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The B-Man
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The B-Man12/29/20 3:32:20PM ET
Props to MR BILL for being the only one to nail his upset pick this season. That bonus win could make a difference in the final standings since things are so tight.

Reminder: once the playoffs are set after next Sunday's NFC East Championship game (lol), you can make your Super Bowl bonus pick. You have to post your pick before the first playoff game. You are picking the team that will win the Super Bowl. If you get it right, you'll get a bonus W added to your record. In years past, this has made strategy interesting for the guys vying for the trophy if their SB bonus pick is still in play.

Tie-Breaker reminder: If folks are still tied in the standings after the Super Bowl, then the tie-breaker is your overall Spread picking rank on the site. You can check where you stand in our Lock Club Pool. Advantage: charp.

Lock of the Week Club Standings
PlayerPickResultWinsLossesBonus Picks Ravens -9.5 W 10 6Upset: Dolphins Wk 14 (L)
charp Ravens -9.5 W 9 7Upset: Jets Wk 13 (L)
The B-Man Chargers -2.5 W 9 7Upset: Dolphins Wk 14 (L)
MR BILLCardinals -4.5L98Upset: Jets Wk 16 (W)
cyoung2ty Seahawks -1.5 W 8 8Upset: Giants Wk 16 (L)
Killer Kevin Titans +3.5 L 7 9Upset: Giants Wk 5 (L)
MR BILL12/29/20 1:30:35PM ET
Thank You Bman
The B-Man12/27/20 9:20:23PM ET
Nice Upset pick, MR BILL!
The B-Man12/27/20 2:56:53PM ET
B-Man's Lock of the Week: Chargers
kirby.com12/27/20 12:55:34PM ET
MR BILL12/27/20 12:33:29PM ET
Upset of the year JETS JETS JETS
cyoung2ty12/27/20 11:29:50AM ET
Lock Pick - Seattle

Upset Pick - New York Giants
charp12/27/20 8:37:35AM ET
Lock of the Week: Ravens
MR BILL12/26/20 4:21:13PM ET
Merry Christmas everyone

Lock Pick Cardinals by 4 1/2
charp12/25/20 2:03:50PM ET
Merry Christmas everyone!
Killer Kevin12/24/20 7:26:28AM ET
The B-Man12/22/20 9:37:11AM ET
Ouch. Of our 3 club losses this week, they were by a combined 4 points on the spread. Sigh... leaps back into first place with 6 picks + SB bonus pick remaining.

Lock of the Week Club Standings
PlayerPickResultWinsLossesBonus Picks Colts -6.5 W 9 6Upset: Dolphins Wk 14 (L)
MR BILLColts -6.5W87
charp Titans -10.5 W 8 7Upset: Jets Wk 13 (L)
The B-Man Seahawks -5.5 L 8 7Upset: Dolphins Wk 14 (L)
cyoung2ty Bucs -5.5 L 7 8
Killer Kevin Saints +2.5 L 7 8Upset: Giants Wk 5 (L)
kirby.com12/20/20 12:56:33PM ET
The B-Man12/20/20 12:40:49PM ET
B-Man's Lock of the Week: Seahawks
MR BILL12/20/20 12:35:17PM ET
Lock Pick Colts by 6 1/2
cyoung2ty12/20/20 12:34:28PM ET
I typed that wrong.

Lock Pick - Tampa Bay
cyoung2ty12/20/20 12:33:44PM ET
Lock Pick - Atlanta
charp12/20/20 10:39:10AM ET
Lock of the Week: TITANS
Killer Kevin12/17/20 8:41:34PM ET
The B-Man12/14/20 12:43:33AM ET
Now that's nice consolation for losing my Upset pick... I jump into the top spot with the only correct Lock pick this week, now tied with Felt like it was getting late for upset picks -- since there's no guarantee there will be viable picks any given week -- but none of the 7.5+ underdogs won this week. MR BILL and cyoung2ty still have a shot to get that bonus W that could be the difference. Reminder, we will also have the Super Bowl bonus pick once the playoffs are set.

Lock of the Week Club Standings
PlayerPickResultWinsLossesBonus Picks
The B-Man Football Team +3.5 W 8 6Upset: Dolphins Wk 14 (L) Saints -6.5 L 8 6Upset: Dolphins Wk 14 (L)
cyoung2ty Texans -1.5 L 7 7
Killer Kevin Patriots +4.5 L 7 7Upset: Giants Wk 5 (L)
MR BILLSaints -6.5L77
charp Saints -6.5 L 7 7Upset: Jets Wk 13 (L)
kirby.com12/13/20 4:21:24PM ET
MR BILL12/13/20 1:45:17PM ET
Change my lock pick to Saints by 6 1/2
cyoung2ty12/13/20 12:53:35PM ET
Lock Pick - Houston
The B-Man12/13/20 12:51:35PM ET
B-Man's Lock of the Week: Washington Football Team

B-Man's Upset of the Year: Miami Dolphins
MR BILL12/13/20 12:44:33PM ET
Lock pick Bills by 2 1/2
kirby.com12/13/20 12:37:44PM ET
charp12/13/20 11:50:05AM ET
Lock of the Week: SAINTS
charp12/12/20 1:41:09PM ET
As I pondered the Upset pick last week, I fondly remembered a Jets-Raiders game I attended in 1968 as an 11-year-old that would become known as the Heidi game, or bowl. My buddy and I were were on the second level above the end zone where Oakland scored two late, very late TD's to win. The more things change, ...
Killer Kevin12/10/20 7:26:25PM ET
The B-Man12/10/20 6:33:24PM ET
As if things couldn't get any tighter, we have a 5-way logjam in 2nd, just one game behind charp's Upset Pick was in the bag until the now fired Jets' Def Coordinator decided to play rush 8/cover 0 on the last play of the game. Tough loss there.

Lock of the Week Club Standings
PlayerPickResultWinsLossesBonus Picks Packers -8.5 W 8 5
cyoung2ty Colts -2.5 W 7 6
The B-Man Bills -1.5 W 7 6
Killer Kevin Titans -5.5 L 7 6Upset: Giants Wk 5 (L)
MR BILLRaiders -7.5L76
charp Vikings -9.5 L 7 6Upset: Jets Wk 13 (L)
The B-Man12/7/20 12:37:24AM ET
A little late getting this in so I have to take...

B-Man's Lock of the Week: Bills

charp -- wow, you were robbed of a great Upset pick by sheer Jet stupidity. My condolences.
kirby.com12/6/20 3:58:02PM ET
cyoung2ty12/6/20 12:33:58PM ET
Lock Pick - Indianapolis
MR BILL12/6/20 10:57:33AM ET
lock pick Raiders by 7 1/2
charp12/6/20 10:11:22AM ET
Lock of the Week: VIKINGS

Upset Bonus Pick: JETS
Killer Kevin12/3/20 2:50:43AM ET
The B-Man12/2/20 6:03:08PM ET
I guess we deserve a freebie after last week's 0-6 collar. Most of us jumped on the Saints when the Broncos QB's were ruled out and picked up an easy win. The standings are as tight as they've ever been.

Lock of the Week Club Standings
PlayerPickResultWinsLossesBonus Picks Texans -2.5 W 7 5
Killer Kevin Cowboys -2.5 L 7 5Upset: Giants Wk 5 (L)
MR BILLSaints -5.5W75
charp Saints -5.5 W 7 5
cyoung2ty Saints -5.5 W 6 6
The B-Man Saints -5.5 W 6 6
The B-Man11/29/20 3:14:58PM ET
This feels like cheating but...

B-Man's Lock of the Week: Saints

I was on a golf trip this weekend and didn't have a chance to update the spread before it got too late. So this is like a free 10 points. Have to take it.
cyoung2ty11/29/20 12:00:11PM ET
Lock Pick - New Orleans
charp11/29/20 8:52:21AM ET
Lock of the Week: NEW ORLEANS
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