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The B-Man
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SilverArmy1/29/15 7:35:35PM ET
Lock: patriots
Drew Bledsoe #111/29/15 10:58:41AM ET
Veteran of the site and lifelong Pats fan. I'll be at the game!!! Dream come true!! GO PATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
skidgod1/27/15 11:56:08AM ET
Doesn't matter but Lock: Patriots
joeirish1/27/15 5:57:54AM ET
orered1/23/15 9:32:49PM ET
deflate gate is just something to keep the super bowl hype going. three weeks from now no one will care. As you know they don't change balls every time they change sides, (ie: a4th down kick) then both teams would have had to use the same balls. Just a little common since says this is hype for the media.
Ron1/23/15 8:26:55PM ET
LOCK: Patriots.

I hope this superbowl is better than last years
Mean Mark1/22/15 11:06:32PM ET
John, I'm not sure who actually supplies the balls for the games. There is a rule on that states the home team supplies 24 balls for indoor games and 36 for outdoor games, which seems to imply both teams use the same balls during the game. My inclination is to believe this whole story is being blown way out of proportion.

One thing I can't figure out is why not just let the teams use whatever inflation psi suits them? The NFL is always coming up with new rules to favor offenses and more points being scored because it helps the ratings and ticket sales when more points are being scored. I say let each team air the balls up to whatever psi suits them. This is not to say the Patriots should not be punished if it is found they violated the rule currently in effect. I'm just saying the rule doesn't make sense and goes against well-established doctrine of rule changing to benefit offenses over the years.
John Mckenzie1/22/15 5:04:28PM ET
Well Mr.Brady did not say much . But if I were he I would have said...hey look I do not carry the bag of balls with me wherever I go before and during the game .What was everyone expecting , that he would say yes I told so and so to take a little air out of them at halftime?

I do believe him though when he says he didn't notice any difference in the 2nd half . In that weather with all else going on in the game I do not think a quarterback would notice a small deflation .

However he might have said that in pregame ball prep I probably would have known but that would really have opened a can of worms! I think anyone with 2 footballs at home can put the theory to a test.
John Mckenzie1/22/15 3:55:14PM ET
Mark , that is hilarious!

Lets wait to see what Brady says here in moments.But I am not clear on whether the balls are even checked before game time and by whom .I am sure they all lose a little air as the game goes on.

I must admit though I did not even know that both teams did not use the same balls during the game!
Mean Mark1/22/15 11:24:09AM ET
So, what is your take on the DeflateGate thing?

Came across this image I thought was funny. Seems the Pats have their own 12th man.

John Mckenzie1/21/15 10:26:43PM ET
Mark: Funny you should say that , My 17 year old son said the same thing .

I suppose because Football is unique (other than Cricket and of course Baseball) cannot think of another team sport where one side only tries to score and the other to prevent scoring at any one time.

Thus perhaps what is not fair is the coin toss. If there was another way to determine first possesion ie most yards in regulation or team that scored the tying points first. Who knows?

The other thing which maybe the NFL has stats on is percentage of victory by the team winning the toss. If infact it is close to 50-50 then I really have no case.Maybe it became more equal with the first possesion TD rule rather than just the first score.
Mean Mark1/20/15 12:16:13PM ET

On what the line should be, the Seahawks were -1 in the opening line, but it moved to a pick'em shortly after. I think the Patriots' beatdown of the Colts and the Seahawks barely winning in overtime combined to move the line a little bit as bettors place a lot of emphasis on what happened in the most recent games.
Mean Mark1/20/15 12:12:45PM ET
I'll take the UNDER 49 for my lock in the Superbowl.
Mean Mark1/20/15 12:10:08PM ET
NE @ SEA 49
Mean Mark1/20/15 11:55:46AM ET

If you were told New England would score 45 points the OVER would have been a no-brainer. All this talk about deflated balls, but the bottom line is Indy only put up 7 points in the whole game.


My first inclination was to say Green Bay had the option of playing some defense, but maybe you're right. Maybe both teams should get at least one go on offense no matter what. Seems every rule change that comes down tends to favor offenses.

I don't think there are any provisions for a 2nd halftime. I'm thinking what happens if the score is still tied at the end of the first overtime, is they just start all over again with another coin toss and another overtime session.
Eugenius1/20/15 10:38:59AM ET
Final Lock - New England Patriots
The B-Man1/19/15 9:38:54PM ET
Can't believe the Colts couldn't get me a garbage score to push the total over. And the Packers blew my chance at the bonus win. Sigh... looks like my run at the Lock Club is over this year.

The spread for the Super Bowl is crazy close to call. No Super Bowl has ever closed at Pick 'em, but that's where the line is right now.

What do you guys think it should be?

I think you give the defending champs the nod, especially with the defense - it wins championships year after year. I woulda pegged this one Seattle by a FG.
orered1/19/15 9:36:30PM ET
I like the hawks, (close to home) but I just think ol' bill will pull this one out. Unless some one brakes a leg between now and then, I will take New England for my lock pick. didn't do so well but had fun, all the best, CHEERS
John Mckenzie1/19/15 8:16:11PM ET
I still do not like overtime rules in the NFL.Green Bay should have had one chance on offence before a winner declared.

Can you imagine first basket winning in the NBA or a team scoring more than one run in the top of the 10th ending the game.

I am not a Packer fan , nor do I have an answer to fix it but it just doesn't seem fair.

By the way if no points are scored after two quarters is there another half time? And what happens if no scoring is done after four quarters? Slim I know , but just saying .
Mean Mark1/19/15 11:30:32AM ET
Lock Club Standings Week 20
Username Pick Win/Loss Rec (booby) Upset Pick SB PickTie-Breaker
UnderDawgz Packers Win 13-8-0 (12-8-0) WAS WK16 (W) Seahawks 131
Eugenius Patriots Win 11-9-0 (11-9-0) MIA WK15 (L) Seahawks 119
PigskinPicker Colts Loss 10-10-0 (10-10-0) MIN WK5 (L) Colts (L) 139
SilverArmy Patriots Win 10-10-0 (10-10-0) BUF WK14 (L) Patriots 121
koz316 Patriots Win 10-10-0 (10-10-0) CAR WK19 (L) Patriots 121
TBruceK Seahawks Loss 10-11-0 (9-11-0) DAL WK6 (W) Patriots 121
The B-Man IND @ NE OVER 53.5 Loss 9-10-1 (9-10-1) TEN WK12 (L) Packers (L) 115
Ron Patriots Win 9-11-0 (9-11-0) SD WK8 (L) Patriots 169
MR BILL Patriots Win 9-11-0 (9-11-0) DET WK17 (L) Seahawks 139
joeirish Seahawks Loss 9-11-0 (9-11-0) NYJ WK9 (L) - 136
skidgod Patriots Win 9-11-0 (9-11-0) DET WK17 (L) Steelers (L) 124 Colts Loss 9-12-0 (8-12-0) OAK WK14 (W) Broncos (L) 124
Killer Kevin Packers Win 8-12-0 (8-12-0) ARI WK16 (L) Packers (L) 136
orered Packers Win 8-12-0 (8-12-0) DET WK17 (L) Patriots 124
Mean Mark Patriots Win 8-12-0 (8-12-0) SD WK8 (L) Patriots 97
Joe Grinder NO PICK Loss 7-13-0 (9-11-0) OAK WK9 (L) - 97
Doc. Rolf NO PICK Loss 3-17-0 (15-5-0) - - 94

WTD: 10-5-0

Today's color scheme honors the New England Patriots, whose team colors we are using today are NAUTICAL BLUE and NEW CENTURY SILVER.

Brady performs well under pressure and underpressured. (My little tribute to Deflate Gate.) Supposedly the ball is easier to throw and catch when it is under-inflated. Tell me again how this served the Patriots defense that held the Indy offense to 7 points?

Only one more chance to get a win, but if you had Patriots or Seahawks as your Superbowl pick you could end up with 2 more wins. Best of luck to everybody.
MR BILL1/18/15 2:49:33PM ET
New England
kirby.com1/18/15 2:02:35PM ET
Lock Pick INDY
TBruceK1/18/15 1:02:47PM ET
lock seattle
koz3161/18/15 9:11:48AM ET
LOTW; Patriots
UnderDawgz1/18/15 8:38:07AM ET
Lock Pick - Packers
SilverArmy1/17/15 7:29:51PM ET
Lock: patriots
Ron1/17/15 8:54:00AM ET
Lock: patriots
The B-Man1/16/15 8:30:06PM ET
B-Man's Lock of the Week: OVER 53.5 Patriots-Colts
skidgod1/16/15 12:28:13PM ET
Lock Pick Patriots
John Mckenzie1/15/15 9:25:12PM ET
Mark , I agree about Mr.Fox . Tells me that Manning must have been more injured than anyone let on . Otherwise he would have been forced into retirement and Fox retained .

Also one more thing about Bryant . You are correct about the rule and therefore the call . But after seeing the replay more times than I care to , it appears he may have fallen over the defender and thus could not have just run into the end zone . The rule does state that breaking the plane does not matter if control is not maintained .

Lastly as I posted on my BBoard , there was plenty of time left on the clock for Green Bay to drive for a field goal to win (or tie even if the Boys made a two point conversion ). So Dallas probably would not have won the game anyway .

Cheers and good luck to all!
joeirish1/14/15 8:29:10AM ET
seahawks for lock
Killer Kevin1/13/15 9:02:32AM ET
PigskinPicker1/13/15 8:09:14AM ET
Lock Pick: COLTS
Eugenius1/12/15 8:59:20PM ET
Lock - New England Patriots
Mean Mark1/12/15 8:45:30PM ET
Lock: Patriots
Mean Mark1/12/15 8:41:53PM ET
GB @ SEA 47
IND @ NE 53.5
Mean Mark1/12/15 8:32:09PM ET
Fox out in Denver, along with his entire staff. Wow, I didn't see that one coming. Supposedly a "mutual parting", but I'm not buying.
Mean Mark1/12/15 8:28:55PM ET
Why did he dive for the endzone if he wasn't already falling down? That would have been the last thing he would have done unless he was already falling. Otherwise he would have just waltzed right on in and did whatever celebration he prefers doing. He was clearly falling to the ground during the process of making the catch. Yeah, he secured control of the ball before he hit the ground, but that doesn't matter as far as this rule goes. He has to maintain control upon hitting the ground, and he didn't do that.
orered1/12/15 7:20:43PM ET
green bay for my lock
UnderDawgz1/12/15 4:50:07PM ET
Even though i dislike the Cowboys , i think the refs blew the call. He made the reception , made a football move and was in contact with a defender when he hit the ground - which caused the fumble. The proper call should have been first and goal at the 1 foot line. ( which is what the original call was)
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