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Pinwheel Steaks

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Season Record:510-465, 52.3%
Season Rank:3 out of 393
Week 13 Record:42-33, 56.0% (63rd)
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Week #13 Rankings
1cheddamagee 9-6102-93 (52.3%)
2Patriotsrule 9-6103-92 (52.8%)
2single_digit_wonderlic 9-6102-93 (52.3%)
4cdeburca 8-7100-95 (51.3%)
5goblue10 (Poolmaster) 7-8103-92 (52.8%)
Totals for 5 players42-33 (56%)

Overall Rankings
RankPlayerRecordPtsLast Wk
1goblue10 (Poolmaster) 103-92 (52.8%)1147-8
1Patriotsrule 103-92 (52.8%)1149-6
3single_digit_wonderlic 102-93 (52.3%)1119-6
3cheddamagee 102-93 (52.3%)1119-6
5cdeburca 100-95 (51.3%)1058-7
Totals for 5 players510-465 (52.3%)

Week #14 Pick Statusarrow View Picks Scoreboard
PlayerSubmitted Picks?AutoPick Setting
peltreezy NoAutoPick icon Underdogs
goblue10 (Poolmaster) YesAutoPick icon Random
Patriotsrule YesX None
single_digit_wonderlic YesAutoPick icon Home Teams
cheddamagee YesAutoPick icon Random
cdeburca YesAutoPick icon Favorites
5 out of 6 Players Have Picked

X indicates a player either does not have AutoPick enabled or has already used AutoPick 3 times (full weeks only).

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