of bounds loses the possession. That resolves the apparent conflict when fumbling through the end zone.
The B-Man1/21/24 10:07:18PM ET
Ouch. That Bills loss hurts. It mathematically eliminates me from the money. :-( Sigh...

Super tight race for the 4 remaining in the hunt, though. There are 2 picks left this season and the SB Bonus is still in play for 3 of the 4. It will be fun to see how things look after next week.

Lock of the Week Club Standings
PlayerPickResultWinsLossesBonus Picks
kirby.comRavensW 14 6SB: 49ers, Upset: Commanders - Wk 18 (L)
charpRavensW 14 6SB: 49ers, Upset: Bengals - Wk 17 (L)
oreredLionsW 13 7SB: Lions, Upset: Steelers - Wk 19 (L)
pvalBillsL 13 7SB: Cowboys (L), Upset: Cardinals - Wk 7 (L)
The B-ManBillsL 11 9SB: Ravens, Upset: Bengals - Wk 17 (L)
AmPmLionsW 11 9SB: Cowboys (L), Upset: TBD
Taylorj349ersL 10 10SB: Ravens, Upset: Bears - Wk 8 (L)
AmPm1/21/24 10:09:53AM ET
Lock pick: Detroit
kirby.com1/20/24 4:27:42PM ET
charp1/20/24 4:03:13PM ET
Lock of the Week: Ravens
pval1/20/24 3:02:03PM ET
Lock of the week: Bills
The B-Man1/20/24 2:52:47PM ET
B-Man's Lock of the Week: Bills

Feels like their year to get over the hump vs. the Chiefs.
orered1/19/24 2:39:10PM ET
Lock pick lions
Taylorj31/19/24 10:33:55AM ET
lock of the week 49ers
The B-Man1/15/24 11:20:01PM ET
Wild Card Weekend was not so Super. Lots of blowouts. We only managed 2 wins this week. So the board is very bunched now.

Two of us lost our Super Bowl Bonus picks already (Cowboys!?!). orered took a flyer on the Steelers for his Upset pick and that did not work out either.

So here's where we're at with 3 picks remaining this season (not counting Bonus picks).

Lock of the Week Club Standings
PlayerPickResultWinsLossesBonus Picks
kirby.comCowboysL 13 6SB: 49ers, Upset: Commanders - Wk 18 (L)
charpChiefsW 13 6SB: 49ers, Upset: Bengals - Wk 17 (L)
pvalRamsW 13 6SB: Cowboys (L), Upset: Cardinals - Wk 7 (L)
oreredCowboysL 12 7SB: Lions, Upset: Steelers - Wk 19 (L)
The B-ManEaglesL 11 8SB: Ravens, Upset: Bengals - Wk 17 (L)
AmPmBrownsL 10 9SB: Cowboys (L), Upset: TBD
Taylorj3CowboysL 10 9SB: Ravens, Upset: Bears - Wk 8 (L)
kirby.com1/14/24 4:21:21PM ET
charp1/13/24 7:06:57PM ET
Lock of the Week: KC
kirby.com1/13/24 4:17:09PM ET
pval1/13/24 3:47:08PM ET
Superbowl winner: Dallas Cowboys
Lock of the week: Rams
charp1/13/24 12:20:31PM ET
Super Bowl Bonus Pick: 49ers
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