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Pool Type: Straight-Up (Pick 'em)        View Picks Vs. Spread

Season Record:2192-1327, 62.3%
Season Rank:9 out of 168
Week 22 Record:6-4, 60.0% (18th)
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Week #22 Rankings
1KRUSH KREW 1-0179-103 (63.5%)
2Penticton Seahawks 1-0186-96 (66.0%)
2Oldman Dreaming 1-0176-106 (62.4%)
4Time for #6 1-0182-100 (64.5%)
5Seahawksfan2021 1-0178-104 (63.1%)
6Shaq 1-0174-108 (61.7%)
7DaveMaledy 0-1180-102 (63.8%)
8redz 0-1176-106 (62.4%)
9pointspreadshard 0-1179-103 (63.5%)
10obi 0-1173-109 (61.4%)
Totals for 10 players6-4 (60%)

Playoff Rankings
RankPlayerRecordPtsLast Wk
1Time for #6 11-2 (84.6%)201-0
1DaveMaledy 11-2 (84.6%)200-1
3KRUSH KREW 9-4 (69.2%)141-0
3Penticton Seahawks 9-4 (69.2%)141-0
3Seahawksfan2021 9-4 (69.2%)141-0
3obi 9-4 (69.2%)140-1
7Oldman Dreaming 8-5 (61.5%)111-0
7Shaq 8-5 (61.5%)111-0
7pointspreadshard 8-5 (61.5%)110-1
10redz 6-7 (46.2%)50-1
11Lone_Axis 3-3 (50.0%)30-0
Totals for 11 players91-45 (66.9%)

Overall Rankings
RankPlayerRecordPtsLast Wk
1Penticton Seahawks 186-96 (66.0%)2761-0
2Time for #6 182-100 (64.5%)2641-0
3DaveMaledy 180-102 (63.8%)2580-1
4KRUSH KREW 179-103 (63.5%)2551-0
5pointspreadshard 179-103 (63.5%)2550-1
6Seahawksfan2021 178-104 (63.1%)2521-0
7Pete 173-96 (64.3%)2500-0
8redz 176-106 (62.4%)2460-1
9Oldman Dreaming 176-106 (62.4%)2461-0
10Shaq 174-108 (61.7%)2401-0
11obi 173-109 (61.4%)2370-1
12Lone_Axis 137-107 (56.2%)1670-0
13andmcl 52-41 (55.9%)630-0
14bronx8770 47-46 (50.5%)480-0
Totals for 14 players2192-1327 (62.3%)

Week #22 Pick Statusarrow View Picks Scoreboard
PlayerSubmitted Picks?AutoPick Setting
Marcelox NoX None
TitnhoCuevas NoAutoPick icon Favorites
AnitaPavlo NoX None
donduck NoX None
jd11 NoX None
jaynguyen17 NoX None
Johnnypoo NoAutoPick icon Favorites
amazing football pickers NoAutoPick icon Favorites
North of 55 NoAutoPick icon Favorites
danybg NoX None
Nathan.jaime NoAutoPick icon Favorites
Aurelio casillas NoX None
MissForeverFaithful NoX None
2jszn2 NoX None
jetor NoX None
Gilo24Eagles NoX None
Padilla14 NoX None
Petrarch NoAutoPick icon Underdogs
Djlarryvee NoAutoPick icon Favorites
YoshiNFL NoAutoPick icon Favorites
DMDesGros NoX None
Justmwhit NoX None
jstu1919 NoX None
TheBlackSwan21 NoAutoPick icon Favorites
Jaydawg504 NoX None
osoeumir NoAutoPick icon Home Teams
Luke314 NoAutoPick icon Favorites
robthesheep NoAutoPick icon Favorites
Zeus2019 NoAutoPick icon Favorites
Duncanator NoX None
chaconlu7 NoX None
spaked NoAutoPick icon Favorites
glynny NoAutoPick icon Random
litehousemarine NoX None
AR_Spiffs NoX None
Dan Brown NoAutoPick icon Favorites
shaneleeds NoX None
hsrdallas NoAutoPick icon Home Teams
Rjmang NoAutoPick icon Favorites
nflstar1 NoAutoPick icon Random
Lamont 46 NoAutoPick icon Random
tedco63 NoX None
packerfan10001 NoX None
iToxix (Poolmaster) NoX None
DPiddy NoX None
Indioacv2 NoX None
Penticton Seahawks YesAutoPick icon Home Teams
Time for #6 YesAutoPick icon Favorites
DaveMaledy YesAutoPick icon Favorites
KRUSH KREW YesAutoPick icon Favorites
pointspreadshard YesAutoPick icon Favorites
Seahawksfan2021 YesX None
Pete NoX None
redz YesX None
Oldman Dreaming YesAutoPick icon Favorites
Shaq YesX None
obi YesAutoPick icon Favorites
Lone_Axis NoX None
andmcl NoX Favorites
bronx8770 NoX Home Teams
10 out of 60 Players Have Picked

X indicates a player either does not have AutoPick enabled or has already used AutoPick 3 times (full weeks only).

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