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The B-Man
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PigskinPicker6/1/14 7:47:43PM ET
Have not been on here for a while so lets get caught up.
Travis (T Bone) McMillan after winning the state title in the Golden Gloves last year was the runner up this year. He went to Semi State in wrestling this year and this week graduated High School.
No lets get ready for some football!!!
PigskinPicker2/16/14 8:49:37PM ET
BTW, I got it...Thank you!!!

Ron2/11/14 11:49:34AM ET
Early odds for 2015 to win superbowl from Let's see how the odds change by August

49ERS: 8/1
SAINTS: 20/1
COLTS: 30/1
CHIEFS: 30/1
EAGLES: 30/1
BEARS: 30/1
GIANTS: 40/1
LIONS: 40/1
RAMS: 40/1
RAVENS: 40/1
TEXANS: 40/1
BUCS: 60/1
TITANS: 60/1
JETS: 75/1
BILLS: 75/1
BROWNS: 75/1
VIKINGS: 100/1
JAGUARS: 200/1
RAIDERS: 200/1
Mean Mark2/8/14 7:10:37PM ET
Lock Clubbers: The checks went into the mail on Friday, except for zhdamistro1, whose went out today.

PigskinPicker, The B-Man, Mean Mark, and Eugenius are all already paid up for Lock Club 2014 season. I just wanted to put that in writing here on the board so I'll be sure to remember.
Mean Mark2/7/14 9:15:16AM ET

I need your mailing address to send you your winnings.
Mean Mark2/5/14 1:01:00PM ET
Got it, Eugene.
Eugenius2/5/14 11:36:23AM ET
Mark, did you get my email?
Mean Mark2/3/14 4:47:09PM ET
Ron, just click my username.
jlambo12/3/14 10:58:03AM ET
Troy and rob please pay 100 each for pool to Tim Hacala!
Ron2/3/14 10:31:16AM ET
Could you please post an email for me to send my address. Thanks.
Mean Mark2/3/14 9:02:01AM ET
Well, at least now I don't feel quite as bad about the way Seattle manhandled the Saints this year. Wow, that was a statement win. I admit I had my doubts about the Pete Carroll hire when it happened, but give the guy his due.
Mean Mark2/3/14 8:59:24AM ET
Lock Club Standings Week 21
Username Pick Win/Loss Rec (booby) Upset Pick SB Pick
PigskinPicker Seahawks Win 16-6-0 (15-6-0) SD WK2 (W) 49ers (L)
Ron Broncos Loss 15-6-0 (15-6-0) CLE WK8 (L) 49ers (L)
Eugenius Over 47.5 Win 13-7-1 (13-7-1) TB WK3 (L) Broncos (L)
orered Seahawks Win 14-8-0 (13-8-0) NYG WK16 (W) Patriots (L)
Doc.Rolf Broncos Loss 12-9-0 (12-9-0) BUF WK1 (L) Giants (L)
UnderDawgz Broncos Loss 11-9-1 (11-9-1) HOU WK13 (L) Broncos (L)
Killer Kevin Broncos Loss 11-10-0 (11-10-0) NYG WK6 (L) Saints (L)
koz316 NO PICK Loss 11-11-0 (13-8-0) JAX WK10 (W) 49ers (L)
Mean Mark Broncos Loss 11-11-0 (10-11-0) SD WK2 (W) Broncos (L)
The Boys Seahawks Win 10-11-0 (10-11-0) BUF WK6 (L) 49ers (L) Broncos Loss 10-11-0 (10-11-0) HOU WK13 (L) Broncos (L)
skidgod Over 47.5 Win 10-11-0 (10-11-0) KC WK17 (L) 49ers (L)
The B-Man Broncos Loss 9-12-0 (9-12-0) OAK WK10 (L) 49ers (L)
TBruceK Broncos Loss 8-13-0 (8-13-0) WAS WK2 (L) 49ers (L)
joeirish Broncos Loss 8-14-0 (7-14-0) SL WK6 (W) Broncos (L)
govikesgo Broncos Loss 7-15-0 (6-15-0) JAX WK7 (L) Seahawks (W)
zhdamistro1 Seahawks Win 6-15-0 (6-15-0) KC WK11 (L) Broncos (L)
IMDB34 NO PICK Loss 4-17-0 (14-7-0) CLE WK7 (L) Broncos (L)

WTD: 6-10-0

Today's color scheme honors the Seattle Seahawks, whose team colors we are using today are COLLEGE NAVY and ACTION GREEN.

Congrats to the Seahawks and their fans on their first ever Superbowl championship.

Congrats also to PigskinPicker, Ron, Eugenius, and also to govikesgo and zhdamistro1 for grabbing shares of the booby prize.

Payouts will be 1) $765.00, 2) $318.75, 3) $191.25, and $75.00 / 2 = $37.50 each for the two booby prize winners. E-mail me with your latest mailing addresses. I'll get the checks out on Friday. Why the delay? To give anybody who finds an error in my recordkeeping a chance to get it straightened out, if necessary.

Pigskin, thanks for your generosity in paying the three of us into the club next year.
The B-Man2/2/14 11:23:25PM ET
Congrats, Pigskin. And thanks for the $houtout. I appreciate the love. Have a great offseason and see you in August.
PigskinPicker2/2/14 10:00:08PM ET
That is fantastic

Keep $75 for you for next year and also keep $75 for the B-Man and another $75 for my entry for next year.
This has been a nail biter for me this year.
Ron kept the pressure on all year Nice job to him.
send the rest to me at
John McMillan
4613 Pantina Way
Indianapolis In 46237
Doc. Rolf2/2/14 9:31:53PM ET
Congratulations to Govikesgo who picked the Super Bowl winner in the preseason. Hats off that is a feat.

Congratulations to pigskin for winning the LOCK CLUB this year.... good job...

Congratulations to Ron on his second place in THE LOCK CLUB this year..... well done.....

and last but not least congratulations to Eugenius on holding his third place with the over... impressing, after all I must admit I was starting to worry that you were not gonna make it till Denver got their 8 I was wondering if the seahawks would make the 47 - 0 but we all know that it is not going to happen now...

Also congratulations to orered on a fourth place in the LOCK CLUB which could not be any closer to the third place.

To all of the other LOCK CLUB MEMBERS I hope that you have a great off season.

Wishing you all peace love health and happiness.
Doc. Rolf
The B-Man2/2/14 9:21:03PM ET
Well I got the Over and Percy Harvin parts right.

Shocking performance by Mr. MVP.
Ron2/2/14 9:00:05PM ET
Ok, I surrender. It's been a good season and ill accept 2nd best
PigskinPicker2/2/14 6:30:38PM ET
Good Luck Ron, had to pressure you to ensure I had a chance.Honorable guy you are.

govikesgo2/2/14 6:26:16PM ET
Change lock pick to denver
Doc. Rolf2/2/14 6:25:49PM ET
I meant Good luck
peace love health and happiness wishes Doc. Rolf
Doc. Rolf2/2/14 6:24:57PM ET
Cointoss is through God luck everyone...
Doc. Rolf2/2/14 6:24:46PM ET
Cointoss is through God luck everyone...
Doc. Rolf2/2/14 6:15:51PM ET
Changing my lockpick to Denver since orered took Seattle. Please let the under also prevail so that Eugenius misses, not because I don't like you guys, but that is the only way that I'll get back into the
Peace Love Health and happiness wishes Doc. Rolf
zhdamistro12/2/14 6:02:53PM ET
lock pick: seattle
UnderDawgz2/2/14 5:29:00PM ET
Lock pick Broncos
govikesgo2/2/14 5:03:48PM ET
Lock pick = SEATTLE
Ron2/2/14 4:52:01PM ET
I hope you're right, Bman
PigskinPicker2/2/14 4:32:46PM ET
Lock: Seattle
The B-Man2/2/14 4:01:47PM ET
B-Man's Super Bowl Lock of the Week: Denver

I think Peyton Manning is locked in for this one. He was surgical against the Patriots and just seems destined for it this season. I don't think the Seahawks will be able to hold him down.

The X-Factor for the 'Hawks may be Percy Harvin. If he lasts the whole game, he can be a difference maker with big plays. I think the Broncos D will keep Beast Mode in neutral. So Wilson-to-Harvin is their best chance at keeping pace with Manning.

I'll also take the Over in this one. I see a final score of:



Mean Mark2/2/14 2:14:17PM ET

Congrats to Riverboat Ron. I still say Andy Reid deserved the honor more, though. He took over a team that had won only 2 games in 2012, and put them in the thick of the hunt, improving by an amazing 9 additional wins over the previous season. Be that as it may evidently the AP voters agreed with you and not with me, and that's really all that counts.

It will be interesting to see the Sporting News' choice for that award this year. I'm just guessing Mike Smith won't be getting his 4th trophy in the last 6 seasons from them this year.
TBruceK2/2/14 1:58:53PM ET
lock broncos
The B-Man2/1/14 7:53:53PM ET
Am I allowed to gloat a little bit, Mean Mark?

NFL Coach of the Year: Ron Rivera
Ron2/1/14 12:21:39PM ET
John Mckenzie1/31/14 11:20:29PM ET
Cannot take it anymore ! In "The Great White North " we always hide our picks in the last week , ie give them to a neutral player who will post them at kick-off ! Good luck to all !!
PigskinPicker1/31/14 8:22:34PM ET

The Boys1/31/14 6:02:33AM ET
Super Bowl Lock = Seattle
PigskinPicker1/31/14 4:57:23AM ET
LOL, Whatever

Don't forget about your posts earlier before you start throwing stones.
your the one that was talking about being screwed by Charp...
Ron1/30/14 3:35:17PM ET
I don't feel the need to post 4 or more days early. You're acting like a jerk
orered1/30/14 3:33:43PM ET
Well I see Kirby is having trouble making up his mind.
kirby.com1/29/14 8:46:46PM ET

Denver Broncos

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