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The B-Man
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Taylorj31/15/22 12:17:16PM ET
Lock of the week: Bengals
Super Bowl Pick: Packers
Eseibert19731/15/22 10:22:10AM ET
Lock of the week: Bengals
Super Bowl pick: Bucs
The B-Man1/15/22 1:17:27AM ET
B-Man's Lock of the Week: Dallas

B-Man's Super Bowl Bonus Pick: Kansas City

I looked back at my pre-season predictions and I managed to pick 9 of the 14 playoff teams. Not too bad. I had a final 4 of Chiefs-Bills and Bucs-Rams, with the Bucs over the Bills in the Super Bowl.

Cool to know that could still happen, but looking at the seeding now the Bills will likely play the Chiefs at Arrowhead in the Divisional Round. And the NFC final 4 looks stacked where anybody could win. So I think the Chiefs have the easiest path out of the top teams. I'll go with Mahomes and company with my SB pick now.

Good luck fellas!
The_GOAT1/14/22 6:34:07PM ET
Lock of the week: Bills
Super Bowl Pick: Packers
TCwinner1/14/22 6:21:33PM ET
Bengals - 3
49ers - 4
Bills - 5
Rams - 2
Tampa - 11
Chiefs - 13
Tom Cassidy
The B-Man1/10/22 10:06:01PM ET
Ugly week for most of us as we collectively posted 4-8 this week. The Patriots fizzled in South Beach and took me with them.

The_GOAT stretched his lead to a nearly insurmountable 4 games. While 1st place is nearly locked up, the battle for 2nd place is anyone's game. Note: the tie-breaker is your overall ranking on the site Vs Spread (check The Lock Club Pool to see where you stand).

REMINDER: Make your Super Bowl Bonus Pick *before* kickoff of the first Wildcard game, which is 4:30pm Saturday. If you miss the deadline, you miss your chance for a Bonus win. You're picking one of the 14 playoff teams to win the Super Bowl.

Lock of the Week Club Standings
PlayerPickResultWinsLossesBonus Picks
The_GOATBrownsW 14 4Upset: Texans Wk 6 (L)
Taylorj3PatriotsL 11 8Upset: Titans Wk 9 - WIN
Elmer HomeroVikingsW 10 8Upset: Packers Wk 9 (L)
AmPmFootball TeamW 10 8Upset: Texans Wk 6 (L)
The B-ManPatriotsL 10 8Upset: Lions Wk 10 (L)
pvalChargersL 9 9Upset: Texans Wk 6 (L)
Eseibert1973PatriotsL 9 9Upset: Texans Wk 14 (L)
PatuBuccaneersW 8 10Upset: Bears Wk 13 (L)
MR BILLPackersL 8 10
Tony PerezEaglesL 8 10Upset: Giants Wk 11 (L)
The MandalorianNo PickL 8 10Upset: Lions Wk 14 (L)
kirby.comCardinalsL 7 11
charpPackersL 7 11Upset: Jets Wk 15 (L)
FreigNo PickL 2 16
pval1/9/22 4:28:13PM ET
Lock of the week: Chargers
kirby.com1/9/22 4:15:40PM ET
AmPm1/9/22 12:39:27PM ET
Lock Pick Washington
The_GOAT1/9/22 12:02:22PM ET
Lock of the week: BROWNS
charp1/9/22 11:50:53AM ET
Lock of the Week: Green Bay
MR BILL1/9/22 11:21:14AM ET
Lock of the weekGreen Bay
Eseibert19731/9/22 2:09:58AM ET
Lock of week Patriots. One of the only teams playing for something!!! A lot of the other teams.
The B-Man1/8/22 11:39:30PM ET
B-Man's Lock of the Week: New England

Good luck folks! I'm already 2-0 this week. Good start!
Taylorj31/8/22 9:33:51PM ET
Lock of week 18 patriots
Tony Perez1/8/22 4:06:57PM ET
Lock of the week 18: Eagles
Patu1/8/22 11:55:57AM ET
Week 18 Lock Pick Tampa Bay
Elmer Homero1/7/22 1:20:50PM ET
Lock pick for week 18th Vikings
The B-Man1/4/22 3:54:52PM ET
MR BILL - yes you can. However, there's no guarantee you'll have a game that qualifies (7.5 point spread or greater). So that's the risk of waiting.
MR BILL1/4/22 1:38:21PM ET
can you use your upset pick in the playoffs
The B-Man1/4/22 10:14:10AM ET
7-5 for the Lock Club this week with several W's for those of us that jumped on the Packers with Kirk Cousins out. Should be interesting this week with several top teams resting starters while other teams that need a win for playoff positioning are big favorites.

Just about everybody still has a shot at 2nd Place money, though a few have been eliminated from the top prize thanks to The_GOAT continuing to post W's.

There are 5 picks left plus a Bonus pick. Once I post the Playoff schedule, you can make your Super Bowl Bonus Pick. A reminder about this pick:

The Super Bowl Bonus Pick is made once the playoff seedings are announced. You may revise your Super Bowl Bonus Pick at any time or as many times as you like *up to kickoff of the first playoff game*. You must pick the eventual Super Bowl Winner straight up to get a Bonus win added to your record.

Note: the deadline is very important -- you must post your Super Bowl Bonus pick before kickoff of the first playoff game -- not the game in which your pick is playing. Picks after the playoffs start won't count.

Lock of the Week Club Standings
PlayerPickResultWinsLossesBonus Picks
The_GOATPackersW 13 4Upset: Texans Wk 6 (L)
Taylorj3ColtsL 11 7Upset: Titans Wk 9 - WIN
The B-ManPackersW 10 7Upset: Lions Wk 10 (L)
Eseibert1973PackersW 9 8Upset: Texans Wk 14 (L)
Elmer HomeroLionsL 9 8Upset: Packers Wk 9 (L)
AmPmNo PickL 9 8Upset: Texans Wk 6 (L)
pvalColtsL 9 8Upset: Texans Wk 6 (L)
MR BILLEaglesW 8 9
The MandalorianSaintsW 8 9Upset: Lions Wk 14 (L)
Tony PerezBrownsL 8 9Upset: Giants Wk 11 (L)
kirby.comPackersW 7 10
PatuSeahawksW 7 10Upset: Bears Wk 13 (L)
charpCowboysL 7 10Upset: Jets Wk 15 (L) - NOT PAID
FreigNo PickL 2 15
Eseibert19731/2/22 9:16:15PM ET
Lock of week Packers
kirby.com1/2/22 8:09:34PM ET
The_GOAT1/2/22 4:01:07PM ET
Lock of the week: PACKERS
charp1/2/22 3:40:11PM ET
Lock of the Week: Dallas
MR BILL1/2/22 12:55:09PM ET
lock of the week Eagles
The Mandalorian1/2/22 12:12:42PM ET
Lock of the week: Saints
pval1/2/22 12:10:57PM ET
Lock of the week: Colts
Taylorj31/2/22 11:16:18AM ET
Lock of the week COLTS
Elmer Homero1/2/22 11:05:38AM ET
Lock pick Lions
The B-Man1/2/22 10:55:19AM ET
B-Man's Lock of the Week: Packers
Eseibert19731/1/22 2:49:59PM ET
Lock of week Packers
Tony Perez12/31/21 1:53:42PM ET
Lock of the week 17: Browns
Patu12/28/21 2:28:24PM ET
Lock Pick Week 17 Seahawks
The B-Man12/28/21 8:43:59AM ET
Much better this week collectively. We went 8-4 (not counting the 2 No Picks).

Elmer Homero - you already used your Upset pick in Week 9. So it would not have counted. The Giants lost anyway, so it didn't matter. We only have 3 players who still can use their Upset pick.

Two full weeks left guys, then it's the playoffs. Reminder: our Lock of the Week pool runs through the Super Bowl.

Lock of the Week Club Standings
PlayerPickResultWinsLossesBonus Picks
The_GOATTitansW 12 4Upset: Texans Wk 6 (L)
Taylorj3BengalsW 11 6Upset: Titans Wk 9 - WIN
The B-ManRamsW 9 7Upset: Lions Wk 10 (L)
Elmer HomeroBengalsW 9 7Upset: Packers Wk 9 (L)
AmPmCowboysW 9 7Upset: Texans Wk 6 (L)
pvalSaintsL 9 7Upset: Texans Wk 6 (L)
Tony PerezRamsW 8 8Upset: Giants Wk 11 (L)
Eseibert1973BroncosL 8 8Upset: Texans Wk 14 (L)
charpBengalsW 7 9Upset: Jets Wk 15 (L) - NOT PAID
MR BILLSeahawksL 7 9
The MandalorianNO PICKL 7 9Upset: Lions Wk 14 (L)
kirby.comChiefsW 6 10
PatuVikingsL 6 10Upset: Bears Wk 13 (L)
FreigNO PICKL 2 14
The B-Man12/27/21 3:57:33PM ET
charp: Yes, I moved this August. I sent you an email with the new address. If you didn't get the email, send me a message directly and I'll reply to it.
pval12/27/21 1:25:56PM ET
Lock of the week: Saints
AmPm12/26/21 4:30:26PM ET
Week16, Lock Pick: Dallas
kirby.com12/26/21 4:02:53PM ET
Eseibert197312/26/21 3:31:04PM ET
Lock of week Denver
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