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ensNFLXXI Results for 2020

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Rankings for 2020
erik#1 149-120 (55.4%)178
alex1605 148-121 (55.0%)175
JIME68 146-123 (54.3%)169
Mezher (Poolmaster) 142-127 (52.8%)157
JUAN_ROMERO 140-129 (52.0%)151
DossHerbert 137-132 (50.9%)142
rmtz17 137-132 (50.9%)142
El Barto 132-137 (49.1%)127
PEDROCHARGER 131-138 (48.7%)124
TOTO5445 128-141 (47.6%)115
MRAMOS 82-65 (55.8%)99
ERUBIO 120-149 (44.6%)91
M___L1725 119-149 (44.4%)89
NacionRaider 29-34 (46.0%)24
Totals for 14 players1740-1697 (50.6%)

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Notes: These results are not exact. This page shows the past season records of the players currently in this pool. If players have left the pool, their records will not show up. If new players joined the pool this year but played on the site in previous seasons, their records will show up here and possibly alter the pool results.