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The B-Man
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The B-Man9/21/14 11:22:35AM ET
B-Man's Lock of the Week: Colts
UnderDawgz9/21/14 10:58:21AM ET
Lock Pick Buffalo
MR BILL9/21/14 9:19:14AM ET
lock pick wk 3 Houston Texans
SilverArmy9/20/14 6:47:18PM ET
Ron9/20/14 5:24:40PM ET
orered9/20/14 2:16:17PM ET
lock is the bengals this wk.
Mean Mark9/20/14 1:42:12PM ET

Okay. I'll do it his week, probably Monday.
orered9/19/14 11:12:21AM ET
mark, please make the deposit! cheers
Mean Mark9/19/14 9:40:48AM ET
Change my lock to Houston
cc72009/19/14 2:05:58AM ET
Atlanta 56 and directional division 3 school (TB bucs) 14 !!!!
Killer Kevin9/18/14 6:26:14PM ET
Mean Mark9/18/14 10:11:26AM ET
Shame on CBS for penalizing Rihanna by pulling her song from Thursday Night Football. She was a victim of domestic violence when Chris Brown beat her up, and now she's being victimized again, this time by CBS.
Doc. Rolf9/18/14 9:50:54AM ET
Wow, so now I guess it is time to get into gear. 0-2 Hmmm gotta scroll if I ever started out the season that
Mean Mark I sent the money along about ten minutes ago. Please reimburse the anonymous player, that paid for me, and the rest is for you.
Well let's start doing a lot of homework and see to it that I climb out of the basement. After all it is only two games out of
peace love health and happiness wishes
Doc. Rolf
Joe Grinder9/17/14 8:58:30PM ET
Made a rookie mistake by picking Denver, as I didn't really pay attention to the rules. Won't happen again, have to play with the spread. On to the next round.
Eugenius9/17/14 12:22:14PM ET
Week 3 LOCK - WAS @ PHI OVER 50
PigskinPicker9/17/14 11:06:47AM ET
Lock Pick: COLTS

Mean Mark9/17/14 10:50:49AM ET
Lock: Colts
Mean Mark9/17/14 10:38:30AM ET
Overs and Unders for Week 3

TB @ ATL 44.5
SD @ BUF 44
DAL @ SL 45
WAS @ PHI 50

HOU @ NYG 42
MIN @ NO 51
TEN @ CIN 43.5
BAL @ CLE 41.5

GB @ DET 52
IND @ JAX 46
OAK @ NE 47
SF @ ARI 42.5

DEN @ SEA 48.5
KC @ MIA 42
PIT @ CAR 41.5
CHI @ NYJ 45.5
joeirish9/16/14 11:47:46PM ET
going with the texans for a thrid time. lock it in
Mean Mark9/16/14 10:43:07AM ET
Lock Club Standings Week 2
Username Pick Win/Loss Rec (booby) Upset Pick SB Pick
joeirish Texans Win 2-0-0 (2-0-0) - -
PigskinPicker Seahawks Loss 1-1-0 (1-1-0) - -
MR BILL Texans Win 1-1-0 (1-1-0) - -
UnderDawgz Bills Win 1-1-0 (1-1-0) - -
Mean Mark Texans Win 1-1-0 (1-1-0) - -
Joe Grinder Broncos Loss 1-1-0 (1-1-0) - -
Eugenius Buccaneers Loss 1-1-0 (1-1-0) - -
SilverArmy Chiefs Win 1-1-0 (1-1-0) - -
Ron Chargers Win 1-1-0 (1-1-0) - -
skidgod DAL@TEN UND 49.5 Win 1-1-0 (1-1-0) - -
The B-Man Patriots Win 1-1-0 (1-1-0) - -
TBruceK Texans Win 1-1-0 (1-1-0) - -
koz316 PHI @ IND UND 53.5 Loss 0-2-0 (0-2-0) - -
Doc. Rolf Vikings Loss 0-2-0 (0-2-0) - - 49ers Loss 0-2-0 (0-2-0) - -
Killer Kevin Steelers Loss 0-2-0 (0-2-0) - -
orered Seahawks Loss 0-2-0 (0-2-0) - -

WTD: 9-8-0

Today's color scheme honors the Buffalo Bills, whose team colors we are using today are ROYAL BLUE and RED. Bills are arguably the biggest surprise among the 2-0 teams this early season. They're off to a great start and it looks like the new owners will be keeping the team in Buffalo. Must be nice to be Bills fan right about now I would imagine.

Meanwhile, there is only one player in our pool sitting pretty at 2-0 with the luck of the Irish. Nice job, Joe.

Just a reminder, let's not be too ambiguous with our picks. The magic word is *lock*. Try to use it. If somebody says something like, "I like the Saints this week," and then after the Saints lose on Sunday try to make a lock pick on the Sunday night or Monday night game it's gonna put me in the difficult position of giving that person a loss for the week even if the team he tried to pick on Sunday night or Monday night covers the spread.

Don't forget to join the Lock Club Pool if you haven't already done so. I posted an easy link for joining the pool a few days ago. If everybody's in the pool it makes it easier to track how we stand on the tie-breaker, which is the overall point standings in the spread picks here on the site.

One more thing, it goes without saying I can and do make mistakes, so be sure you're checking me on at least your own record if nothing else.
Chakakan9/15/14 11:35:50PM ET
Felicidades Blas, chingaste W2 cierto
koz3169/15/14 6:49:47PM ET
Lock off the week will be under 53.5 tonight.
PigskinPicker9/15/14 1:15:15PM ET
well, this week sucked
kirby.com9/14/14 8:31:49PM ET
LOCK PICK San Francisco 49ers -6.5
TBruceK9/14/14 3:05:54PM ET
lock texans
Ron9/14/14 1:06:47PM ET
Joeirish, is that lock?
Doc. Rolf9/14/14 1:00:02PM ET
Even though AP is out I am going with the Vikings LOCK PICK OF THE WEEK The Minnesota Vikings.
joeirish9/14/14 12:48:30PM ET
I want Houston.
UnderDawgz9/14/14 12:09:10PM ET
Lock Pick Buffalo
MR BILL9/14/14 11:03:34AM ET
lock pick wk 2 HOUSTON TEXANS
orered9/14/14 10:49:58AM ET
lock pick is the sea hawks
Ron9/13/14 11:58:31PM ET
SilverArmy9/13/14 11:49:48PM ET
Lock of the week: CHIEFS
Mean Mark9/13/14 1:38:39PM ET
Lock Clubbers:

Don't forget about the Upset of the Year pick. There are a couple eligible teams this week. For new players, just a reminder, the Upset pick is made in addition to your regular weekly pick.
skidgod9/12/14 11:20:05PM ET
I'll take the UNDER on DAL @ TEN 49.5 for my LOCK pick
CJ2K9/12/14 10:38:49PM ET
Cards are a stone cold lock.. look at my 1st week...not too shabby.huh?
MYxHERO9/11/14 10:08:41PM ET
Titans my week 2 pick
Killer Kevin9/11/14 7:17:35PM ET
Mean Mark9/11/14 10:48:41AM ET
Houston for my Lock week 2.
Mean Mark9/11/14 10:30:24AM ET
PIT @ BAL 44.5
DET @ CAR 43.5
MIA @ BUF 43
JAX @ WAS 43.5

DAL @ TEN 49.5
ARI @ NYG 43
NE @ MIN 49
NO @ CLE 47.5

ATL @ CIN 48.5
SL @ TB 37
SEA @ SD 44.5
HOU @ OAK 39.5

NYJ @ GB 46
KC @ DEN 52
CHI @ SF 48.5
PHI @ IND 53.5
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