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elevatorguy7/25/16 4:45:07PM ET
have the payouts been made for last year as I have still not received mine?
Ron7/12/16 1:39:09AM ET
Why is the pool run via email and texting? Seems old fashioned. Especially since this site offers a private bulletin board and all picks tracked
Brain227/7/16 1:26:46PM ET

I am a huge football fan. Football is my passion in life. For the past 26 years, I have been running my own Football Pool. It started with my mom and I betting one penny on each game. In the past few years, the pool has expanded to over 30 members. Once again, I am looking to expand my pool further. It’s a simple pool…basically a “pick em”, but a lot more fun. There is a summary of information below. Please take a moment to read and let me know if you are at all interested in joining this football pool. It’s a great way to have some fun, meet some new people and make some new friends. Thank you for your time.

Details of Pool

1. Choose the winner of each game.

2. There will be cash prizes: each week, at the end of the season, during the playoffs and for the Superbowl.

3. Picks and results for the entire pool are sent out each week (Tuesdays and Fridays)

4. An analysis sheet is also sent out each week to assist in potential pick changes.

5. Picks can be changed each week.

6. The pool is run entirely by email or texting, which makes for easy communication.

If you are interested in joining this exciting football pool, please email/message me and I will be happy to send you more information. Thank you again.
elevatorguy3/26/16 5:09:34PM ET
have the payouts been made yet as I won week 14 and split the overall on the league but have not received a payout yet--please advise
MR BILL2/18/16 9:26:34PM ET
Hey Mark just sent email sorry
Mean Mark2/18/16 12:35:52PM ET

Killer Kevin generously used his winnings to pay for you, me, and him for next year, so we're on for at least another season.
Mean Mark2/18/16 12:32:03PM ET
MR BILL: Did you get my e-mail?
Mean Mark2/14/16 2:02:56PM ET
No, MR BILL. I sent you one you can hopefully reply to and I'll get it.
MR BILL2/13/16 5:07:49PM ET
Mark I sent you a email did you rec it
The B-Man2/13/16 9:42:53AM ET
Don't give up on me now, Mean Mark. The Lock Club is definitely a big part of why I enjoy running the site. I can do a little more advertising for it and maybe we do lower the entry fee back down. I'm also overdue to make some design changes before next season. So maybe I can add something for the Lock Club to make it easier to play and track -- like I've promised over the years.
Mean Mark2/12/16 3:54:23PM ET
I'm not sure if I'll be doing the Lock Club again next year. Interest seems to be waning. This is the fewest players we've had in many years. Maybe it's getting stale. Maybe we should drop the fee back to $50. I don't know. We'll see.
Mean Mark2/12/16 3:50:49PM ET
Ron, your check is on the way. I used my bank's bill payment system. Expect it around 2/18.
Mean Mark2/10/16 11:59:59AM ET
kevin and bill, send me your current addresses at mwganson at hotmail.
MR BILL2/7/16 11:25:51PM ET
Nice Job Mark.Not sure how many years Ive played,but pretty sure this wont even make me even. I have fun every year that's all that counts.Thanks again Bman
Mean Mark2/7/16 11:03:06PM ET
Username Pick Result Wins Losses Ties Win PCT BoobyWins BoobyLosses BoobyTies Booby PCT Upset Pick Superbowl Bonus Tie Breaker Points
MR BILL Broncos W 16 6 0 .727 15 6 0 .714 Buccaneers WK17 (L) Broncos (W) 141
Killer Kevin Broncos W 16 6 0 .727 15 6 0 .714 Ravens WK7 (L) Broncos (W) 138
Mean Mark Broncos W 13 8 0 .619 13 8 0 .619 Ravens WK7 (L) Panthers (L) 132
The B-Man Panthers L 13 8 0 .619 13 8 0 .619 Chargers WK 6 (L) Panthers (L) 129
SilverArmy Panthers L 13 8 0 .619 14 7 0 .667 Ravens WK14 (L) Panthers (L) 123
Eugenius Over 45.5 L 12 9 0 .571 12 9 0 .571 Jets WK7 (L) Seahawks (L) 183
orered Broncos W 12 9 0 .571 12 9 0 .571
Patriots (L) 132 Broncos W 13 10 0 .565 11 10 0 .524 Dolphins WK17 (W) Broncos (W) 87
Dogs Rule Broncos W 10 11 0 .476 11 10 0 .524 Jets WK7 (L) Cardinals (L) 141
PigskinPicker Broncos W 10 11 0 .476 11 10 0 .524 Lions WK 4 (L) Patriots (L) 96
Ron Panthers L 8 13 0 .381 8 13 0 .381 Ravens WK7 (L) Cardinals (L) 177
koz316 NO PICK NO PICK 7 14 0 .333 12 9 0 .571
Panthers (L) 162

Looks like I finished in the top 3 unless I erred somewhere in the tallies. Payoffs will be:

1) $495.00
2) $206.25
3) $123.75
Booby Prize: $75.00

Winners, e-mail me your current addresses so I can get the checks out this Friday. I always wait a few days just to give the players a chance to correct any mistakes beforehand.
Ron2/7/16 10:28:59PM ET
Great season all. Thanks for hosting this site Bman. I had my best year with 55% wins and a top 200 finish overall.

Plus I won a boobie prize :)
SilverArmy2/7/16 10:28:10PM ET
Thanks for the contest opportunity and Congrats to the winners
MR BILL2/7/16 6:28:18PM ET
lock pick Denver
I hope Mark is right Panthers come out on top but don't cover the spread. B man can come up and take it all if Panthers wipe them out.Thanks Mark for another great year with the lock club pool and Bman for another fun year. Good luck everyone
The B-Man2/7/16 5:06:53PM ET
A shot at the Lock Club title, should I watch the others' picks and consider Denver?

Not a chance... I wouldn't dare jinx my boys...

B-Man's Super Lock of the Week: CAROLINA PANTHERS

It's been another fun season here guys. I really enjoy competing against you fellas and running the site. It's been 20 seasons, can you believe that? Ha.

Enjoy the big game everyone!
Dogs Rule2/7/16 2:31:26AM ET
LOCK DENVER . Thanks to all was fun.
kirby.com2/5/16 3:01:14PM ET
SilverArmy2/4/16 7:39:24PM ET
LOCK: Carolina
PigskinPicker2/4/16 5:12:52PM ET
Lock Denver
Ron2/4/16 12:44:21AM ET
Mean Mark2/1/16 3:00:24PM ET
Did you watch the pro bowl?
No, wasn't interested.
Yeah, anything NFL and I'm there.
What's the pro bowl?
Poll Maker
Eugenius1/28/16 4:46:42PM ET
Lock - over 45.5
Killer Kevin1/28/16 1:10:07PM ET
Mean Mark1/27/16 6:29:56PM ET
Broncos for my lock in the Superbowl. I need Carolina to win, but not cover to have any shot at finishing in the money. This is more of a strategic pick as anything else.
orered1/27/16 7:50:29AM ET
denver, not that it makes a diff. you all have a great summer, probably be back in the fall. cheers
Mean Mark1/26/16 12:19:17PM ET
Last year when I was going for the booby prize I just kept trying to pick winners, knowing that gave me my best chance.
Mean Mark1/26/16 12:18:11PM ET
Pigskin, the Cardinals were his lock, but he picked the Panthers in his regular picks. That kinda proves it right there.
PigskinPicker1/26/16 11:21:14AM ET
Difference between you and I. I don't believe you picked the opposite. Your just saying you sucked on
Mean Mark1/26/16 9:21:25AM ET
Superbowl Over/Under will be 45.5
Mean Mark1/26/16 9:19:47AM ET
Good job, Ron. That was a good strategy once you fell behind.
Ron1/25/16 2:35:13PM ET
I clinched the "boobie" Now I can stop making opposite locks :)
Mean Mark1/25/16 10:58:45AM ET
Username Pick Result Wins Losses Ties Win PCT BoobyWins BoobyLosses BoobyTies Booby PCT Upset Pick Superbowl Bonus Tie Breaker Points
MR BILL Panthers W 14 6 0 .700 14 6 0 .700 Buccaneers WK17 (L) Broncos 139
Killer Kevin Panthers W 14 6 0 .700 14 6 0 .700 Ravens WK7 (L) Broncos 136
The B-Man Panthers W 13 7 0 .650 13 7 0 .650 Chargers WK 6 (L) Panthers 130
SilverArmy Panthers W 13 7 0 .650 14 6 0 .700 Ravens WK14 (L) Panthers 124
Eugenius Patriots L 12 8 0 .600 12 8 0 .600 Jets WK7 (L) Seahawks (L) 184
Mean Mark Panthers W 12 8 0 .600 12 8 0 .600 Ravens WK7 (L) Panthers 133
orered Patriots L 11 9 0 .550 11 9 0 .550
Patriots (L) 130 Broncos W 11 10 0 .524 10 10 0 .500 Dolphins WK17 (W) Broncos 85
Dogs Rule NO PICK NO PICK 9 11 0 .450 10 10 0 .500 Jets WK7 (L) Cardinals (L) 139
PigskinPicker Patriots L 9 11 0 .450 10 10 0 .500 Lions WK 4 (L) Patriots (L) 97
Ron Cardinals L 8 12 0 .400 8 12 0 .400 Ravens WK7 (L) Cardinals (L) 175
koz316 NO PICK NO PICK 7 13 0 .350 11 9 0 .550
Panthers 163

I finally got around to adding the tie breaker points. Pay attention to them because they might (or might not) be a useful aid to you as you come up with a strategy for this week's pick.

If your Superbowl team is still in the hunt you can potentially get 2 more wins added to your record if that team wins the Superbowl straight up and you also get the ATS winner right with your weekly lock.
MR BILL1/24/16 3:54:22PM ET
PixieGal1/24/16 3:19:25PM ET
Sorry Bman, not happening! GO CARDS!!!
kirby.com1/24/16 2:49:03PM ET
Ron1/24/16 12:28:17AM ET
ATS to All Viking pick last season bring a 14-3 record. And the worst pick was Cowboys with a 4-12 ATS

Lock: cardinals.
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