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The B-Man
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The_GOAT1/25/23 7:02:15AM ET

Lock of the week: EAGLES
The B-Man1/22/23 9:52:44PM ET
Lock of the Week Club Standings
PlayerPickResultWinsLossesBonus Picks
Taylorj349ersW 13 7SB: 49ers | Upset: Lions Wk 12 (L)
The B-ManBengalsW 12 8SB: Chiefs | Upset: Seahawks Wk 19 (L)
kirby.comEaglesW 11 9SB: Eagles | Upset: Lions Wk 12 (L)
charpBillsL 11 9SB: 49ers | Upset: Raiders Wk 18 (L)
oreredL 9 11SB: Vikings (L)
AmPmL 7 13
The_GOATCowboysL 6 14SB: Bengals | Upset: Seahawks Wk 19 (L)
pvalL 5 15Upset: Broncos Wk 14 (L)
FreigL 1 19
charp1/22/23 2:30:14PM ET
Lock of the Week: BILLS
charp1/22/23 2:02:34PM ET
RIP friend.
The B-Man1/22/23 1:57:08PM ET
Guys - I get a few of these messages each year. I learned that a longtime player on the site has passed away.

jonb had played on this site for 24 seasons. He was one of the original players. He ranks in the top 25 all-time for those 24 seasons at 50.7%.

I didn't know him personally, but I corresponded with him frequently season after season. He used to give me great feedback on how the site was running, if there were any problems with pages loading or ads blocking functionality. He helped shape the site as it grew over time.

He always told me how much he appreciated the site and being able to host his pool with his friends.

People like Jon B are why I keep the site running season after season.

Raise a glass for Jon today! May he rest in peace!
Taylorj31/21/23 8:50:24PM ET
Lock of the week: 49ers
kirby.com1/21/23 7:54:41PM ET
The B-Man1/21/23 7:07:03PM ET
B-Manís Lock of the Week: Bengals
Bezman1/21/23 4:40:14PM ET
How many places get paid and how much for the season long pool?
The_GOAT1/20/23 7:53:51AM ET
Lock of the week COWBOYS
orered1/17/23 5:27:50PM ET
Great season, maybe next year, all the best cheers.
The B-Man1/17/23 12:00:05AM ET
Taylorj3 vaults back into the top spot with a 49ers win and cover. Super Bowl bonus picks are all over the map. So a bonus W could make a difference in the final standings.

Good luck folks!

Lock of the Week Club Standings
PlayerPickResultWinsLossesBonus Picks
Taylorj349ersW 12 7SB: 49ers | Upset: Lions Wk 12 (L)
The B-ManBillsL 11 8SB: Chiefs | Upset: Seahawks Wk 19 (L)
charpBillsL 11 8SB: 49ers | Upset: Raiders Wk 18 (L)
kirby.comJaguarsW 10 9SB: Eagles | Upset: Lions Wk 12 (L)
oreredVikingsL 9 10SB: Vikings (L)
AmPmCowboysW 7 12
The_GOATL 6 13SB: Bengals | Upset: Seahawks Wk 19 (L)
pvalL 5 14Upset: Broncos Wk 14 (L)
FreigL 1 18
AmPm1/15/23 11:38:41AM ET
Lock Pick DALLAS
charp1/15/23 9:13:09AM ET
Lock of the Week: BILLS
kirby.com1/14/23 8:04:36PM ET
orered1/14/23 6:42:21PM ET
lock pick Vikings
Taylorj31/14/23 4:13:18PM ET
changing lock of the week to 49ers...
Taylorj31/14/23 4:08:59PM ET
Lock of the week bills
Rodeo Girl1/14/23 3:37:28PM ET
Super Bowl winner - Bengals

Upset pick - Seahawks
kirby.com1/14/23 2:12:07PM ET
charp1/14/23 1:49:27PM ET
Super Bowl Bonus Pick: 49ers
The B-Man1/14/23 1:46:58PM ET
B-Man's Lock of the Week: Buffalo
The B-Man1/14/23 1:40:00PM ET
B-Man's Upset of the Year: Seahawks

I tend to lose track of making this pick til my choices are limited but I usually get this in during the regular season. So this is a bit of a desperation pick, but... Purdy's a rookie, hard to beat a team 3 times in one season, and it looks like drenching rain before and during the game.
The B-Man1/13/23 8:48:26PM ET
B-Manís Super Bowl Bonus Pick: Kansas City
Bezman1/13/23 7:44:25PM ET
Upset pick - Seahawks over 49ers
orered1/12/23 11:57:01AM ET
vikings--super bowl winner
Bezman1/12/23 8:51:07AM ET
Super Bowl pick-Chargers
The_GOAT1/11/23 4:59:12PM ET
Super Bowl pick: Bengals

Upset of the year: Seahawks
Taylorj31/10/23 7:45:33PM ET
Super Bowl winner 49ers
GiddyUP1/10/23 8:27:58AM ET
Hey all

Wondering if there are any playoff pools going on that are taking in new players?

Thank you
The B-Man1/8/23 11:54:22PM ET
Looking back at my preseason predictions for playoff teams...

NFC Playoff teams:


NFC Champion: Buccaneers

AFC Playoff teams:


AFC Champion: Chiefs

Super Bowl LVII:

CHIEFS over Bucs

I got 4/7 NFC and 5/7 AFC for 9/14 playoff teams. Not too bad. My Super Bowl prediction could still come true. We'll see... I still have a Super Bowl ticket on the Chiefs at 9-to-1 odds.

Big shout out to the Panthers and former Gator Eddy Pineiro who managed to cash my Season Wins Over 6.5 ticket on the very last play of their season. :-D
The B-Man1/8/23 11:46:29PM ET
Another good week to close the regular season.

Important: Make your Super Bowl bonus pick before Saturday's first playoff game kicks off. You pick one team out of the 14 playoff teams to win the Super Bowl. If that team wins, you'll get a bonus win added to your record at the end. With a tight race at the top, this bonus pick could come into play.

Also, there's a few of us who haven't used our Upset of the Year bonus pick. There's no guarantee how many chances we'll have left with only 13 games remaining. So, better use it or lose the chance for a bonus win. The upset pick must be a 7.5 point underdog and must win outright. So far this season, no one's hit it. There are 2 chances this week with the Seahawks and Dolphins big underdogs. If you don't try one of those, there may not be another shot.

Good luck to those still in contention!

Lock of the Week Club Standings
PlayerPickResultWinsLossesBonus Picks
The B-ManSteelersW 11 7
charpBengalsW 11 7Upset: Raiders Wk 18 (L)
Taylorj3BengalsW 11 7Upset: Lions Wk 12 (L)
kirby.comRaidersL 9 9Upset: Lions Wk 12 (L)
oreredVikingsW 9 9
AmPmLionsW 6 12
The_GOATBroncosW 6 12
pvalL 5 13Upset: Broncos Wk 14 (L)
FreigL 1 17
AmPm1/8/23 8:06:32PM ET
Week 18 Lock Pick; Detroit Lions
The B-Man1/8/23 12:04:21PM ET
B-Manís Lock of the Week: Steelers

Tomlin has never had a losing season. Pittsburgh is 8-8Ö
charp1/8/23 11:59:23AM ET
Lock of the Week: BENGALS
Taylorj31/7/23 8:56:21PM ET
Lock of the week bengals
kirby.com1/7/23 4:28:16PM ET
charp1/7/23 2:09:49PM ET
Upset bonus pick: RAIDERS
orered1/5/23 4:47:08PM ET
Vikings for my lock pick
The_GOAT1/5/23 7:01:02AM ET
Lock of the week: BRONCOS
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