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The B-Man
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The B-Man10/5/22 11:04:24AM ET
Only 3 correct picks this week... Starting to think we should rename this contest... :-D

Lock of the Week Club Standings
PlayerPickResultWinsLossesBonus Picks
Taylorj3CowboysW 3 1
kirby.comCowboysW 2 2
oreredEaglesW 2 2
The B-ManJaguarsL 2 2
charpLionsL 2 2
The_GOATBroncosL 1 3
pvalRamsL 0 4
AmPmNo PickL 0 4
FreigNo PickL 0 4
orered10/4/22 9:30:58PM ET
Minnesota is my lock pick
pval10/3/22 4:26:42AM ET
Lock of the Week: Rams
SUZI10/3/22 1:21:07AM ET
Prescott where are you? LOL
The_GOAT10/2/22 3:54:09PM ET
Lock of the week: BRONCOS
Curmudgeon10/2/22 1:20:45PM ET
forgot to update my picks :{

nyj sea chi were 3 I would've changed
charp10/2/22 12:39:43PM ET
Lock of the Week: LIONS
kirby.com10/2/22 12:26:46PM ET
The B-Man10/2/22 8:25:39AM ET
B-Manís Lock of the Week: Jaguars
Taylorj310/1/22 8:18:27PM ET
Lock of the week Dallas
orered9/27/22 8:38:13PM ET
lock pick eagles
The B-Man9/27/22 5:44:01PM ET
Not the hottest start for us in the Lock Club but we did manage to go 5-4 this week. Underdogs still rule. Be on the lookout for a good opportunity to use your Upset of the Year bonus pick (must be a 'dog of more than 7 points and they must win outright).

Note: I believe is the only one who hasn't paid yet. Email me directly to coordinate.

Lock of the Week Club Standings
PlayerPickResultWinsLossesBonus Picks
The B-ManDolphinsW 2 1
charpBengalsW 2 1
Taylorj3RavensW 2 1
oreredPackersW 1 2
The_GOATJaguarsW 1 2
kirby.comSeahawksL 1 2NOT PAID
AmPmSeahawksL 0 3
pvalChargersL 0 3
FreigVikingsL 0 3
kirby.com9/25/22 4:10:31PM ET
AmPm9/25/22 3:49:35PM ET
Lock picks Seattle
Freig9/25/22 12:53:20PM ET
Lock of the Week: Vikings
pval9/25/22 12:52:46PM ET
Lock of the week: Chargers
The B-Man9/25/22 12:52:29PM ET
B-Manís Lock of the Week: Miami
charp9/25/22 12:18:32PM ET
Lock of the Week: BENGALS
Taylorj39/25/22 11:30:50AM ET
Lock of the week Ravens
The_GOAT9/25/22 10:01:17AM ET
Lock of the week: JAGS
orered9/23/22 8:53:11PM ET
B-man please see 9/15/22 K.C. was the pick, but they didn't cover so I did pick and lost, cheers
The B-Man9/21/22 2:03:26PM ET
Underdogs ruled in Week 2, with Arizona's crazy comeback getting me a W.

Note: orered's Chiefs pick was too late (after kickoff) but they did not cover anyway. Be sure to post your pick and check to make sure it shows up on the Board before kickoff.

Lock of the Week Club Standings
PlayerPickResultWinsLossesBonus Picks
The B-ManCardinalsW 1 1
kirby.comLionsW 1 1
Taylorj3CowboysW 1 1
charpRavensL 1 1
oreredNo PickL 0 2
AmPmRaidersL 0 2
The_GOATTitansL 0 2
pvalNo PickL 0 2
orered9/20/22 11:12:57AM ET
lock pick Green Bay 9/25/22
Arimaboy9/20/22 8:02:44AM ET
Week 2 winner is axis1970
Rothlesburger with cheese9/19/22 9:23:31AM ET
Lock of the week - Green Bay
The_GOAT9/18/22 9:09:52PM ET
Lock of the week TITANS
Rothlesburger with cheese9/18/22 5:59:12PM ET
Lock of the week - Green Bay
AmPm9/18/22 3:14:18PM ET
Lock Pick: LV Raiders
Taylorj39/18/22 1:22:38PM ET
Lock of the week Dallas +7.5
kirby.com9/18/22 12:59:00PM ET
charp9/18/22 12:11:18PM ET
Lock of the Week: RAVENS
The B-Man9/17/22 5:30:28PM ET
B-Man's Lock of the Week: Arizona +5.5
The B-Man9/15/22 10:54:48PM ET
A little late to pick the KC-LAC game, orered. Perhaps it was a dupe post from last week?
orered9/15/22 9:44:21PM ET
lock pick kc chiefs
The B-Man9/15/22 12:00:31AM ET
Yikes! Rough Week 1 for "Locks" of the Week.

That means if you missed this week, you can still get in and be right in the mix. So if you intended to join, make your pick for Week 2 and send me your entry fee ($75).

Lock of the Week Club Standings
PlayerPickResultWinsLossesBonus Picks
charpChiefsW 1 0
The B-Man49ersL 0 1
kirby.comPanthersL 0 1
oreredSaintsL 0 1
AmPmBroncosL 0 1
The_GOATJaguarsL 0 1
Taylorj3BroncosL 0 1
pvalNO PICKL 0 1
Rothlesburger with cheese9/12/22 6:04:56PM ET
Lock of the week! Broncos
AmPm9/12/22 2:47:07PM ET
Lock Pick; Denver
The B-Man9/12/22 11:37:42AM ET
Happy belated birthday, charp! Good to have you back and nice pick on the Chiefs!

Here's who I've received Lock Club entry money from so far:


I see picks so far for 6 players with 3 others saying they were in but no pick yet.

Better make a pick on tonight's game or you will start 0-1.

Anyone can still join!
Taylorj39/11/22 5:23:40PM ET
Lock pick Denver
kirby.com9/11/22 12:54:32PM ET
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