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The B-Man
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Eugenius9/1/14 5:20:38PM ET
LOCK: Vikings
Eugenius9/1/14 12:52:40PM ET
I am in this year and vote to allow Doc to pay a bit later.

Good luck in your quest for 2nd place gents:)
orered8/31/14 8:15:35PM ET
ck. goes out on Tues. for both joe and myself.cheers
Mean Mark8/31/14 12:47:38PM ET
Doc, an anonymous player has told me he will pay your way this year.
Doc. Rolf8/31/14 6:55:07AM ET
Thank you very much for kind words, Mean Mark, Ron and Joe, but it would not be fair to the members. FE. A Few years back piggy sat out a year because of a similar situation.
The rules were created to protect the interests of the Lock Club and it's members. Making exceptions to rules could lead to massive unwanted discussions. I will back in the Lock Club Next Season. I will follow the lock club and I will put my picks up so that you can see if you would have beaten me or not. (Let's face it that is half of fun. lol)
So once again thank you for suggesting the exception.
Peace Love Health and Happiness wishes Doc
orered8/30/14 10:58:36PM ET
I will take the new england pats for my lead off LOCK PICK
Joe Grinder8/30/14 8:02:59PM ET
I'm in this for the first time, be kind.
kirby.com8/30/14 3:26:42PM ET
I'm in for the lock club again this year.
Mean Mark8/30/14 1:49:22PM ET
Ron has suggested we grant Doc an extension in which to pay. We'll go by majority vote on this. Personally, I have no object in Doc's case since he's a long time player in good standing.

Everybody needs to understand, however, that there is always a risk with granting extensions. We can always drop a player who doesn't pay, but that's not the issue. An unscrupulous player (Doc is honest, but everybody isn't like Doc.) could take advantage of an extension by first pretending he wants to play, and then if he starts off with a poor record, say 0-3, we never hear from him again.
Mean Mark8/30/14 1:35:16PM ET
Lock Club over/unders for week 1

GB @ SE 45.5
NO @ ATL 51.5
MIN @ SL 44
CLE @ PIT 40

JAX @ PHI 53
OAK @ NYJ 39.5
CIN @ BAL 43
BUF @ CHI 48.5

WAS @ HOU 45.5
TEN @ KC 43.5
NE @ MIA 47.5
CAR @ TB 39.5

SF @ DAL 50
IND @ DEN 55.5
NYG @ DET 47
SD @ ARI 44.5
Ron8/30/14 12:18:12PM ET
I would be ok with doc sending his payment in late. I think he's good for it after all these years. Do you guys thi k it would be ok to allow him a deadline extension?
Mean Mark8/30/14 5:08:27AM ET
I'll take the Saints for my Lock of the Week.
Doc. Rolf8/30/14 4:57:14AM ET
Hi Folks, Unfortunately, this year I will not be able to take part in the Lock Club, mainly due to a few financial hiccups This year which prevent me to be able to pay on time. (The earliest I could have paid would have been the 20th of Sept.) So this year I will sit out, but I will keep up and post on the Bulletin Board. More than likely I will not lose a pick this After seeing the odds I might just have to take the Giants as my Super Bowl winner. Hey at 40 - 1 odds What the hell That would make 3 Grand....
Peace Love Health and happiness wishes Doc.
Ron8/30/14 1:13:44AM ET
I'm in Las Vegas this weekend but will mail the check to Mean Mark on Tuesday.

LOCK: Cowboys
Mean Mark8/29/14 1:30:49PM ET
If somebody has a better idea about any of the rules we can discuss it and vote it. I just wanted to get the official rules out there rather than wait any longer. Should have done it sooner, but was kind of waiting to see what changes The B-Man might have made to the site for tracking purposes. We can always transition to some automated tracking later if he puts something in.
Mean Mark8/29/14 1:25:22PM ET
For those interested in the Lock Club, which is now going into its umpteenth year without major controversy:

Here are the official rules:

1) You must be 18 or older to enter.

2) Entry fee is $75.00 in US Dollars drawn on a US Bank. Don't send a check for funds drawn on a bank outside the US. DON'T FORGET TO WRITE YOUR USERNAME ON YOUR CHECK SO I'LL KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Contact me via e-mail and we'll see if we can make other arrangements if cannot do the above.

3) We will distribute winnings to the top 3 players at 60%, 25%, and 15% of the total, less the amount deducted to pay the booby prize (the current entry fee as provided for in rule 2), which goes to the last place finisher. The booby prize is removed from the pool first, and then the remainder is divvied up according to the above percentages. 100% of all entry fees are distributed to the top 3 players and to the booby prize last place finisher. Neither I nor the b-man takes any profits off the top or bottom or anywhere in between. All funds taken in are redistributed to the winners. There is no "vig". Take note that the no-pick losses, provided for in rule 6, will count as wins for the purposes of the booby prize. Bonus wins, as provided for in rule 5, will *not* count as wins for the purposes of the booby prize. There will be no tie-breaker for the purposes of the booby prize; the booby prize will be divided evenly among all last-place finishers.

4) Each player makes 1 pick per week for each week of the regular season and each week of the playoffs, including the Superbowl game itself. The picks are against the spread using b-man's lines. You may also select an Over/Under pick based on the lines I will post on the board usually on Fridays. Should I forget to do so, you can use the lines from's odds page. Don't try to use any obviously invalid lines, not that anybody ever would do that.

5) There are 2 bonus picks -- an Upset of the Year Pick and a Superbowl Bonus Pick. The Upset pick must be an underdog in a game where the favorite is favored by the b-man by at least 7.5 or more points. The underdog must win straight up. The Superbowl Bonus Pick is made AFTER WEEK 17 once the playoff seedings are announced. You may revise your Superbowl Bonus Pick at any time or as many times as you like up to kickoff of the first playoff game. You must pick the eventual Superbowl winner straight up. You do not get a loss added to your record if you miss either or both of the bonus picks.

6) Each pick each week must be made here on this bulletin board before kickoff of that game. You can wait until before kickoff of the Monday Night game and pick that game if you like. If you don't make a pick for a week, you automatically get a loss for that week. You must abide by the b-man's rules for all of your posts. If b-man kicks you off the site because you can't follow his rules, you will be forfeiting your entry fee and it will *not* be refunded to you.

7) In the event of a tie in the records of 2 or more players, the tie breaker will be the overall ranking in the against the spread picks on this site for the year using b-man's point system. Be sure to submit your against the spread picks each week during the season since we can't use the straight up records for the tie-breaker. If there is still a tie, the money, if any, will be distributed evenly among those players.

8) I will be keeping track of the records for the Lock Club. If you disagree with my scoring or any other decision, simply post your disagreement. We will vote democratically on the issue. Majority rules. If the vote falls 50/50, my original decision will stand.

9) You may change your mind about your pick any time before kickoff of the game you eventually pick. You may not change a pick after kickoff of that game, however. It is legal to adjust your pick based upon what another player has done for strategic purposes, but you must specify a team for your pick. You cannot say "I'll take the opposite of whatever so and so takes." You must name your team with your pick. Likewise, it is also okay to switch your pick at the last minute if you suspect another player is shadowing your picks, but you must make any switches before kickoff of the game you select. All games are assumed to have kicked off at their officially scheduled kickoff time, but in case of controversy we can the official kickoff time via the gamebook at All picks are assumed to have been made at the date and time stamped on each post by the b-man's bulletin board software, which might or might not necessarily be perfectly in synchronization with the official time used by the NFL. The moral: don't wait until the last second to get your pick in.

10) To join the Lock Club, you must post your intentions to join here on this board. You must get your pick in for Week 1 here on this board. You must get your check in to me and it must be postmarked by no later than the deadline for making your pick for Week 2. Should you miss week 1 and still wish to join, you may join, but you will get a loss for the missed week 1 pick. Mailing address is:

Mark Ganson
PO Box 82
Melville, LA 71353-0082

11) To make it easier for me and so I don't miss your selection, please put all picks in BOLD lettering using the <b> and </b> HTML tags. Also, don't say something like "The Saints will whip the Chargers this week." Say, instead, something like "I'll take the Saints as my Lock Of The Week." I can read minds, but I'm not very good at it. So, make your pick as unambiguous as possible.

12) A player may elect to buy up to, but not more than, 2 slots in the Lock Club. He must create a new username on this site and submit the 2nd slot picks under that new username. Tie-breaker for that new username will be that new username's overall standings on this site, so be sure to submit picks each week under the new username, too.


Mean Mark
The B-Man
Mean Mark8/29/14 1:25:12PM ET
It's getting late in the game, so I'll go ahead and post the official rules now. Only 1 vote on the Superbowl bonus pick, so we go with that. It'll be done after week 17 and prior to kickoff of the first playoff game.

Rules related to shadowing are at this point unchanged from previously. It's officially okay to shadow another player's picks. It's also okay to post a bunch of picks at the last minute to disrupt somebody else's attempts to shadow your picks. It's messy and ugly, but only comes into play towards the end and usually not even then.
Mean Mark8/29/14 1:20:14PM ET

No, the picks are against the spread.
CJ2K8/29/14 1:37:13AM ET
Who do i send the 75 bucks to for the Lock Club? Im assuming that i pick 1 team each week that will win with no spread and then every week but cant pick same team 2x? Is that it... I thought it was called a knockout pool... anyway, please send me an email to, so i can join...
PigskinPicker8/28/14 11:08:12PM ET
I don`t care about the Super Bowl pick. How we do it that is. I do want clarification on shadowing picks. This was brought up last year. What is and what is not acceptable.
Lets do this thing...
orered8/28/14 7:01:04PM ET
Ron: ck the Pats by 4 1/2 away
orered8/28/14 6:57:08PM ET
my vote==wk.17
Mean Mark8/28/14 12:59:41PM ET
I need to do my annual preseason picks for which teams will finish *last* in each division and who gets the #1 pole position in next year's draft. I'm always wrong on these, so if you see your team listed you should be rejoicing because it's a sure sign they're headed to the playoffs.

AFC WEST: Raiders
AFC NORTH: Steelers

NFC NORTH: Vikings
NFC SOUTH: Buccaneers
NFC EAST: Redskins

#1 pick in the draft: Rams
Mean Mark8/28/14 12:52:30PM ET
Ron, you were going to update the Superbowl odds in August? I'd be curious to see how they've changed with free agency, the draft, and now preseason behind us.
Mean Mark8/28/14 12:51:27PM ET
I'll be posting the official Lock Club rules shortly, but first I wanted to get some feedback. Should we do the Superbowl bonus pick in preseason like last year or should we wait until the playoff seedings are set after week 17?
Ron8/27/14 4:38:03PM ET
Home team is favored every game week 1, except the Cowboys.
orered8/26/14 2:44:10PM ET
post your address and this yrs. amount or send me an e-mail so I can send the ck. (its Not in the mail) lol lol
Mean Mark8/15/14 2:57:38PM ET
B-Man, you were going to setup something for Lock Club tracking. Is that still a go or do we do it the old way?
arodgers8/14/14 9:13:44PM ET
how does the lock club work? can I get in yet?
Mean Mark8/13/14 4:49:41PM ET
Off topic, but some things just transcend. RIP Robin Williams. I always thought he would have been an awesome game show host, like with the price is right. He was the master of improv comedy. I remember watching him do a standup routine once when he accidentally spilled some water on stage. He immediately came up with, "Union guy saying 'don't you clean that up, Mr. Williams.'" That was just one minor example of his quick wit and ability to come up with that kind of stuff on the spot.
Ponchagui858/10/14 7:26:32PM ET
Bman should make an app for this page
Mean Mark8/10/14 3:31:40PM ET
Pack to retire #4. Big mistake, I think. Nothing against Favre, his numbers speak for themselves. It's just there are only so many numbers available, and with 90 players in camp it can get pretty tight. What's more, if you retire #4 how can you justify not retiring Aaron Rodgers' # down the road? You can't. What about Bart Starr? Reggie White? What about the next great Packers quarterback to come along? Where to draw the line and when? Best not to begin in the first place. It's a can of worms best left unopened. The Packers will either have to disrespect somebody like Rodgers by not retiring his number, too, or they'll eventually have to start un-retiring numbers, something far worse than not retiring them in the first place.

The Saints have sort of unofficially retired Archie Manning's old #8. At least, let's just say nobody has worn #8 since Manning left the team. They could assign it tomorrow without any disrespect, though. That's the difference. Anyway, if anybody's number is to be retired someday it will be #9.
PigskinPicker8/10/14 1:08:24PM ET
I think if implemented in the regular season, the PATrule would shake things up a bit. 33 yards is nearly automatic but it is missed more that the chip shot.
Mean Mark8/9/14 10:43:49PM ET
During the Saints telecast against the Rams the announcers said kickers last year made 90% of the field goals between 30-39 yards, which is where these 33-yard PAT's fall into. The Saints, by the way, missed one of their extra points, which almost cost them the game at the end when the Rams missed a 59 yarder that would have won it for them as time expired. This rule would definitely have an impact on a number of games.
Ron8/9/14 2:02:56PM ET
Re: PAT experiment

I think the current PAT is boring and almost automatic. I would be in favor of something more exciting, like a 15 yard line PAT, or a rule that a 2 yard run/pas PAT is now only 1 point, or you can opt to start on the 5 yard line and earn 2 points, eliminating the kicker from the PAT.
The B-Man8/6/14 8:46:34AM ET
I should have everything reset for the new season next week.

Welcome back, everyone!

Re: PAT experiment - hard to predict the effects of it but I think the extra point play is ripe for changes to shake it up and make it a more interesting play. The 2 PT conversion is a pretty exciting, momentum swinging play that I don't think teams utilize often enough. So any change that increases the frequency of those plays is a good one to me.
PigskinPicker8/5/14 9:30:43PM ET
Here we go
Mean Mark8/5/14 11:16:04AM ET
What do you guys think about the "experiment" of kicking the extra points from the 15 yard line? This makes it equivalent to about a 33-yard field goal. A team can still go for 2 points, and if they do, they get to make the attempt from the 2 yard line. Although I suppose a team could still run the fake from the 15, foolish as that might be.

This is not a new rule, it's just an experiment they are running for the first 2 weeks of preseason. Even if they do decide to implement it, it won't be until the 2015 season.

One effect of this would be to tip the balance more in favor of trying for the 2-point conversion since the extra point now becomes somewhat less automatic. Last year there were only 5 missed XP's out of 1267 attempts (99.6%). Compare this to field goals from 20-29 yards where teams were 226 / 229 (97.4%).

Another effect might be to give reliable, older veteran kickers a leg up (bad pun intended) over their younger challengers. A stronger leg and longer range is all well and good, but accuracy on extra points is now suddenly of critical importance.

We'll see what happens. I'm not sure I like the idea because if teams trade touchdowns the whole game I think I'd rather see the game decided in overtime rather than based on which team had the better extra point kicker. On the other hand the extra point attempt has to be the most boring play in all of football. There's just not much drama in the nearly automatic play (unless you're a Dallas fan and Tony Romo is out there holding...)
MrsChef7778/5/14 8:51:13AM ET
When are you resetting the pool pages?
PigskinPicker8/1/14 12:37:36AM ET
Where is all the chatter?
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