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Texan Town

Pool Type: Vs. Spread        Current View: Straight-Up

Season Record:1594-1106, 59.0%
Season Rank:94 out of 279
Week 6 Record:231-129, 64.2% (155th)
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Week #6 Rankings
1aubs as 12-355-36 (60.4%)
2LasVegasRaiders 12-350-41 (55.0%)
3Cthi2012 15 Auto Picks: faves 12-360-31 (65.9%)
3ADayInTheLife 15 Auto Picks: faves 12-357-34 (62.6%)
3michaelzolot1 15 Auto Picks: faves 12-353-38 (58.2%)
6ramfan 11-457-34 (62.6%)
7timothysnell 11-443-48 (47.3%)
8Felipe 11-459-32 (64.8%)
9Walleye2 10-558-33 (63.7%)
10dustoff04 10-559-32 (64.8%)
11RAMILY 10-553-38 (58.2%)
12The B-Man 10-561-30 (67.0%)
13ck 10-554-37 (59.3%)
14DAMuhl 9-652-39 (57.1%)
15Badboyjws 9-651-40 (56.0%)
16Abeckman 9-643-33 (56.6%)
17GoldmanSacks 8-751-40 (56.0%)
18Cheaptrick54 8-747-44 (51.7%)
19Bewitch 8-756-35 (61.5%)
19ABE 8-752-39 (57.1%)
21asen0001 8-753-38 (58.2%)
22PayUp 8-754-37 (59.3%)
23Dirty Legs 15 Auto Picks: rnd 7-852-39 (57.1%)
24J-Moudry 6-96-9 (40.0%)
Totals for 24 players231-129 (64.2%)

Overall Rankings
RankPlayerRecordPtsLast Wk
1The B-Man 61-30 (67.0%)9210-5
2Cthi2012 60-31 (65.9%)8912-3
3Felipe 59-32 (64.8%)8611-4
3dustoff04 59-32 (64.8%)8610-5
5Walleye2 58-33 (63.7%)8310-5
6ADayInTheLife 57-34 (62.6%)8012-3
6ramfan 57-34 (62.6%)8011-4
8Bewitch 56-35 (61.5%)778-7
9aubs as 55-36 (60.4%)7412-3
10ck 54-37 (59.3%)7110-5
10PayUp 54-37 (59.3%)718-7
12michaelzolot1 53-38 (58.2%)6812-3
12RAMILY 53-38 (58.2%)6810-5
12jpg015 48-28 (63.2%)680-0
12asen0001 53-38 (58.2%)688-7
16DAMuhl 52-39 (57.1%)659-6
16Dirty Legs 52-39 (57.1%)657-8
16ABE 52-39 (57.1%)658-7
19GoldmanSacks 51-40 (56.0%)628-7
19Badboyjws 51-40 (56.0%)629-6
21LasVegasRaiders 50-41 (55.0%)5912-3
22wjlind 39-22 (63.9%)560-0
23Abeckman 43-33 (56.6%)539-6
23Battle-Red 38-23 (62.3%)530-0
25mooredr_80 42-34 (55.3%)500-0
25Cheaptrick54 47-44 (51.7%)508-7
27gcell2001 34-26 (56.7%)420-0
28Boomer Nation 28-18 (60.9%)380-0
28timothysnell 43-48 (47.3%)3811-4
28Niner Empire 28-18 (60.9%)380-0
31maintainer 31-30 (50.8%)320-0
32Kingten 17-13 (56.7%)210-0
33The Nemesis Enforcer 11-4 (73.3%)180-0
34stuntboner 9-6 (60.0%)120-0
34Suge Mike 9-6 (60.0%)120-0
34TThompson 9-6 (60.0%)120-0
37LPD3 8-7 (53.3%)90-0
38MachoMan 7-8 (46.7%)60-0
39J-Moudry 6-9 (40.0%)36-9
Totals for 39 players1594-1106 (59%)

Week #7 Pick Statusarrow View Picks Scoreboard
PlayerSubmitted Picks?AutoPick Setting
pops1 NoAutoPick icon Favorites
bo NoX None
mdowdy NoX None
joreilly NoAutoPick icon Home Teams
Dbanks NoAutoPick icon Favorites
the g-man NoAutoPick icon Favorites
jsiekas (Poolmaster) NoAutoPick icon Home Teams
1caveman1 NoAutoPick icon Home Teams
mjohnson NoAutoPick icon Favorites
Smoke Dawgs NoX None
philsommer NoAutoPick icon Favorites
Black n Yellow NoAutoPick icon Underdogs
mlabbe NoX None
RedOktober NoX None
Song NoAutoPick icon Random
Hammerhead NoX None
MaxieAgency NoAutoPick icon Favorites
Manchester City NoAutoPick icon Favorites
Mr. Pike NoAutoPick icon Random
Tsterx NoAutoPick icon Underdogs
Scrumhalf NoAutoPick icon Random
Tlatham NoX None
rhjolly NoAutoPick icon Favorites
mikeellisjr NoAutoPick icon Favorites
dearlyjr1 NoX None
Jgriffin NoAutoPick icon Favorites
CHW NoX None
ranger NoAutoPick icon Favorites
funkynola NoX None
3jscott NoX None
BlueStar NoX None
mmihaly NoX None
Rmassey1 NoX None
ashtur8689 NoX None
PursesandShoes NoAutoPick icon Home Teams
zfoustdc07 NoAutoPick icon Favorites
Joe20tx NoAutoPick icon Favorites
MJ NoAutoPick icon Home Teams
TEXAN LEATHERHEAD NoAutoPick icon Favorites
Dittmar18 NoAutoPick icon Favorites
Brendenlackey NoAutoPick icon Favorites
JPerry NoAutoPick icon Home Teams
Postal NoAutoPick icon Random
Sdenlinger4201 NoAutoPick icon Favorites
MCOOL2000 NoAutoPick icon Home Teams
Cosmo NoAutoPick icon Underdogs
Big Fudge NoAutoPick icon Favorites
Ncabello NoAutoPick icon Underdogs
sudifar NoX None
4FAVRE NoAutoPick icon Favorites
omeara NoAutoPick icon Favorites
bjmichaels74 YesAutoPick icon Home Teams
Hudson Harry NoX None
pacgolfer NoAutoPick icon Home Teams
Woodward Warrior's NoX None
Natu62 NoX None
NoNames NoX None
trilll.gil NoAutoPick icon Favorites
edward go NoAutoPick icon Random
jets47 NoAutoPick icon Favorites
rabell NoX None
Carlosdsolis NoX None
Noreilly NoAutoPick icon Random
Re NoX None
Callanap NoX None
turbo NoX None
AK NoX None
odusmagoo NoAutoPick icon Favorites
JestDazzle NoAutoPick icon Favorites
Cory NoAutoPick icon Favorites
MarshaTXRebel NoAutoPick icon Favorites
InIt2WinIt NoAutoPick icon Random
John W NoX None
kraken20 NoAutoPick icon Favorites
D-Moo NoAutoPick icon Favorites
Hurshell NoAutoPick icon Home Teams
hoot1572 NoAutoPick icon Home Teams
chica NoAutoPick icon Random
TakeAKnee NoX None
Marian333 NoX None
tippy NoAutoPick icon Favorites
Regulators NoX None
Caveman NoX None
kaushalk55 NoX None
ORYGUN HOPSTERS NoAutoPick icon Favorites
brianfromnola NoAutoPick icon Home Teams
Bearsburgh NoAutoPick icon Favorites
Steve S NoAutoPick icon Favorites
Giant Killer NoAutoPick icon Home Teams
joshuasommer NoAutoPick icon Favorites
TdotLane NoAutoPick icon Home Teams
robman12 NoAutoPick icon Favorites
thepartygoat NoAutoPick icon Favorites
HTWN'S FINEST NoAutoPick icon Favorites
Dirtbag24 NoAutoPick icon Home Teams
iamspazz10 NoAutoPick icon Favorites
BearDown85 NoAutoPick icon Underdogs
King Mou NoX None
nostril miner NoAutoPick icon Home Teams
Hello Nasty NoX None
The B-Man YesAutoPick icon Home Teams
Cthi2012 YesAutoPick icon Favorites
Felipe YesAutoPick icon Favorites
dustoff04 YesAutoPick icon Random
Walleye2 YesAutoPick icon Favorites
ADayInTheLife YesAutoPick icon Favorites
ramfan YesAutoPick icon Home Teams
Bewitch YesAutoPick icon Favorites
aubs as YesAutoPick icon Favorites
ck YesAutoPick icon Random
PayUp YesAutoPick icon Random
michaelzolot1 YesAutoPick icon Favorites
RAMILY YesAutoPick icon Home Teams
jpg015 NoX Favorites
asen0001 YesAutoPick icon Favorites
DAMuhl YesAutoPick icon Favorites
Dirty Legs YesAutoPick icon Random
ABE YesAutoPick icon Home Teams
GoldmanSacks YesAutoPick icon Favorites
Badboyjws YesAutoPick icon Favorites
LasVegasRaiders YesAutoPick icon Favorites
wjlind NoX Favorites
Abeckman YesAutoPick icon Favorites
Battle-Red NoX Favorites
mooredr_80 YesX None
Cheaptrick54 YesAutoPick icon Favorites
gcell2001 YesX None
Boomer Nation NoX Favorites
timothysnell YesX None
Niner Empire NoX Favorites
maintainer YesX Random
Kingten NoX None
The Nemesis Enforcer NoX None
stuntboner NoX None
Suge Mike NoX None
TThompson NoX None
LPD3 NoX None
MachoMan NoX None
J-Moudry YesAutoPick icon Home Teams
28 out of 142 Players Have Picked

X indicates a player either does not have AutoPick enabled or has already used AutoPick 3 times (full weeks only).

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