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The B-Man
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The B-Man2/4/19 1:48:46PM ET
How 'bout that? :-D I was having my worst Lock Club season in quite some time and then somehow turned it around with a 5-1 finish to grab the top prize.

As always, it was fun fellas. Big THANKS to Mean Mark for persevering and running the show again. I really appreciate you doing that, even with the NFL conspiring against your Saints in the NFC championship game. :-(

Once again I'll endeavor to update the site before next season and maybe find a way to automate some of the administrative tasks for the Lock Club. I think I've been saying this for the past 5 years. :-P Maybe this will be the year. Ha.

Thanks everyone for continuing to play on the site - it's a labor of love for me and we have a nice group on here to stay in touch with during the season. I hope you will all come back and play next season.

Mean Mark2/4/19 1:17:10PM ET
Username Pick Result Wins Losses Ties Win PCT Upset Superbowl Tie Breaker
The B-Man NE W 12 9 0 .571 WAS WK16 (L) KC (L) 159
MR BILL LAR L 12 10 0 .545 DET WK17 (W) KC (L) 177
Eugenius LAR L 11 10 0 .524 SEA WK5 (L) NO (L) 153
Killer Kevin SB OVER 57.5 L 11 10 0 .524 SF WK17 (L) NO (L) 129
imrvr NO PICK L 10 11 0 .476 SF WK7 (L) NO (L) 90
Dogs Rule SB OVER 57.5 L 9 12 0 .429 GB W9 (L) LAR 166
Mean Mark LAR L 9 12 0 .429 BUF WK4 (L) NO (L) 108 NO PICK L 8 14 0 .364 MIA WK14 (W) NO (L) 126
PigskinPicker NO PICK L 6 15 0 .286 PHI WK11 (L)

Congrats to The B-Man and MR BILL. Payouts will be $472.50 and $202.50. Send me an e-mail with your current mailing addresses. Checks will go out Friday, so everybody has until then to notify me of any errors I might have made.
Dogs Rule2/3/19 6:24:09PM ET
MR BILL2/3/19 5:29:12PM ET
B man My heart is with the Rams also and I agree the smart pick is New England.But Im sticking with my heart.

Lock Pick The RAMS

Mean Mark Thank You for another year.Great job as always
The B-Man2/3/19 3:42:38PM ET
Okay, it's time fellas. Close down to the wire in the Lock Club and two of my pools where I have a chance at 1st, 2nd or nothing in all 3. Which has made this a difficult pick.

My heart is with the Rams but history, experience and the killer B's are on the Pats side.

Patriots should win and cover and I'm taking the under. So that's what my money is on, but... I'll be rooting for a crazy lights out 50-49 game that the Rams win by intercepting Brady on the final play. :-D

B-Man's SUPER BOWL Lock of the Week: NEW ENGLAND

Good luck folks and enjoy the game!
Eugenius2/1/19 11:54:23AM ET
Lock pick of the week - Los Angeles Rams
PigskinPicker1/27/19 9:50:30AM ET
Saints First Play Next Season
Killer Kevin1/23/19 8:17:21PM ET
Mean Mark1/22/19 6:32:07PM ET
Lock Rams
Mean Mark1/22/19 6:30:43PM ET
02/03 6:30 PM
101 New England
102 L.A. Rams 57.5
Mean Mark1/21/19 1:41:08PM ET
Username Pick Result Wins Losses Ties Win PCT Upset Superbowl Tie Breaker
MR BILL NO L 12 9 0 .571 DET WK17 (W) KC (L) 178
The B-Man NE/KC OVER 55 W 11 9 0 .550 WAS WK16 (L) KC (L) 157
Eugenius LAR W 11 9 0 .550 SEA WK5 (L) NO (L) 154
Killer Kevin NO L 11 9 0 .550 SF WK17 (L) NO (L) 130
imrvr NO L 10 10 0 .500 SF WK7 (L) NO (L) 88
Dogs Rule KC L 9 11 0 .450 GB W9 (L) LAR 166
Mean Mark KC L 9 11 0 .450 BUF WK4 (L) NO (L) 109 LAR/NO OVER 57 L 8 13 0 .381 MIA WK14 (W) NO (L) 127
PigskinPicker KC L 6 14 0 .300 PHI WK11 (L)
Killer Kevin1/21/19 8:31:00AM ET
Mean Mark1/20/19 7:04:05PM ET
All I can say is thank goodness for 2009. Otherwise, it's been kind of tough at times being a Saints fan. Congrats to the Rams. Great win for them.
Dogs Rule1/20/19 5:09:16PM ET
MR BILL1/20/19 2:55:11PM ET
lock pick Saints
kirby.com1/20/19 2:53:36PM ET
The B-Man1/20/19 1:17:43PM ET
B-Man's Lock of the Week: OVER 55 Patriots-Chiefs
imrvr1/19/19 6:33:29PM ET
Lock pick Saints.
PigskinPicker1/19/19 2:13:50PM ET
Lock Pick: CHIEFS

Eugenius1/17/19 10:21:36AM ET
Lock pick of the week - - - Los Angeles Rams
Killer Kevin1/16/19 9:35:39PM ET
Mean Mark1/15/19 5:09:19PM ET
Lock: Chiefs
Mean Mark1/15/19 5:02:19PM ET
01/20 3:05 PM
311 L.A. Rams
312 New Orleans 57

01/20 6:40 PM
313 New England
314 Kansas City 55
Mean Mark1/14/19 3:28:13PM ET
Username Pick Result Wins Losses Ties Win PCT Upset Superbowl Tie Breaker
MR BILL Over 50.5 Eagles @ Saints L 12 8 0 .600 DET WK17 (W) KC 180
Killer Kevin Over 50.5 Eagles @ Saints L 11 8 0 .579 SF WK17 (L) NO 129
The B-Man DAL L 10 9 0 .526 WAS WK16 (L) KC 156
Eugenius LAC L 10 9 0 .526 SEA WK5 (L) NO 150
imrvr NE W 10 9 0 .526 SF WK7 (L) NO 90
Dogs Rule NO PICK L 9 10 0 .474 GB W9 (L) LAR 165
Mean Mark Under 57 Colts @ Chiefs W 9 10 0 .474 BUF WK4 (L) NO 111 LAC L 8 12 0 .400 MIA WK14 (W) NO 129
PigskinPicker IND L 6 13 0 .316 PHI WK11 (L)
LoveDemHogs1/13/19 3:08:02PM ET
35-7 at half. What a disappointment. Time for laundry I guess.
Best part of this game was the tv shot of blonde in stands who after Rivers was taken down by Flowers in Q2, opened her coat and pointed at the words on her sweatshirt
MR BILL1/12/19 7:42:58PM ET
lock pick over 50.5 Philly Saints game
imrvr1/12/19 4:48:45PM ET
Lock of the week Patriots
The B-Man1/12/19 3:44:32PM ET
B-Man's Lock of the Week: Cowboys
kirby.com1/12/19 3:09:05PM ET
Mean Mark1/12/19 2:24:55PM ET
Changing my lock to Under 57 Colts @ Chiefs
PigskinPicker1/12/19 9:28:35AM ET
Lock Pick: COLTS

Eugenius1/10/19 1:22:06PM ET
Lock of the week - Los Angeles Chargers
Killer Kevin1/9/19 8:03:13PM ET
Mean Mark1/7/19 3:33:08PM ET
Lock: Rams
Mean Mark1/7/19 3:30:19PM ET
01/12 4:35 PM
301 Indianapolis
302 Kansas City 57

01/12 8:15 PM
303 Dallas
304 L.A. Rams 49.5

01/13 1:05 PM
305 L.A. Chargers
306 New England 47

01/13 4:40 PM
307 Philadelphia
308 New Orleans 50.5
Mean Mark1/7/19 1:50:16AM ET
Username Pick Result Wins Losses Ties Win PCT Upset Superbowl Tie Breaker
MR BILL IND W 12 7 0 .632 DET WK17 (W) KC 181
Killer Kevin CHI L 11 7 0 .611 SF WK17 (L) NO 124
The B-Man LAC / BAL UNDER 41.5 W 10 8 0 .556 WAS WK16 (L) KC 157
Eugenius CHI L 10 8 0 .556 SEA WK5 (L) NO 151
Dogs Rule IND W 9 9 0 .500 GB W9 (L) LAR 160
imrvr IND W 9 9 0 .500 SF WK7 (L) NO 88
Mean Mark LAC W 8 10 0 .444 BUF WK4 (L) NO 106 BAL L 8 11 0 .421 MIA WK14 (W) NO 130
PigskinPicker CHI L 6 12 0 .333 PHI WK11 (L)
PigskinPicker1/6/19 8:33:06AM ET
Lock Pick: BEARS

Dogs Rule1/5/19 2:34:02PM ET

kirby.com1/5/19 2:05:55PM ET
imrvr1/5/19 2:02:54PM ET
lock pick of week Colts
Super Bowl Pick Saints
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