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The B-Man
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Joe Grinder12/22/14 8:02:48PM ET
LOCK Denver
Mean Mark12/22/14 12:54:18PM ET
These were my preseason picks for which teams would finish LAST in each division.

AFC WEST: Raiders (correct)
AFC NORTH: Steelers (wrong)
AFC SOUTH: Titans (correct, for now anyway)
AFC EAST: Jets (correct)

NFC WEST: Rams (correct, for now anyway)
NFC NORTH: Vikings (wrong, but still have a shot)
NFC SOUTH: Buccaneers (correct)
NFC EAST: Redskins (correct)

#1 pick in the draft: Rams (wrong)

Not too bad this year with those predictions. 3 of those are still too close to call. But if it falls the way it currently stands I'd be 6 out of 8, and possibly 7 out of 8 if the Vikings slip under the Bears. Only miss was Pittsburgh, admittedly a stretch even when I picked them, but I thought that defense was getting old and Cleveland was on the move in the right direction.

Tennessee and Tampa currently have the best shot at taking the #1 overall pick, but Tampa has a tough matchup with the Saints next week. Gonna be hard to lose that one.
skidgod12/22/14 11:14:42AM ET
Change my pick to Under 47.5 for Denver @ Cincy
koz31612/21/14 7:19:23PM ET
LOTW: Denver
UnderDawgz12/21/14 6:10:20PM ET
Lock Pick - Seattle
Mean Mark12/21/14 6:03:09PM ET
It's gonna be winner-take-all when the Panthers take on the Falcons next week. Saints are officially out of it now. Well, at least we're out of our misery as a fanbase now.
MR BILL12/21/14 1:58:52PM ET
TBruceK12/21/14 1:15:13PM ET
lock bills
SilverArmy12/21/14 12:09:46PM ET
joeirish12/20/14 8:59:32PM ET
I want the saints for my lock
The B-Man12/20/14 2:53:46PM ET
B-Man's Lock of the Week: Seattle

2 weeks left in the regular season boys and girls. Good luck!
UnderDawgz12/20/14 2:14:13PM ET
Upset Lock - Redskins
kirby.com12/18/14 8:21:24PM ET
PigskinPicker12/18/14 7:00:18PM ET
lock pick: Detroit

skidgod12/18/14 6:48:35PM ET
Lock Pick Broncos
orered12/18/14 11:32:21AM ET
Ron12/18/14 12:47:27AM ET
The three bears had been having some trouble recently and had ended up in family court. Mama and Papa bear were splitting up, and baby bear had to decide who he was going to live with.

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"No way!" replied baby bear, "She beats me worse than Papa bear does."

The judge was a bit confused by this, and didn't quite know what to do. "Well, you have to live with someone, so is there any relatives you would like to stay with?" asked the judge.

"Yes," answered baby bear, "my aunt Bertha bear who lives in Chicago."

"You're sure she will treat you well and won't beat you?" asked the judge.

"Oh definitely," said baby bear, "the Chicago Bears don't beat anybody."

Killer Kevin12/17/14 5:37:38PM ET
Eugenius12/17/14 3:35:06PM ET
LOCK - Pittsburgh Steelers
Mean Mark12/16/14 11:53:34AM ET
Lock err of the Weak: Denver
Mean Mark12/16/14 11:33:49AM ET
TEN @ JAX 40.5
SD @ SF 41.5
PHI @ WAS 50.5
MIN @ MIA 42.5

GB @ TB 48.5
DET @ CHI 46
ATL @ NO 55.5
NE @ NYJ 47.5

KC @ PIT 46.5
CLE @ CAR 39.5
BAL @ HOU 42
NYG @ SL 43.5

BUF @ OAK 39
IND @ DAL 55.5
SEA @ ARI 36.5
DEN @ CIN 47.5
Mean Mark12/16/14 11:11:31AM ET
Lock Club Standings Week 15
Username Pick Win/Loss Rec (booby) Upset Pick SB PickTie-Breaker
TBruceK Broncos Win 9-7-0 (8-7-0) DAL WK6 (W) - 88
MR BILL Steelers Win 8-7-0 (8-7-0) - - 121
joeirish Bengals Win 8-7-0 (8-7-0) NYJ WK9 (L) - 118
SilverArmy Steelers Win 8-7-0 (8-7-0) BUF WK14 (L) - 106
UnderDawgz Saints Win 8-7-0 (8-7-0) - - 104
Eugenius ARI @ SL UNDER 40 Win 8-7-0 (8-7-0) MIA WK15 (L) - 101
The B-Man GB @ BUF UNDER 50.5 Win 8-7-0 (8-7-0) TEN WK12 (L) - 97 PIT @ ATL OVER 54 Loss 8-8-0 (7-8-0) OAK WK14 (W) - 100
koz316 Saints Win 7-8-0 (7-8-0) - - 200
Ron Vikings Win 7-8-0 (7-8-0) SD WK8 (L) - 139
Killer Kevin Eagles Loss 7-8-0 (7-8-0) - - 112
skidgod Buccaneers Win 7-8-0 (7-8-0) - - 106
PigskinPicker Colts Win 6-9-0 (6-9-0) MIN WK5 (L) - 133
Mean Mark Broncos Win 6-9-0 (6-9-0) SD WK8 (L) - 94
Joe Grinder Colts Win 6-9-0 (6-9-0) OAK WK9 (L) - 88
orered Texans Loss 5-10-0 (5-10-0) - - 100
Doc. Rolf NO PICK Loss 3-12-0 (10-5-0) - - 94

WTD: 13-3-0

Today's color scheme honors the Buffalo Bills, whose team colors we are using today are ROYAL BLUE and RED.
koz31612/15/14 8:13:16PM ET
Lock pick: Saints
UnderDawgz12/15/14 5:37:24PM ET
Lock Pick - Saints
Killer Kevin12/14/14 2:18:53PM ET
TBruceK12/14/14 1:57:22PM ET
lock broncos
kirby.com12/14/14 12:57:24PM ET
MR BILL12/14/14 12:23:40PM ET
lock pick I will take the STEELERS
SilverArmy12/14/14 12:19:53PM ET
Lock: Steelers
Joe Grinder12/14/14 12:18:48PM ET
PigskinPicker12/14/14 11:48:03AM ET
Ron12/14/14 10:23:07AM ET
joeirish12/13/14 11:50:20PM ET
I'll take the Bengals for my lock
skidgod12/12/14 2:41:05PM ET
Lock Pick: Tampa Bay Bucaneers
Mean Mark12/11/14 9:31:32AM ET
Lock Clubbers:

Start thinking about your Superbowl bonus pick. Only 3 weeks left in the regular season. The Superbowl pick must be made after the playoff seeds are set and *before* kickoff of the first playoff game. (In other words, after week 17 is over, but before week 18 begins is the window for making this pick.) Let me repeat. You must get that Superbowl bonus pick in before the first playoff game starts even if you don't pick a team involved in that game. This is a straight up pick, meaning the team you pick must win the Superbowl, not just cover the point spread.
Mean Mark12/11/14 9:26:52AM ET
Lock Club Standings Week 14 (Revised)
Username Pick Win/Loss Rec (booby) Upset Pick SB PickTie-Breaker Broncos Loss 8-7-0 (7-7-0) OAK WK14 (W) - 101
TBruceK Texans Win 8-7-0 (7-7-0) DAL WK6 (W) - 86
MR BILL Vikings Win 7-7-0 (7-7-0) - - 110
Killer Kevin Colts Loss 7-7-0 (7-7-0) - - 110
joeirish Bengals Loss 7-7-0 (7-7-0) NYJ WK9 (L) - 104
UnderDawgz Steelers Win 7-7-0 (7-7-0) - - 104
SilverArmy Bills Win 7-7-0 (7-7-0) BUF WK14 (L) - 98
Eugenius KC @ ARI UNDER 40.5 Win 7-7-0 (7-7-0) - - 93
The B-Man Texans Win 7-7-0 (7-7-0) TEN WK12 (L) - 89
Ron Bengals Loss 6-8-0 (6-8-0) SD WK8 (L) - 125
koz316 49ers Loss 6-8-0 (6-8-0) - - 95
skidgod Seahawks Win 6-8-0 (6-8-0) - - 92
PigskinPicker Colts Loss 5-9-0 (5-9-0) MIN WK5 (L) - 119
orered Buccaneers Loss 5-9-0 (5-9-0) - - 98
Mean Mark Patriots Win 5-9-0 (5-9-0) SD WK8 (L) - 83
Joe Grinder 49ers Loss 5-9-0 (5-9-0) OAK WK9 (L) - 80
Doc. Rolf NO PICK Loss 3-11-0 (9-5-0) - - 94

WTD: 8-8-0

Today's color scheme honors the Carolina Panthers, whose team colors we are using today are BLUE and SILVER.

Thanks to TBruceK for the correction. Double check me and make sure I have it right this time. Note also, I changed TBruceK's booby prize record. The upset win shouldn't have been counting against his booby prize record, not that it probably matters since he won't win the booby prize.
Eugenius12/10/14 2:42:12PM ET
Upset pick - Miami Dolphins
Eugenius12/10/14 2:40:03PM ET
Lock pick - UNDER AZ @ STL 40
orered12/10/14 11:41:01AM ET
Houston for my lock pick
The B-Man12/9/14 10:12:44PM ET
B-Man's Lock of the Week: Buffalo UNDER 50.5

I'm sure this will be the week it bucks the trend, but Buffalo is 11-2 with the Under this year. Best bet in the league this season.
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