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The B-Man
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The B-Man8/30/21 10:48:04AM ET
Yes!!! Lock Club is ON. I will post the rules and send out the invites this week. Let's get a bigger group this season. If everyone can get 1 person to join us, we'll have 10+ this year.

MR BILL8/30/21 10:25:22AM ET
Are we doing lock club this year
The B-Man2/8/21 12:14:14PM ET
Congrats to our winner:

2020-2021 Lock Club Champion: and charp battled down to the last second, as charp needed to pick the opposite of to have a chance. Both ended up with The Chiefs (-2.5) and so it was over before the game kicked off. I'm giving myself a pat on the back for getting the pick right and finishing in 3rd -- losing to charp on the season tie-breaker -- and above .500 at least. I more than covered my Lock Club entry fee with real $$$ bets on the Bucs and the Under. So I was happy. :-P

Speaking of money, gets the top prize of $315 for his picking prowess this season while charp settles for second place money of $135. Both of you let me know the easiest way to get you your winnings and I'll send them out this week.

Thanks again for a great season on the site, guys. I'll work over the summer to get the site refreshed, hopefully automating the Lock Club picks/standings and enticing more people to join us.

See you back here in August!

FINAL Lock of the Week Club Standings
PlayerPickResultWinsLossesBonus Picks
1st: Chiefs -2.5 L 12 9Upset (L), SB: Bills (L)
2nd: charp Chiefs -2.5 L 11 10Upset (L), SB: Chiefs (L)
The B-Man Bucs +2.5 W 11 10Upset (L), SB: Ravens (L)
cyoung2ty No Pick L 10 11Upset (L), SB: Packers (L)
MR BILLNo Pick L1012Upset: Jets Wk 16 (W), SB: Bills (L)
Killer Kevin No Pick L 8 13Upset (L), SB: Saints (L)
kirby.com2/7/21 6:36:30PM ET
You got me last week. I didn't even think about it. Congrats to us both.
charp2/7/21 6:34:13PM ET
Well done Kirby. Congrats.
kirby.com2/7/21 6:29:47PM ET
charp2/7/21 6:29:38PM ET
Change Lock Pick: KC
kirby.com2/7/21 6:28:43PM ET
The B-Man2/7/21 6:05:52PM ET
Okay fellas, here we are. We made it all the way to the big game without a cancellation. Pretty good job by the NFL and the teams and players, when it's all said and done. And what a great matchup we got, too.

I wasn't a real believer in the Bucs for most of the season. I didn't think they had it all together for a real run at the title, but here they are. The Chiefs have been their typical unstoppable selves and seem to be poised to run away with this again.

Paying homage to Lee Corso... Not so fast, my friends. I think the experience factor with Brady will be big. He can go toe to toe with the kid and will put up plenty of points. I also think the Bucs defense is strong enough to get some stops and harass Mahomes.

So I'm taking the Bucs and the under...


B-Man's Super Bowl Lock of the Week: Tampa Bay
charp2/7/21 11:14:03AM ET
The B-Man2/4/21 11:12:15PM ET
In case anyone wants to use it, our Over-Under line for the Super Bowl Lock Pick will be 56.5.
charp2/4/21 12:53:18PM ET
No objection to O/U line for the SB.
The B-Man1/26/21 12:37:59PM ET
And we are down to 2! charp's win guarantees him no worse than 2nd place (he owns the tie-breaker over me and cyoung2ty based on Lock Club Pool standings) and sets up an interesting dilemma for the final pick. He has to pick the opposite of to have a chance at the top spot. He has to win his pick and has to lose his. The two scenarios under which he wins 1st place:
  1. charp picks Chiefs / picks Bucs / Chiefs win and cover - charp 13-9 over 12-9
  2. charp picks Bucs / picks Chiefs / Bucs win - charp 12-9 over 12-9 on the tiebreaker
The tie-breaker is "overall ranking in the spread picks on this site for the year using the site's point system", which charp has locked up.

Last year, we reinstated the Over/Under as a Lock Pick choice for the Super Bowl to add more scenarios. I'm open to doing that if charp and agree -- since they have money on the line. Next season, I'll put this in the Rules (somebody remind me).

Lock of the Week Club Standings
PlayerPickResultWinsLossesBonus Picks Packers -3.5 L 12 8Upset (L), SB: Bills (L)
charp Bucs +3.5 W 11 9Upset (L), SB: Chiefs
The B-Man Chiefs -2.5 W 10 10Upset (L), SB: Ravens (L)
cyoung2ty Chiefs -2.5 W 10 10Upset (L), SB: Packers (L)
MR BILLPackers -3.5 L1011Upset: Jets Wk 16 (W), SB: Bills (L)
Killer Kevin Packers -3.5 L 8 12Upset (L), SB: Saints (L)
charp1/24/21 3:03:16PM ET
Lock of the Week: BUCS
kirby.com1/24/21 2:55:47PM ET
The B-Man1/24/21 2:38:57PM ET
Gonna try to win these last two and finish above .500.

B-Man's Lock of the Week: Chiefs
cyoung2ty1/23/21 7:02:24PM ET
Lock Pick - Kansas City
Killer Kevin1/21/21 8:31:04PM ET
MR BILL1/21/21 8:40:15AM ET
Lock Pick Green Bay
The B-Man1/19/21 11:41:14AM ET
Big win for this week and he has the big prize all but locked up now with 2 picks left. Only charp's SB Bonus pick (Chiefs) prevents him from clinching. Speaking of those picks, 3 out of the 4 teams left are represented by the 3 guys battling it out for 2nd place. So 2nd place won't be decided until the Super Bowl champion is crowned. Good luck this weekend for the top 4 still in the running!

Lock of the Week Club Standings
PlayerPickResultWinsLossesBonus Picks Packers -6.5 W 12 7Upset (L), SB: Bills
charp Chiefs -9.5 L 10 9Upset (L), SB: Chiefs
MR BILLPackers -6.5 W1010Upset: Jets Wk 16 (W), SB: Bills
cyoung2ty Ravens +1.5 L 9 10Upset (L), SB: Packers
The B-Man Ravens +1.5 L 9 10Upset (L), SB: Ravens (L)
Killer Kevin Saints -2.5 L 8 11Upset (L), SB: Saints (L)
charp1/17/21 1:04:15PM ET
Lock of the Week: Chiefs
cyoung2ty1/16/21 6:17:57PM ET
Lock Pick - Baltimore
kirby.com1/16/21 4:20:39PM ET
The B-Man1/16/21 10:31:37AM ET
I'll need that Super Bowl Bonus pick to win this thing. So I'm going ALL IN this week...

B-Man's Divisional Round Lock of the Week: BALTIMORE
Killer Kevin1/14/21 8:19:17PM ET
MR BILL1/13/21 7:10:08AM ET
Lock Pick Green Bay
The B-Man1/11/21 9:19:01AM ET
Not much change in the standings with 5 losses this week (ouch folks). cyoung2ty moves up with his Ravens pick. All the Super Bowl bonus picks are in and could definitely make a difference in the final standings since only 2 people picked the same team.

Lock of the Week Club Standings
PlayerPickResultWinsLossesBonus Picks Bills -6.5 L 11 7Upset (L), SB: Bills
charp Seahawks -3.5 L 10 8Upset (L), SB: Chiefs
cyoung2ty Ravens -2.5 W 9 9Upset (L), SB: Packers
The B-Man Bills -6.5 L 9 9Upset (L), SB: Ravens
MR BILLBills -6.5 L910Upset: Jets Wk 16 (W), SB: Bills
Killer Kevin Bills -6.5 L 8 10Upset (L), SB: Saints
The B-Man1/9/21 4:22:47PM ET
Yikes, 4 Lock Club losses on the Bills game. Ouch.
kirby.com1/9/21 12:52:57PM ET
Super Bowl Pick Bills
Lock Pick Bills
The B-Man1/9/21 12:50:04PM ET
Good luck Lock Clubbers - we're in the final stretch!

I have a Ravens fan in my household and I will be cheering for them as far as they go. They have a tough first round matchup, but they have a revenge factor working. So...

B-Man's Super Bowl Bonus Pick: Baltimore RAVENS

Looking at all the Wildcard matchups, this one looks like the one most likely to result in a blowout (Saints-Bears, close second)...

B-Man's Wildcard Weekend Lock of the Week: Buffalo BILLS

Enjoy Super Wildcard Saturday, fellas!
MR BILL1/9/21 12:48:42PM ET
charp1/9/21 2:45:49AM ET
Lock of the Week: SEATTLE

Super Bowl Bonus Pick: KANSAS CITY
cyoung2ty1/9/21 12:05:13AM ET
Lock Pick - Baltimore

Super Bowl Pick - Green Bay
Killer Kevin1/8/21 10:45:08PM ET
The B-Man1/4/21 8:31:27AM ET
For just about the first time all season, we have a little separation in the standings. remains out front with a single game separating the rest of the field from each other. With 4 picks left plus the Super Bowl bonus, there's still plenty of time and no one has been mathematically eliminated yet. Go ahead and make your SB Bonus pick any time before kickoff Saturday. The deadline for the SB pick is kickoff of the *first* Wildcard game (not your pick's game).

Lock of the Week Club Standings
PlayerPickResultWinsLossesBonus Picks Colts -13.5 W 11 6Upset: Dolphins Wk 14 (L)
charp Bucs -6.5 W 10 7Upset: Jets Wk 13 (L)
The B-Man Cardinals -2.5 L 9 8Upset: Dolphins Wk 14 (L)
MR BILLCowboys -2.5L99Upset: Jets Wk 16 (W)
Killer Kevin Bills -0.5 W 8 9Upset: Giants Wk 5 (L)
cyoung2ty Cowboys -2.5 L 8 9Upset: Giants Wk 16 (L)
kirby.com1/3/21 4:05:38PM ET
The B-Man1/3/21 12:46:36PM ET
B-Man's Lock of the Week: Cardinals
MR BILL1/3/21 12:31:26PM ET
cyoung2ty1/3/21 12:08:22PM ET
Lock Pick - Dallas
charp1/3/21 10:22:43AM ET
Lock of the Week: TAMPA BAY
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