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The B-Man
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Mean Mark2/11/18 11:49:47PM ET
On the way, Eta 2/15
kirby.com2/11/18 2:28:48PM ET
Mean Mark

Kirby Robinson
10720 Hungate Rd
Colorado Springs CO. 80908
Mean Mark2/9/18 1:19:02PM ET
From a post earlier this season:

"The votes are in. We'll be going with a 70/30 split for 1st and 2nd place only this year.


7 players * $75 = $525
1) 70% of $525 = $367.50
2) 30% of $525 = $157.50

Those are the payouts. Good luck to all."

Congrats again to Eugenius and

Eugenius, yours is on the way., I just need mailing address confirmation. Still the same as last year? I don't want it getting lost in the mail.
The B-Man2/4/18 11:21:26PM ET
That was under 48 points just for the Eagles. Whew, that was close. ;-)

Great, fun, exciting game to watch. The Super Bowls recently have been really, really good. You figured one team would make a defensive play to change the game. But that was it, *one* defensive play. Zero punts for the Patriots. One for the Eagles. The offenses were unstoppable. Some great clutch coaching by Pederson (except for the 2pt attempt in the first half, which is a no-no), Brady-like poise by Foles. And how about my fellow Gator alum Trey Burton with the TD pass to Foles (similar route to Brady's drop).

While I had a tough year with my Locks - I did hit my Upset of the Year pick tho - I managed to take 2nd place in my office pool, which I should note is the reason the site was created back in 1996.

The Internet Gurus

Once again, I enjoyed running the site, guys. I've wanted to re-design the site for about the last 5 seasons and add a mobile version. I'll pledge to getting that done in the offseason so that when you come back in August, we can carry on the tradition for season 23!
Mean Mark2/4/18 10:35:53PM ET
Username Pick R W L T PCT Upset SB Tie Breaker
Eugenius Over 48 W 13 8 0 .619 NYJ-WK1-L Vikings (L) 153 Eagles W 12 9 0 .571 DEN-WK8-L Rams (L) 150
Mean Mark Patriots L 12 9 0 .571 DEN-WK8-L Patriots (L) 114
PigskinPicker Eagles W 11 10 0 .524 HOU-WK3-L Vikings (L) 114
The B-Man Eagles W 11 10 1 .523 BUF-WK12-W Steelers (L) 165
MR BILL NO PICK L 10 11 0 .476 LAC-WK8-L Vikings (L) 169
Dogs Rule NO PICKL
8 13 0 .381 HOU-WK10-L NO PICK (L) 135

Congrats to Eugenius and Great job. Send me your current addresses and I'll get your moolah on the way Friday. Anybody who wants to point out any errors, now's your time.
The B-Man2/4/18 5:51:17PM ET
B-Man's Super Lock of the Week: Fly EAGLES Fly

Not sure the Eagles will win but I like them to cover. The Patriots have never won by more than 6.

I'm also thinking Under 48.

Good luck one last time everyone!
kirby.com2/4/18 4:37:42PM ET
PigskinPicker2/3/18 7:51:58PM ET
Lock Pick: Eagles

PigskinPicker1/25/18 9:11:41AM ET
Tom Brady's Injury Revealed to be a Sprained ...
Eugenius1/24/18 1:48:22PM ET
Lock of the week - over 48 points
Mean Mark1/22/18 2:04:33PM ET
Lock: Patriots
Mean Mark1/22/18 2:02:58PM ET
02/04 6:30 PM
101 Philadelphia
102 New England 48
Mean Mark1/22/18 2:08:04AM ET
Username Pick R W L T PCT Upset SB Tie Breaker
Eugenius JAX @ NE UNDER 46.5 W 12 8 0 .600 NYJ-WK1-L Vikings (L) 151
Mean Mark Patriots L 12 8 0 .600 DEN-WK8-L Patriots 115 Vikings L 11 9 0 .550 DEN-WK8-L Rams (L) 148
MR BILL Jaguars W 10 10 0 .500 LAC-WK8-L Vikings (L) 169
The B-Man JAX @ NE UNDER 46.5 W 10 10 1 .500 BUF-WK12-W Steelers (L) 163
PigskinPicker Vikings L 10 10 0 .500 HOU-WK3-L Vikings (L) 112
Dogs Rule NO PICK L 8 12 0 .400 HOU-WK10-L NO PICK (L) 135
kirby.com1/21/18 2:23:17PM ET
The B-Man1/21/18 12:17:17PM ET
B-Man's Lock of the Week: Patriots-Jags UNDER 46.5
MR BILL1/21/18 10:40:24AM ET
PigskinPicker1/20/18 2:51:17PM ET
Lock Pick: Vikings

Eugenius1/17/18 7:20:54PM ET
Lock of the week - New England under 46.5
Mean Mark1/15/18 4:15:27PM ET
Lock: Patriots
Mean Mark1/15/18 4:08:46PM ET
01/21 3:05 PM
311 Jacksonville
312 New England 46.5

01/21 6:40 PM
313 Minnesota
314 Philadelphia 38
Mean Mark1/14/18 9:24:24PM ET
Username Pick R W L T PCT Upset SB Tie Breaker
Mean Mark Falcons L 12 7 0 .632 DEN-WK8-L Patriots 114
Eugenius Saints L 11 8 0 .579 NYJ-WK1-L Vikings 150 Falcons L 11 8 0 .579 DEN-WK8-L Rams (L) 147
PigskinPicker Vikings W 10 9 0 .526 HOU-WK3-L Vikings 114
The B-Man Steelers L 9 10 1 .475 BUF-WK12-W Steelers (L) 159
MR BILL Jaguars W 9 10 0 .474 LAC-WK8-L Vikings 168
Dogs Rule NO PICK L 8 11 0 .421 HOU-WK10-L NO PICK (L) 135
Mean Mark1/14/18 9:13:53PM ET
Congrats to the Vikings. Great win. I hate to lose like that, when you think you have it in the bag.
kirby.com1/13/18 4:22:23PM ET
The B-Man1/13/18 12:17:02PM ET
B-Man's Lock of the Week: Steelers

I think the Steelers and Pats dominate inferior, playoff experience poor opponents.

I see the other two games as toss-ups. The home crowd, the week off and the insult of being underdogs could carry the Eagles over Atlanta. I'm not sold on Minnesota and I think they will be tight -- so much pressure as the home favorite with a chance at playing a home Super Bowl.

It feels like Patriots-Saints Super Bowl is looming. I give the Steelers and Vikings a chance to crash the party, but I don't see the others as threats.
PigskinPicker1/13/18 9:05:47AM ET
Lock Pick: VIKINGS

MR BILL1/12/18 6:10:51PM ET
Ravens961/10/18 6:44:22AM ET
Atlanta, new Orleans, Jax , new England
Mean Mark1/9/18 9:41:20PM ET
Atlanta for my lock this week.
Mean Mark1/9/18 9:37:24PM ET
01/13 4:35 PM
301 Atlanta
302 Philadelphia 41.5

01/13 8:15 PM
303 Tennessee
304 New England 47

01/14 1:05 PM
305 Jacksonville
306 Pittsburgh 40.5

01/14 4:40 PM
307 New Orleans
308 Minnesota 45
Eugenius1/9/18 7:57:02PM ET
Lock of the week - New Orleans Saints
Mean Mark1/8/18 1:48:08PM ET
Username Pick R W L T PCT Upset SB Tie Breaker
Mean Mark Chiefs L 12 6 0 .667 DEN-WK8-L Patriots 115
Eugenius Titans W 11 7 0 .611 NYJ-WK1-L Vikings 148 Bills W 11 7 0 .611 DEN-WK8-L Rams 148
The B-Man Rams L 9 9 1 .500 BUF-WK12-W Steelers 157
PigskinPicker Chiefs L 9 9 0 .500 HOU-WK3-L Vikings 112
MR BILL Chiefs L 8 10 0 .444 LAC-WK8-L Vikings 163
Dogs Rule NO PICK L 8 10 0 .444 HOU-WK10-L NO PICK 135
kirby.com1/7/18 12:58:41PM ET
kirby.com1/6/18 3:31:35PM ET
MR BILL1/6/18 9:13:07AM ET
Change my lock pick yo KC
Woke up this morning and the beating that Atlanta put on the rams last year clicked in and made me nervous. But now Im up tight about witch KC team will show up. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE
MR BILL1/5/18 8:40:57PM ET
lock pick Rams
Super Bowl Pick Vikings
The B-Man1/5/18 7:30:01PM ET
B-Man's Lock of the Week: Rams

B-Man's Super Bowl Bonus: Steelers

Good luck all!

Congrats Curmudgeon - that's some good picking over a long haul. Nice work!
PigskinPicker1/4/18 12:24:50PM ET
SuperBowl Pick: VIKINGS

PigskinPicker1/4/18 12:19:25PM ET
Lock Pick:CHIEFS

Eugenius1/3/18 1:23:17PM ET
Lock of the week - Titans
Superbowl pick - Vikings
Curmudgeon1/3/18 11:50:31AM ET
I've picked 13 seasons and I've now climbed to first overall for anyone picking for 8+ seasons!
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