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Mean Mark3/25/17 7:29:29PM ET
I put together a little draft prediction contest, just for fun. It consists of 10 prediction questions, plus a tie-breaker question. Example question: Which college will have the most players selected in the first round?

To enter, just click the above link and answer the quiz in a comment to that blog post.
Mean Mark2/23/17 2:56:52PM ET

You should be getting it on or around the 28th.
Mean Mark2/23/17 2:52:18PM ET

I don't save them because people move sometimes without notifying me.
PigskinPicker2/23/17 8:29:45AM ET
John McMillan
4613 Pantina Way
Indianapolis In 46237

Thought you already had it from prior years
Mean Mark2/10/17 12:46:05PM ET
The checks are in the mail. Special thanks to MR BILL for generously volunteering to pay for B-Man and me in next year's contest.

PigskinPicker, I still haven't sent yours yet because you never sent me your address. If you prefer, I can just hold it for your entry next year.
Mean Mark2/8/17 1:08:20PM ET
MR BILL I sent you a message via e-mail. B-Man and I have your addresses. PigskinPicker, I still need your address.
MR BILL2/6/17 7:54:00PM ET
Mean Mark resent e mail
MR BILL2/6/17 7:53:00PM ET
congratulation to the B Man and Kirby. As always it was fun, hope to see you all next year
Mean Mark2/6/17 12:14:26AM ET
Congrats to the Patriots for an amazing comeback win. That was the first OT Superbowl in history, and arguably one of the best (or at least most entertaining) Superbowl games of all-time.
Mean Mark2/6/17 12:12:44AM ET
MR BILL, I didn't get an e-mail from you, so I guess you need to resend it. mwganson at hotmail dot com should get to me. If that doesn't work you can try mwganson at gmail dot com.

All winners need to send me their current mailing addresses. I don't save them because sometimes people move.
Mean Mark2/6/17 12:08:49AM ET
Username Pick Result Wins Losses Ties Win PCT Booby Wins Booby Losses Booby Ties Booby PCT Upset Pick Superbowl Bonus Tie Breaker Points
MR BILL Falcons Loss 16 5 0 .762 16 5 0 .762 Bears Week 14 (L) Cowboys (L) 156
The B-Man Patriots Win 14 7 0 .667 14 7 0 .667 Bears Week 11 (L) Cowboys(L) 147 NE AT ATL OVER 59 Win 14 7 0 .667 14 7 0 .667 Browns Week 9 (L) Falcons (L) 102
Dogs Rule Patriots Win 13 8 0 .619 13 8 0 .619 Bengals Week 6 (L) Packers (L) 153
Ron Patriots Win 12 9 0 .571 12 9 0 .571 Browns Week 4 (L)
Mean Mark Falcons Loss 12 10 0 .545 11 10 0 .524 Browns Week 4 (L) Patriots (W) 141
Eugenius Patriots Win 12 10 0 .545 11 10 0 .524 Jets Week 6 (L) Patriots (W) 123
Killer Kevin Falcons Loss 10 11 0 .476 10 11 0 .476 Colts Week 12 (L) Packers (L) 177
Queen B Patriots Win 10 11 0 .476 10 11 0 .476 Jaguars Week 12 (L) Raiders (L) 96
The Boys NE AT ATL UNDER 59 Loss 10 12 0 .455 9 12 0 .429 Cardinals Week 16 (W) Steelers (L) 144
SilverArmy Falcons Loss 9 12 0 .429 9 12 0 .429 49er's Week 15 (L)
Doc. Rolf NO PICK NO PICK 9 12 0 .429 13 8 0 .619 Jets Week 16 (L) Giants (L) 88
PigskinPicker Falcons Loss 8 13 0 .381 8 13 0 .381 Lions Week 3 (L) Chiefs (L) 93

13 players. $975 total pot. $75 goes to the booby prize (last place finisher). 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place gets 1st = 60% = $540, 2nd = 25% = $225, 3rd = 15% = $135.

Congrats to all the winners! Well-played. As usual, I will be sending out the checks on Friday in order to give time for anybody who wants to challenge the standings. Speak up now if you know of an error.
The B-Man2/5/17 6:23:06PM ET
So this is a strange position to be in, but I will be rooting for the Atlanta Falcons, yet I feel compelled to make this Lock pick to give myself a chance to win 2nd place:

B-Man's Super Bowl Lock of the Week: New England Patriots
kirby.com2/5/17 6:18:40PM ET
Dogs Rule2/5/17 4:35:56PM ET
Lock New England
MR BILL2/5/17 3:04:02PM ET
Thank You B MAN for another great year. I look forward to this site every year.
Thanks for running the lock club pool once again
Mean Mark also sent you a email not sure you received it.


Thank You Dogs Rule
Killer Kevin2/5/17 8:19:28AM ET
The Boys2/5/17 5:58:07AM ET
Super Bowl Lock Pick: Under
QUEEN B2/4/17 11:38:04AM ET
PigskinPicker2/3/17 2:03:50PM ET
Lock Pick: ATLANTA

Eugenius2/3/17 8:52:54AM ET
Lock of the week - New England Patriots
SilverArmy1/29/17 4:03:29PM ET
LOCK: Atlanta
Pellez1/27/17 12:22:22PM ET
I'm the pool manager and they are asking me the following question. There are two players who are fighting for the first place, the difference is just a game. If the first place does not make his pick, in automatic wins, since it would not be subtracted a point. My question is, am I correct?
QUEEN B1/25/17 1:34:34PM ET
Ron1/24/17 9:54:19PM ET
Mean Mark1/23/17 1:23:01PM ET
Lock: Atlanta

I guess I'll pull for the dirty birds. I pulled for the Panthers last year.
Mean Mark1/23/17 1:20:53PM ET
NE AT ATL Over/Under = 59
Kickoff time: 02/05 6:30 PM (Eastern)
Mean Mark1/23/17 1:16:27PM ET
Username Pick Result Wins Losses Ties Win PCT Booby Wins Booby Losses Booby Ties Booby PCT Upset Pick Superbowl Bonus Tie Breaker Points
MR BILL Patriots WIN 16 4 0 .800 16 4 0 .800 Bears Week 14 (L) Cowboys (L) 157
The B-Man Steelers LOSS 13 7 0 .650 13 7 0 .650 Bears Week 11 (L) Cowboys(L) 148 GB @ ATL OVER 60 WIN 13 7 0 .650 13 7 0 .650 Browns Week 9 (L) Falcons 103
Dogs Rule Patriots WIN 12 8 0 .600 12 8 0 .600 Bengals Week 6 (L) Packers (L) 154
Ron Patriots WIN 11 9 0 .550 11 9 0 .550 Browns Week 4 (L)
Mean Mark Packers LOSS 11 9 0 .550 11 9 0 .550 Browns Week 4 (L) Patriots 142
Killer Kevin Packers LOSS 10 10 0 .500 10 10 0 .500 Colts Week 12 (L) Packers (L) 178
Eugenius Packers LOSS 10 10 0 .500 10 10 0 .500 Jets Week 6 (L) Patriots 121
The Boys Steelers LOSS 10 11 0 .476 9 11 0 .450 Cardinals Week 16 (W) Steelers (L) 142
SilverArmy Patriots WIN 9 11 0 .450 9 11 0 .450 49er's Week 15 (L)
Queen B Patriots WIN 9 11 0 .450 9 11 0 .450 Jaguars Week 12 (L) Raiders (L) 94
Doc. Rolf NO PICK NO PICK 9 11 0 .450 12 8 0 .600 Jets Week 16 (L) Giants (L) 88
PigskinPicker Steelers LOSS 8 12 0 .400 8 12 0 .400 Lions Week 3 (L) Chiefs (L) 94

I'm trying a different font this week. That's why it looks a little different from normal.

It appears MR BILL has it locked up already. He has been on fire (somebody better call the fire department) all year. Did you catch that state farm commercial reference? Good one, huh? This must be how Antonio Brown feels while he's dancing in the end zone. (Yeah, I watch too many commercials, or at least pay way too attention to the ones I do watch.)

My Superbowl pick is still alive, but it looks like the best I can possibly finish is 13-9, which won't put me in the top 3 no matter what else happens. I picked against the Falcons twice and got burned both times here in the playoffs. I'm a bit torn on who to root for. On the one hand the Falcons are a division rival, but on the other hand the NFC SOUTH only has 2 trophies in its trophy case all-time (Saints and Bucs), so in a way it would be nice to see them add a third trophy.

PigskinPicker looks to have positioned himself well for the booby prize, but still several players breathing down his neck. There are no tie-breakers for the booby prize, it just gets evenly divided among the "winners".

As always, double check my figures. Hopefully you've been doing this each week all year. If there are any errors now is the time to get them fixed. Any errors discovered after the checks are mailed out, good luck getting your money from the winner because it ain't comin' from me.

I've been tracking the club picks all year using an open office spreadsheet, adding a new worksheet for each week and manually updating the records. Then I save the file in html format and copy and paste the current week's standings. I use this tool to remove the line breaks and hard returns before pasting here. The tie-breaker points are copied and pasted in from the Lock Club Pool page. I have to copy them into a temporary worksheet, along with the player names, etc, and then sort the temporary sheet by username. Next step is to sort the working sheet by player name, which lines up all the tie-breaker points with the right players, said tie-breaker points then can be copied and pasted into the working sheet as a single column. After that's done, the next step is to sort the working sheet by winning percentage, then by tie-breaker points. Final step is to highlight every odd row and apply a different background to create the green-bar look. Anyways, if anybody wants a copy of the spreadsheet file, just e-mail me and I'll send it to you. You can look through the sheets week-by-week all the way back to week 1. You would need the open office software, which is a free download, or it might be something you could import into Excel or Works.
Dogs Rule1/23/17 1:19:13AM ET
Mr. Bill congratulations will be looking for you next year. You were just awesome.
Dogs Rule1/23/17 1:01:53AM ET
Mean Mark was a fun year and thanks for running this pool.B-Man great site thanks. The only way Im in some money here is picking against you I think, but all said and done Good luck. Thanks to all was fun playing with you all
Dogs Rule1/22/17 4:31:44PM ET
Lock New England
The B-Man1/22/17 2:54:27PM ET
B-Man's Lock of the Week: The Pittsburgh Steelers
kirby.com1/22/17 2:49:33PM ET
MR BILL1/22/17 6:46:23AM ET
change my lock to Patriots
MR BILL1/22/17 6:43:42AM ET
SilverArmy1/21/17 3:22:57PM ET
Lock: Patriots
PigskinPicker1/21/17 9:50:25AM ET

Ron1/20/17 8:50:08PM ET
Killer Kevin1/19/17 10:33:13PM ET
Eugenius1/19/17 7:43:02PM ET
Lock of the week - Green Bay Packers
The Boys1/19/17 7:04:34AM ET
Lock of the Week: Pittsburgh
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