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The B-Man
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Tony Perez11/28/21 7:43:25PM ET
Lock of the week 12: Washington
The B-Man11/28/21 6:40:14PM ET
Yo charp... still waiting for your pool ante. Please message me back.
AmPm11/28/21 3:36:23PM ET
Lock Pick Week12
LA Rams
Eseibert197311/28/21 2:11:53PM ET
Lock of the week. 49ers
kirby.com11/28/21 12:50:25PM ET
charp11/28/21 12:45:05PM ET
Lock of the Week: Chargers
MR BILL11/28/21 8:44:07AM ET
Lock Pick Eagles
pval11/28/21 4:14:21AM ET
Lock of the Week: Vikings
Elmer Homero11/26/21 1:01:33PM ET
lock pick for week 12 Titans

Happy Thanskgiving to all of you folks
The B-Man11/26/21 12:49:23PM ET
Sorry for the late posting of results from last week. Had turkey and gravy on the brain, I guess.

Week 11 Lock of the Week Club Standings
PlayerPickResultWinsLossesBonus Picks
The_GOATBearsW 8 3Upset: Texans Wk 6 (L)
Taylorj3BillsL 8 4Upset: Titans Wk 9 - WIN
Eseibert1973DolphinsW 7 4
The B-ManTitansL 7 4Upset: Lions Wk 10 (L)
pvalNo PickL 7 4Upset: Texans Wk 6 (L)
MR BILLBengalsW 6 5
Elmer HomeroFootball TeamW 6 5Upset: Packers Wk 9 (L)
AmPmPackersL 6 5Upset: Texans Wk 6 (L)
Tony PerezGiantsL 6 5Upset: Giants Wk 11 (L)
The MandalorianCardinalsW 5 6
kirby.comPatriotsW 4 7
charpBrownsL 4 7
PatuBuccaneersL 4 7
FreigPackersL 2 9
The B-Man11/25/21 8:15:23PM ET
B-Manís Lock of the Week: Buffalo
The_GOAT11/25/21 12:27:37PM ET
Lock of the week: Lions
Taylorj311/25/21 11:38:51AM ET
Lock for week 12 is Buffalo
Patu11/25/21 10:07:57AM ET
Lock Pick week 12 49ers
The Mandalorian11/25/21 9:37:46AM ET
Lock of the Week: Dallas
John Mckenzie11/24/21 1:04:56PM ET
Happy Thanksgiving everyone from your friends in The Great White North pool.
DJRockin11/22/21 11:37:00PM ET
What a NAIL BITTER for ďIn It To Win It pool. 3 way tie. Winning score was 41. Next score was 43 then 47.
Tony Perez11/22/21 6:39:00PM ET
Lock of the week 11: Giants
Bonus: Giants
MR BILL11/21/21 1:27:47PM ET
lock pick Bengals
Freig11/21/21 12:59:32PM ET
esta semana voy green bay
AmPm11/21/21 12:51:10PM ET
Look Pick Week 11
Green Bay
The_GOAT11/21/21 12:26:37PM ET
Lock of the week: BEARS
Elmer Homero11/21/21 12:14:55PM ET
lock of the week Washington
The B-Man11/21/21 12:12:51PM ET
B-Manís Lock of the Week: TITANS
charp11/21/21 12:11:11PM ET
Lock of the Week: Browns
Taylorj311/21/21 11:52:24AM ET
Got to change my lock of week with Lamar out..It is now Bills
Taylorj311/20/21 9:07:13PM ET
Lock of the week ravens
Eseibert197311/19/21 8:01:29AM ET
Lock of the week: Miami
The Mandalorian11/19/21 12:54:11AM ET
Lock of the Week : Arizona
kirby.com11/18/21 7:52:26PM ET
Patu11/17/21 8:00:24PM ET
Week 11 Lock Pick Tampa Bay
The B-Man11/16/21 11:15:55AM ET
Brutal week for Lock picks and Spread picks on the site (38% combined for all players). Only 3 correct Lock picks for us and an excruciating loss on my Upset of the Year with the Lions missing a PAT in regulation and a FG to win in OT.

We had 2 No Pick losses. So make sure you get your Lock pick in early. You can always change it later in the week if needed.

And another reminder on the Upset picks, your pick has to be an underdog of 7 or more points according to the spread here on the site. So Patu's Raiders pick didn't qualify.

Lock of the Week Club Standings
PlayerPickResultWinsLossesBonus Picks
Taylorj3TitansL 8 3Upset: Titans Wk 9 - WIN
The_GOATPanthersW 7 3Upset: Texans Wk 6 (L)
The B-ManRamsL 7 3Upset: Lions Wk 10 (L)
pvalRamsL 7 3Upset: Texans Wk 6 (L)
Tony PerezChiefsW 6 4
Eseibert1973ChiefsW 6 4
AmPmNo PickL 6 4Upset: Texans Wk 6 (L)
MR BILLTitansL 5 5
Elmer HomeroBrownsL 5 5Upset: Packers Wk 9 (L)
charpBuccaneersL 4 6
PatuColtsL 4 6
The MandalorianChargersL 4 6
kirby.comTitansL 3 7
FreigNo PickL 2 8
Tony Perez11/14/21 6:29:34PM ET
Lock of the week 10: Chiefs
The B-Man11/14/21 5:33:25PM ET
Brutal tie on my Upset of the Year pick. Ouch.
The_GOAT11/14/21 2:27:33PM ET
Lock of the week: Panthers
Eseibert197311/14/21 2:11:06PM ET
Lock of the week. Kansas City
kirby.com11/14/21 12:48:03PM ET
charp11/14/21 12:22:46PM ET
Lock of the Week: Tampa Bay
MR BILL11/14/21 12:10:38PM ET
Changed my mind No upset pick
MR BILL11/14/21 11:46:37AM ET
I hate to be the same B MAN BUTTT
Upset of the Year Lions
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