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Season Record:497-511, 49.3%
Season Rank:53 out of 439
Week 4 Record:127-113, 52.9% (274th)
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Week #4 Rankings
1hectordiazceballos 13-343-21 (67.2%)
2Los Cargadores 11-540-24 (62.5%)
3DanDaMan (Poolmaster) 1 Auto Picks: dogs 10-632-32 (50.0%)
4EL YAQUI 10-637-27 (57.8%)
5AxValMa 1 Auto Picks: faves 10-626-38 (40.6%)
6RFierro 9-731-33 (48.4%)
7Peter Mont 1 Auto Picks: dogs 9-728-36 (43.8%)
8tatbar 9-731-33 (48.4%)
8Whoop Ass 9-731-33 (48.4%)
10SAL CAMARENA 9-737-27 (57.8%)
11hecdice 8-826-38 (40.6%)
12cargdores 6-1024-40 (37.5%)
13Houston Oilers 5-1130-34 (46.9%)
14alegrat 5-1129-35 (45.3%)
15Byebyechargers 4-1227-37 (42.2%)
Totals for 15 players127-113 (52.9%)

Overall Rankings
RankPlayerRecordPtsLast Wk
1hectordiazceballos 43-21 (67.2%)6513-3
2Los Cargadores 40-24 (62.5%)5611-5
3SAL CAMARENA 37-27 (57.8%)479-7
3EL YAQUI 37-27 (57.8%)4710-6
5DanDaMan (Poolmaster) 32-32 (50.0%)3210-6
6RFierro 31-33 (48.4%)299-7
6tatbar 31-33 (48.4%)299-7
6Whoop Ass 31-33 (48.4%)299-7
9alburritow 25-23 (52.1%)270-0
10Houston Oilers 30-34 (46.9%)265-11
11alegrat 29-35 (45.3%)235-11
12Peter Mont 28-36 (43.8%)209-7
13Byebyechargers 27-37 (42.2%)174-12
14hecdice 26-38 (40.6%)148-8
14AxValMa 26-38 (40.6%)1410-6
16cargdores 24-40 (37.5%)86-10
Totals for 16 players497-511 (49.3%)

Week #5 Pick Statusarrow View Picks Scoreboard
PlayerSubmitted Picks?AutoPick Setting
oscar4565 NoAutoPick icon Favorites
Robin A NoX None
Gab-Patriots NoAutoPick icon Favorites
YOGIB NoAutoPick icon Favorites
mauricio_gv NoAutoPick icon Random
oscar2500 NoAutoPick icon Home Teams
ARenteria22 NoAutoPick icon Favorites
gbravo77 NoAutoPick icon Favorites
DCB#1 NoAutoPick icon Underdogs
Kikeluna NoAutoPick icon Home Teams
GiantR NoAutoPick icon Favorites
milocom NoAutoPick icon Home Teams
HectorS NoAutoPick icon Random
Pablotas NoAutoPick icon Favorites
Azalum90 NoX None
DaCowboys NoAutoPick icon Favorites
evillasenor NoAutoPick icon Favorites
SCTrojan NoAutoPick icon Favorites
JMFR44 NoAutoPick icon Random
One@OnlyJD NoAutoPick icon Favorites
Speedster NoAutoPick icon Home Teams
RISE RED SEA NoAutoPick icon Favorites
MUFASA NoAutoPick icon Home Teams
Vaquero NoAutoPick icon Underdogs
oksinmx NoAutoPick icon Favorites
Astorgano NoAutoPick icon Favorites
Revancha NoAutoPick icon Visiting Teams
4paw NoAutoPick icon Favorites
papucho NoAutoPick icon Random
luists NoAutoPick icon Random
Wiubo NoX None
EL CAMOU NoAutoPick icon Favorites
Wildcats NoAutoPick icon Favorites
PastranaGroup NoX None
Bruiser NoAutoPick icon Home Teams
manoletecgc NoAutoPick icon Home Teams
Wildcat NoAutoPick icon Random
SALVATORE NoAutoPick icon Random
Illmatic NoAutoPick icon Home Teams
sdychter NoAutoPick icon Favorites
cabezon NoAutoPick icon Favorites
SalGtz770 NoAutoPick icon Random
Ultimobeso21 NoX None
GIANTM NoAutoPick icon Underdogs
papayon NoAutoPick icon Random
lakattack NoX None
cheo2 NoAutoPick icon Underdogs
Sixburghmex NoX None
maudiaz NoAutoPick icon Favorites
SalamancaPatriota NoAutoPick icon Random
El CAMOU JR NoAutoPick icon Favorites
ciscovelasco NoAutoPick icon Random
Rolandoenesoando NoAutoPick icon Favorites
Zague17 NoAutoPick icon Random
hectordiazceballos YesAutoPick icon Underdogs
Los Cargadores YesAutoPick icon Underdogs
SAL CAMARENA YesAutoPick icon Random
EL YAQUI YesAutoPick icon Random
DanDaMan (Poolmaster) YesAutoPick icon Underdogs
RFierro YesAutoPick icon Random
tatbar YesAutoPick icon Random
Whoop Ass YesAutoPick icon Random
alburritow NoX Random
Houston Oilers YesAutoPick icon Visiting Teams
alegrat YesAutoPick icon Random
Peter Mont YesAutoPick icon Underdogs
Byebyechargers YesAutoPick icon Random
hecdice NoX None
AxValMa YesAutoPick icon Favorites
cargdores YesAutoPick icon Favorites
14 out of 71 Players Have Picked

X indicates a player either does not have AutoPick enabled or has already used AutoPick 3 times (full weeks only).

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