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Furukawa Automotive NFL Results for 2021

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Rankings for 2021
martins 188-96 (66.2%)280
Raul_Ch 188-96 (66.2%)280
allin (Poolmaster) 183-101 (64.4%)265
Hernan 183-101 (64.4%)265
salomonda 179-105 (63.0%)253
CAMPOS 179-105 (63.0%)253
oquinones 179-105 (63.0%)253
SCOTS31 178-106 (62.7%)250
Cesarmonti 177-107 (62.3%)247
meuyoqui 174-110 (61.3%)238
bengo 173-111 (60.9%)235
begoodjhon 162-122 (57.0%)202
Totals for 12 players2143-1265 (62.9%)

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