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AmPm2/16/22 4:25:57PM ET
SB Lock Pick; Cincinnati Bengals
MR BILL2/15/22 5:23:50PM ET
Congratulation to are winners.
Thank you B Man for running the lock club pool and the site
The B-Man2/13/22 11:53:33PM ET
Congratulations to AmPm for taking 2nd place with his Bengals pick! Well done sir!

The_GOAT - heckuva season, dude! Congrats.

Winners: let me know how to get you your winnings (email me).

FINAL Lock of the Week Club Standings
PlayerPickResultWinsLossesBonus Picks
The_GOATBengalsW 17 5SB: Packers
AmPmBengalsW 13 9
Taylorj3Under 48.5W 13 10SB: Packers / Upset: Titans Wk 9 - WIN
Elmer HomeroUnder 48.5W 12 10SB: Chiefs
The B-ManOver 48.5L 11 11SB: Chiefs
Eseibert1973RamsL 10 12SB: Bucs
charpBengalsW 10 12SB: Titans
MR BILLL 9 13SB: Chiefs
pvalL 9 13
kirby.comL 8 14SB: Packers
PatuL 8 14
Tony PerezL 8 14
The MandalorianL 8 14
FreigL 2 20
charp2/13/22 4:32:09PM ET
SB lock: Bengals
The B-Man2/13/22 2:34:00PM ET
Well, to give me a shot at 2nd place, I have to take...

B-Man's Super Bowl Lock of the Week: Over 48.5

I am also on the Bengals +4.5. So hopefully it's a high scoring affair because Joe Burrow is lighting em up.



A few other bets:

National Anthem: Over 95 seconds
Coin Toss: Tails
First TD Scorer: Ja'Marr Chase
MVP: Joe Burrow

Enjoy the game and thanks for a fun season here on the board, everyone!
AmPm2/13/22 12:49:42PM ET
SB Lock Pick; Cincinnati Bengals
Eseibert19732/13/22 10:52:11AM ET
Lock of Super Bowl. Rams.
The_GOAT2/13/22 7:29:50AM ET
Lock of the super bowl: BENGALS
Taylorj32/12/22 11:43:25PM ET
Final lock of the year under 48.5
TCwinner2/12/22 12:35:59PM ET
I think LA wins but I am picking with my heart today ---- Cinci with my 12 points!
Good Luck to all!
Elmer Homero2/11/22 12:59:43PM ET
I know that I am already eliminated, but just for fun, my pick is under 50.5

Enjoy the big game!
The B-Man2/5/22 5:32:34PM ET
The line has moved so here's an update:

Rams by 4.5
Over/Under: 48.5
The B-Man1/30/22 11:18:56PM ET
The underdogs got it done today and that leaves 2nd place up for grabs with one pick to go. 3 players including me have a shot to win some money in 2 weeks.

With the Chiefs loss, this will be the first season that no one picked the Super Bowl winner to get the extra bonus win. So there won't be any bonus wins in play.

That means that AmPm is still in the driver's seat. A win gets him 2nd place. Taylorj3 needs to make a correct pick and for AmPm to lose his pick. I need them both to lose theirs while getting mine right. But hey, it's a shot! Should be exciting.

Tie-breaker note: The tie-breaker is Overall ranking on the site for the season in Spread picks. Should that come into play, I would win it over AmPm. Elmer Homero is already eliminated because he would lose the tie-breaker to AmPm.

Reminder for the Super Bowl... You can pick the game based on the Spread -- currently Rams by 3.5. Or you can take the Over/Under.

The official line for our picks will be Over/Under 50.5.

I will confirm the final spread and Over/Under line by Wed of Super Bowl week.

Lock of the Week Club Standings
PlayerPickResultWinsLossesBonus Picks
The_GOAT49ersW 16 5SB: Packers
AmPmRamsL 12 9
Taylorj3ChiefsL 12 10SB: Packers / Upset: Titans Wk 9 - WIN
The B-Man49ersW 11 10SB: Chiefs
Elmer HomeroChiefsL 11 10SB: Chiefs
Eseibert1973ChiefsL 10 11SB: Bucs
charp49ersW 9 12SB: Titans
MR BILLL 9 12SB: Chiefs
pvalL 9 12
kirby.comRamsL 8 13SB: Packers
PatuL 8 13
Tony PerezL 8 13
The MandalorianL 8 13
FreigL 2 19
kirby.com1/30/22 6:17:22PM ET
The B-Man1/30/22 2:59:16PM ET
B-Man's Lock of the Week: 49ers

Interesting matchups this week with both underdogs having beaten their opponent just last month -- the 49ers have actually beaten the Rams six straight times. So despite my interest in a Rams-Chiefs Super Bowl, I have to go with both underdogs in my picks today.

Good luck folks!
Taylorj31/30/22 1:36:18PM ET
lock of week KC
charp1/30/22 12:40:47PM ET
Lock of the Week: 49ers
AmPm1/30/22 10:50:14AM ET
Lock Pick: LA Rams
TCwinner1/29/22 5:20:24PM ET
Hi, Here our my picks and points!
Kansas City - 8 Points
LA Rams - 9 Points
Eseibert19731/28/22 8:30:23AM ET
Lock of the Week. KC
Elmer Homero1/27/22 10:58:29AM ET
lock of the week KC Chiefs
The_GOAT1/25/22 9:33:44PM ET
Lock of the week: NINERS
The B-Man1/23/22 10:46:19PM ET
AmPm surges into 2nd place with the Rams pick. That game sent me to the brink of elimination.

Two games left plus Elmer Homero and I could grab an important bonus win if the Chiefs take home the trophy.

Still 5 of us with a shot at the 2nd place prize. Next weekend should be interesting. 3.5 and 6.5 point spreads right now.

Lock of the Week Club Standings
PlayerPickResultWinsLossesBonus Picks
The_GOATTitansL 15 5SB: Packers (L)
AmPmRamsW 12 8
Taylorj3PackersL 12 9SB: Packers (L) / Upset (WIN)
Elmer HomeroPackersL 11 9SB: Chiefs
The B-ManBuccaneersL 10 10SB: Chiefs
Eseibert1973TitansL 10 10SB: Bucs (L)
MR BILLRamsW 9 11SB: Chiefs
pvalL 9 11
kirby.comL 8 12SB: Packers (L)
charpBillsL 8 12SB: Titans (L)
PatuL 8 12
Tony PerezL 8 12
The MandalorianL 8 12
FreigL 2 18
charp1/23/22 5:01:38PM ET
Lock of the Week: Bills
AmPm1/23/22 12:17:59PM ET
Lock Pick LA Rams
MR BILL1/23/22 10:43:37AM ET
Lock Pick Rams
Eseibert19731/22/22 4:23:27PM ET
Lock of week. Titans
The B-Man1/22/22 2:37:49PM ET
B-Man's Lock of the Week: Tampa Bay
Elmer Homero1/21/22 12:51:48PM ET
Lock pick Packers
Taylorj31/21/22 8:44:45AM ET
Lock of the week Packers
The_GOAT1/19/22 11:07:24AM ET
Thanks for the shout out B-Man. Been a good year for my picks except this past Wild Card weekend when I did terrible and gave up the lead in both my pools! As for this weekend:

The B-Man1/19/22 10:05:28AM ET
CONGRATULATIONS to The_GOAT! He has clinched the top spot in the Lock Club and the first place prize. Great picks all season. He can finish no worse than 15-7, which would be 68% and that's phenomenal. I'm sure he'll get more right with 3 picks to go. So he will likely end the season over 70% in locks. Hopefully, he put some money on those picks outside of here!

As for 2nd place, that is still up for grabs, with at least 6 people still legitimately in the hunt. There are 3 picks left plus the SB bonus pick. Lots could happen.

Everyone used their Upset pick but only one person hit and he's in 2nd place. Congrats again to Taylorj3 for having the only correct upset of the year pick. I cleaned up the bonus picks column to only show the 2 picks made in the last week and then all of the SB picks I recorded. Lots of you missed out on the pick. I tried to remind you guys several times! Also note that's SB pick was indeed too late according to the rules, but I recorded it to see what could have been for him.

I also removed Freig, since he hasn't made a pick in 2 months.

Good luck with the last few picks!

Lock of the Week Club Standings
PlayerPickResultWinsLossesBonus Picks
The_GOATBillsW 15 4SB: Packers
Taylorj3BengalsW 12 8SB: Packers / Upset: Titans Wk 9 - WIN
Elmer HomeroBillsW 11 8SB: Chiefs
AmPmChiefsW 11 8
Eseibert1973BengalsW 10 9SB: Bucs
The B-ManCowboysL 10 9SB: Chiefs
pvalCardinalsL 9 10
charpRamsW 8 11SB: Titans
kirby.com49ersW 8 11SB: Packers (TL) / Upset: Eagles Wk 19 (L)
MR BILLCowboysL 8 11SB: Chiefs / Upset: Eagles Wk 19 (L)
PatuL 8 11
Tony PerezCowboysL 8 11
The MandalorianL 8 11
charp1/17/22 7:18:58PM ET
Lock of the Week: Rams
pval1/17/22 12:52:13AM ET
Lock of the Week: Cardinals
AmPm1/16/22 7:43:07PM ET
Lock Pick: KC
kirby.com1/16/22 12:45:13PM ET

Didn't get my Super Bowl pick in time..I know.

However I will still throw it out there..

Tony Perez1/16/22 11:37:18AM ET
Lock of the week: Dallas
MR BILL1/15/22 4:05:38PM ET
lock pick Dallas
upset of the year Eagles
Super Bowl Pick KC
charp1/15/22 3:34:28PM ET
Super Bowl Bonus Pick: Titans
Elmer Homero1/15/22 1:06:41PM ET
Lock of the week Bills
Super Bowl pick KC
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