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Killer Kevin12/8/16 2:18:21PM ET
Eugenius12/7/16 3:46:23PM ET
Lock of the week - Baltimore Ravens
Ron12/6/16 11:05:43PM ET
unnecessary ruffness, defense, 15 yard penalty, automatic first down
Mean Mark12/6/16 12:44:54PM ET
Lock: Washington
Mean Mark12/6/16 11:23:20AM ET
12/08 8:25 PM
101 Oakland
102 Kansas City 46.5

12/11 1:00 PM
105 Denver
106 Tennessee 43.5

12/11 1:00 PM
107 San Diego
108 Carolina 48

12/11 1:00 PM
109 Houston
110 Indianapolis 47

12/11 1:00 PM
111 Cincinnati
112 Cleveland 43.5

12/11 1:00 PM
113 Pittsburgh
114 Buffalo 47

12/11 1:00 PM
115 Arizona
116 Miami 43.5

12/11 1:00 PM
117 Chicago
118 Detroit 43.5

12/11 1:00 PM
119 Minnesota
120 Jacksonville 39

12/11 4:25 PM
121 New Orleans
122 Tampa Bay 51.5

12/11 1:00 PM
123 Washington
124 Philadelphia 46.5

12/11 4:05 PM
125 N.Y. Jets
126 San Francisco 45

12/11 4:25 PM
127 Seattle
128 Green Bay 46.5

12/11 4:25 PM
129 Atlanta
130 Los Angeles 45

12/11 8:30 PM
131 Dallas
132 N.Y. Giants 47.5

12/12 8:30 PM
133 Baltimore
134 New England 45
Mean Mark12/6/16 11:14:01AM ET
Username Pick Result Wins Losses Ties Win PCT Booby Wins Booby Losses Booby Ties Booby PCT Upset Pick Superbowl Bonus Tie Breaker Points
MR BILL Ravens Win 11 2 0 .846 11 2 0 .846

The B-Man Lions Win 9 4 0 .692 9 4 0 .692 Bears Week 11 (L)
108 TB @ SD OVER 47.5 Win 9 4 0 .692 9 4 0 .692 Browns Week 9 (L)
Dogs Rule Bengals Win 7 6 0 .538 7 6 0 .538 Bengals Week 6 (L)
Ron IND @ NYJ UNDER 49.5 Loss 7 6 0 .538 7 6 0 .538 Browns Week 4 (L)
Mean Mark DET @ NO OVER 53.5 Loss 7 6 0 .538 7 6 0 .538 Browns Week 4 (L)
Eugenius Lions Win 7 6 0 .538 7 6 0 .538 Jets Week 6 (L)
Killer Kevin Cowboys Loss 6 7 0 .462 6 7 0 .462 Colts Week 12 (L)
SilverArmy Rams Loss 6 7 0 .462 6 7 0 .462

Doc. Rolf Giants Loss 6 7 0 .462 7 6 0 .538

Queen B Cowboys Loss 6 7 0 .462 6 7 0 .462 Jaguars Week 12 (L)
The Boys Bills Loss 5 8 0 .385 5 8 0 .385

PigskinPicker Broncos Win 5 8 0 .385 5 8 0 .385 Lions Week 3 (L)
QUEEN B12/6/16 9:37:36AM ET
Mean Mark12/5/16 2:19:34PM ET
Dogs Rule

I didn't mean to imply that I thought you or anybody else was trying anything unfair or unethical. In fact, I think all our players are good, honest people.

It's just we have to have a deadline for getting picks in and I wanted to make it clear to everybody what the deadline was and how it would be interpreted. I have found the best way to avoid controversy is to try to make sure everybody knows the rules ahead of time.

For me, this is *all* about having fun. If it was about the money I'd have quit doing it a long time ago because I've probably lost more than I've won.
kirby.com12/4/16 4:10:08PM ET
Ron12/4/16 1:42:07PM ET
LOCK: Colts at Jets UNDER 49.5
The B-Man12/4/16 12:08:25PM ET
B-Man's Lock of the Week: Lions
SilverArmy12/4/16 11:35:03AM ET
Lock: Los Angeles
MR BILL12/4/16 10:18:00AM ET
lock pick Baltimore
Doc. Rolf12/4/16 9:36:08AM ET
Well no big deal... lol I missed a whole week of picks cause I was too buisy to get my pick in- but hey I am starting the Comeback of the year... :-)
Doc. Rolf12/4/16 9:33:43AM ET
The Boys12/4/16 9:33:25AM ET
Lock of the Week

Dogs Rule12/4/16 3:00:30AM ET
Dogs Rule12/4/16 2:57:11AM ET
I don't cheat, or copy plays, Mean Mark had me pick again once and Im sorry for my mistake. Yes it is about some money but is it not about fun too.
PigskinPicker12/3/16 2:00:49PM ET
Lock Pick: DENVER

QUEEN B11/30/16 11:36:23PM ET
Eugenius11/30/16 2:48:59PM ET
Lock of the week - Detroit Lions
Killer Kevin11/30/16 1:13:53PM ET
Ron11/29/16 7:25:22PM ET
Mean Mark,
I agree with all you just posted
Mean Mark11/29/16 4:12:12PM ET
I haven't done an over/under all year, so I think I'll go with DET @ NO OVER 53.5 for my lock of the week.
Mean Mark11/29/16 4:01:38PM ET
Trying a new format for the Over/Unders, shows date and time also.

12/01 8:25 PM
301 Dallas
302 Minnesota 44

12/04 1:00 PM
351 Denver
352 Jacksonville 42

12/04 1:00 PM
353 Kansas City
354 Atlanta 49.5

12/04 1:00 PM
355 Houston
356 Green Bay 45.5

12/04 1:00 PM
357 Philadelphia
358 Cincinnati 42.5

12/04 1:00 PM
359 Detroit
360 New Orleans 53.5

12/04 1:00 PM
361 San Francisco
362 Chicago 43.5

12/04 1:00 PM
363 Los Angeles
364 New England 44.5

12/04 1:00 PM
365 Miami
366 Baltimore 41

12/04 4:05 PM
367 Buffalo
368 Oakland 49.5

12/04 4:25 PM
369 Tampa Bay
370 San Diego 47.5

12/04 4:25 PM
371 Washington
372 Arizona 49.5

12/04 4:25 PM
373 N.Y. Giants
374 Pittsburgh 49.5

12/04 8:30 PM
375 Carolina
376 Seattle 44.5

12/05 8:30 PM
377 Indianapolis
378 N.Y. Jets 49.5
Mean Mark11/29/16 1:25:19AM ET
My thoughts on shadowing.

I think it's perfectly okay to do it because there is a mechanism for countering it. In other words, just keep switching your pick back and forth. If both players are persistent, then it will just come down to who is able to get his pick in on time (and not too late), so there is an element of randomness involved. If you're too late with a pick switch you just end up keeping the one you had before you tried to switch picks. In other words, you get your last valid pick and any picks that are too late are simply ignored.

This shadowing business *is* of questionable sportsmanship, but it is what it is. My personal opinion is the honorable way to handle it is to let the player with the record advantage make what he thinks is the best pick and let the trailing player go opposite of that. That's exactly how I've handled it in the past when I was the one in the lead position. But that's just me, handle your own business as you please.

Note also: there are times when players do legitimately change their minds, so just because somebody changed his pick doesn't mean he was necessarily shadowing or countering. I don't presume the ability to read minds. (Actually, I can read minds, but I'm just not very good at it.)
Mean Mark11/29/16 1:12:25AM ET
Lock Clubbers:

[This post is kind of long, so let me put the important part here in case you don't feel like reading all of it. Going forward we will use the timestamp here on this bulletin board as the official time, even if it's demonstrably incorrect. 2nd thing: we're going to use the scheduled kick off time even if it can be proven the actually kick off came a few minutes later. 3rd thing: you have to get your pick in *before* the scheduled kick off time, not exactly on time, not 32/100ths of a second after.]

I've been giving some thought to Ron's concern about what might happen as it relates to players attempting to shadow (or counter shadowing). In other words, trying to pick the same as another player if you have a better record because that way there's no way he can beat you or trying to go opposite of the player ahead of you since that's your only chance, that's what I mean by shadowing.

Here's what we're going to do going forward starting now. We're going to use the timestamp here on the bulletin board as the official time (EVEN IF IT'S DEMONSTRABLY INCORRECT). We're going to use the scheduled kick off time (EVEN IF THE GAMEBOOK.PDF FILE CLEARLY SHOWS THE GAME KICKED OFF AT A LATER TIME). There will be no more consulting a gamebook.pdf file or a server. Get your pick in *before* the scheduled kick off time of the game you are picking.

Examples: your game is scheduled for 8:00 PM and you get your pick in here on the board at 7:59:42. That pick is okay because it's before the scheduled kick off time. If you make your pick at 8:00:00 that's TOO LATE. It has to be *before* the scheduled kick off time.

7:59:59 (okay)
8:00:00 (too late)
8:00:12 (too late)

It might seem like I'm being harsh to a player who can prove he got his pick in 2 or 3 minutes before the game actually kicked off, but these are going to be the rules going forward from now on. You know what the rule is in advance. Follow it and everything will be fine.

So, why not use the server if there's doubt about the clock here being off by a minute or two? Because this is now our official clock, whether it's right or wrong. Everybody can easily see if a pick came in on time or not without referring to any external time servers. It's easier and everybody's literally and figuratively on the same page.

So, why not refer to the gamebook.pdf and use the actual kickoff time when you know very often it's the case that the kickoff doesn't happen exactly when scheduled? The reason for this is the gamebook.pdf file is often impossible to find and second of all it only comes out after the game is over. How are you going to enjoy the game if you're unsure what your pick was? So this rule is as much about making sure you get to enjoy the game as much as anything else.

I'm kind of changing the rules on the fly here, so if anybody disagrees with it, we can vote on it (majority rules, I'll break any ties).

If you have any questions, PLEASE ASK for clarification. The last thing we want is to have any controversy. That's why I'm trying to spell it all out as fully as I can.
Mean Mark11/29/16 12:56:17AM ET
Username Pick Result Wins Losses Ties Win PCT Booby Wins Booby Losses Booby Ties Booby PCT Upset Pick Superbowl Bonus Tie Breaker Points
MR BILL Titans Win 10 2 0 .833 10 2 0 .833

The B-Man Titans Win 8 4 0 .667 8 4 0 .667 Bears Week 11 (L)
99 Giants Win 8 4 0 .667 8 4 0 .667 Browns Week 9 (L)
Mean Mark Eagles Loss 7 5 0 .583 7 5 0 .583 Browns Week 4 (L)
Ron Redskins Win 7 5 0 .583 7 5 0 .583 Browns Week 4 (L)
Killer Kevin Colts Loss 6 6 0 .500 6 6 0 .500 Colts Week 12 (L)
Dogs Rule KC @ DEN OVER 39.5 Win 6 6 0 .500 6 6 0 .500 Bengals Week 6 (L)
SilverArmy Raiders Loss 6 6 0 .500 6 6 0 .500

Eugenius Giants Win 6 6 0 .500 6 6 0 .500 Jets Week 6 (L)
Queen B Giants Win 6 6 0 .500 6 6 0 .500 Jaguars Week 12 (L)
Doc. Rolf NO PICK NO PICK 6 6 0 .500 7 5 0 .583

The Boys Cowboys Loss 5 7 0 .417 5 7 0 .417

PigskinPicker Dolphins Loss 4 8 0 .333 4 8 0 .333 Lions Week 3 (L)

Doc. Rolf: I didn't see your pick this week, so I gave you a NO PICK loss. You get a loss (and a win in the booby prize rankings) for not making a pick. Let me know if I just overlooked it.
The B-Man11/29/16 12:10:03AM ET
Regarding the server time, I've added a nightly command to sync the server clock with the official government time. It should be good from now on. Let me know if you see a significant difference going forward.
Ron11/28/16 11:53:03PM ET
This is going to be a possible mess if the standings are close going into the super bowl and 2 people are both posting picks and pick changes, as has been the case before.

We need some specific clarification on the deadline to post a pick. The rules in the past say to post before kickoff official time (using brand time as official). so now the rules are what? Bean time minus 2 minutes?
Mean Mark11/28/16 1:17:27PM ET

I'm going to let your Giants pick go because the game started at actually 1:02 pm according to the official gamebook pdf


I can also confirm the clock on this board is a couple minutes fast.

As I post this message the official time (according to is 1:15:00 PM.
Dogs Rule11/27/16 8:20:47PM ET
kirby.com11/27/16 1:02:12PM ET
MR BILL11/27/16 10:33:04AM ET
Lock Pick Titans
The B-Man11/27/16 10:01:37AM ET
B-Man's Lock of the Week: Titans
SilverArmy11/24/16 1:23:12PM ET
LOCK: Oakland
Mean Mark11/24/16 12:44:59PM ET
Lots of jokes about it on Twitter, Ron, people saying their turkey's gonna be done by the team Aretha finishes the anthem. She's a legend though.
Ron11/24/16 12:40:31PM ET
The National Anthem at the Lions game is taking forever.
Ron11/24/16 12:37:12PM ET
The Boys11/24/16 12:16:42PM ET
Lock of the Week

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