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Eugenius8/26/16 9:30:26AM ET
I am in Mark, will drop a check in the mail next week.
Mean Mark8/25/16 6:38:06PM ET
I'm gonna do a little something different this year. Don't worry, I'm still going to prove just how little I know about football. I'm gonna try to pick the winners of the divisions instead of the losers.

I'm taking the New York Football Jets to win this division. I think the Patriots will miss Tom Brady and he'll also be rusty when he does return. Pats will make the playoffs, but they won't win the division.

I'll take Pittsburgh here. I know they have suspension issues, too, but they've got Big Ben to hold it together.

Houston Texans will win the division. I like the move to bring in Brock Osweiler. Clowney looks like he might finally be getting healthy and ready to live up to some of that potential the Texans saw in him. He and Watt will make that a defensive line that strikes fear into the hearts of offensive coordinators around the league.

Denver Broncos, defending champs, are the obvious choice here. What's that you say? Quarterback schmarterback, Broncos will dominate with their defense. Just put Mr. Butt Fumble in there until Paxton Lynch is ready to play.

New England

Washington Redskins. Is Kirk Cousins the real deal? Real enough for this division this year, I say. We know Dallas will fold as soon as Romo takes a hit and breaks another collar bone.

Minnesota Vikings. Tough choice between the Vikings and Packers in this one, but I think the Vikings are the team on the rise here.

Gotta go with the Carolina Panthers. They've owned this division in recent years, much as it pains me to say it.

Arizona Cardinals. That team is loaded and well-coached. I like Seattle also in that division.

Green Bay

Pittsburgh over Arizona, 24-21

Hope I'm wrong because I'd love nothing better than to see my Saints return to dominance, or at least relevance.
Dogs Rule8/25/16 12:59:33AM ET
Jacksonville making the play offs I know sounds crazy but I'm going for it.
Dogs Rule8/25/16 12:59:27AM ET
Jacksonville making the play offs I know sounds crazy but I'm going for it.
Dogs Rule8/25/16 12:56:50AM ET
Ill play, and hope to improve. Thanks Mark and good luck all. Mark should have the check out to u this week.
Mean Mark8/24/16 3:40:29PM ET
Saints defense is looking improved. Should be a good test against Pittsburgh in the 3rd preseason game. Problem has been the offensive line play so far. Future Hall of Fame player Jahri Evans is no longer on the team at RG. Zach Strief is in the twilight of his career at RT. Pro Bowl caliber LT Terron Armstead has injuries he's dealing with. Tim Lelito at LG is an undrafted player in his 3rd year, but he hasn't really progressed the way the team hoped he would. 1st round pick in 2015 (12th overall) Andrus Peat has struggled to this point in his career. Saints have tried him all over the place, and haven't really found a home for him. I expect he'll start at RG in place of Evans. On the bright side, the Saints offense has historically been very productive since Drew Brees arrived on the scene.
Mean Mark8/24/16 3:28:39PM ET
To put text in bold you just use the html tags <b> bold text here </b>
Mean Mark8/24/16 3:26:21PM ET
Killer Kevin used his winnings from 2k15 to pay for Mean Mark, Killer Kevin, and The B-Man in 2k16.

For those interested in the Lock Club, which is now going into its umpteenth year without major controversy:

Here are the official rules:

1) You must be 18 or older to enter.

2) Entry fee is $75.00 in US Dollars drawn on a US Bank. Don't send a check for funds drawn on a bank outside the US. DON'T FORGET TO WRITE YOUR USERNAME ON YOUR CHECK SO I'LL KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Contact me via e-mail and we'll see if we can make other arrangements if cannot do the above.

3) We will distribute winnings to the top 3 players at 60%, 25%, and 15% of the total, less the amount deducted to pay the booby prize (the current entry fee as provided for in rule 2), which goes to the last place finisher. The booby prize is removed from the pool first, and then the remainder is divvied up according to the above percentages. 100% of all entry fees are distributed to the top 3 players and to the booby prize last place finisher. Neither I nor the b-man takes any profits off the top or bottom or anywhere in between. All funds taken in are redistributed to the winners. There is no "vig". Take note that the no-pick losses, provided for in rule 6, will count as wins for the purposes of the booby prize. Bonus wins, as provided for in rule 5, will *not* count as wins for the purposes of the booby prize. There will be no tie-breaker for the purposes of the booby prize; the booby prize will be divided evenly among all last-place finishers.

4) Each player makes 1 pick per week for each week of the regular season and each week of the playoffs, including the Superbowl game itself. The picks are against the spread using b-man's lines. You may also select an Over/Under pick based on the lines I will post on the board usually on Fridays. Should I forget to do so, you can use the lines from's odds page. Don't try to use any obviously invalid lines, not that anybody ever would do that.

5) There are 2 bonus picks -- an Upset of the Year Pick and a Superbowl Bonus Pick. The Upset pick must be an underdog in a game where the favorite is favored by the b-man by at least 7.5 or more points. The underdog must win straight up. The Superbowl Bonus Pick is made AFTER WEEK 17 once the playoff seedings are announced. You may revise your Superbowl Bonus Pick at any time or as many times as you like up to kickoff of the first playoff game. You must pick the eventual Superbowl winner straight up. You do not get a loss added to your record if you miss either or both of the bonus picks.

6) Each pick each week must be made here on this bulletin board before kickoff of that game. You can wait until before kickoff of the Monday Night game and pick that game if you like. If you don't make a pick for a week, you automatically get a loss for that week. You must abide by the b-man's rules for all of your posts. If b-man kicks you off the site because you can't follow his rules, you will be forfeiting your entry fee and it will *not* be refunded to you.

7) In the event of a tie in the records of 2 or more players, the tie breaker will be the overall ranking in the against the spread picks on this site for the year using b-man's point system. Be sure to submit your against the spread picks each week during the season since we can't use the straight up records for the tie-breaker. If there is still a tie, the money, if any, will be distributed evenly among those players.

8) I will be keeping track of the records for the Lock Club. If you disagree with my scoring or any other decision, simply post your disagreement. We will vote democratically on the issue. Majority rules. If the vote falls 50/50, my original decision will stand.

9) You may change your mind about your pick any time before kickoff of the game you eventually pick. You may not change a pick after kickoff of that game, however. It is legal to adjust your pick based upon what another player has done for strategic purposes, but you must specify a team for your pick. You cannot say "I'll take the opposite of whatever so and so takes." You must name your team with your pick. Likewise, it is also okay to switch your pick at the last minute if you suspect another player is shadowing your picks, but you must make any switches before kickoff of the game you select. All games are assumed to have kicked off at their officially scheduled kickoff time, but in case of controversy we can the official kickoff time via the gamebook at All picks are assumed to have been made at the date and time stamped on each post by the b-man's bulletin board software, which might or might not necessarily be perfectly in synchronization with the official time used by the NFL. The moral: don't wait until the last second to get your pick in.

10) To join the Lock Club, you must post your intentions to join here on this board. You must get your pick in for Week 1 here on this board. You must get your check in to me and it must be postmarked by no later than the deadline for making your pick for Week 2. Should you miss week 1 and still wish to join, you may join, but you will get a loss for the missed week 1 pick. Mailing address is:

Mark Ganson
PO Box 82
Melville, LA 71353-0082

11) To make it easier for me and so I don't miss your selection, please put all picks in BOLD lettering using the and HTML tags. Also, don't say something like "The Saints will whip the Chargers this week." Say, instead, something like "I'll take the Saints as my Lock Of The Week." I can read minds, but I'm not very good at it. So, make your pick as unambiguous as possible.

12) A player may elect to buy up to, but not more than, 2 slots in the Lock Club. He must create a new username on this site and submit the 2nd slot picks under that new username. Tie-breaker for that new username will be that new username's overall standings on this site, so be sure to submit picks each week under the new username, too.
PigskinPicker8/24/16 10:03:33AM ET
Address as well
PigskinPicker8/24/16 10:03:28AM ET
Address as well
PigskinPicker8/24/16 10:02:47AM ET
Iam in again
Mean Mark8/22/16 1:13:01AM ET

It'll be $75 again this year for the Lock Club. Needs to be postmarked no later than Monday of week 2. I'll post the complete rules in a couple days.
Ron8/18/16 11:53:43PM ET
Head on. Apply directly to the forehead
PigskinPicker8/18/16 9:34:28AM ET
Lock club fee? How much and when is it due?
PigskinPicker8/18/16 9:33:57AM ET
Lock club fee? How much and when is it due?
PigskinPicker8/18/16 9:33:46AM ET
Lock club fee? How much and when is it due?
Ron8/10/16 12:06:48AM ET
I'm back and ready.

Last 2 seasons have gone well for me at 146-121 and 148-119. Improving off my historical 50% average and hoping to keep improving.
PigskinPicker8/8/16 8:45:16PM ET
Are you ready for some football?
elevatorguy7/25/16 4:45:07PM ET
have the payouts been made for last year as I have still not received mine?
Ron7/12/16 1:39:09AM ET
Why is the pool run via email and texting? Seems old fashioned. Especially since this site offers a private bulletin board and all picks tracked
Brain227/7/16 1:26:46PM ET

I am a huge football fan. Football is my passion in life. For the past 26 years, I have been running my own Football Pool. It started with my mom and I betting one penny on each game. In the past few years, the pool has expanded to over 30 members. Once again, I am looking to expand my pool further. It’s a simple pool…basically a “pick em”, but a lot more fun. There is a summary of information below. Please take a moment to read and let me know if you are at all interested in joining this football pool. It’s a great way to have some fun, meet some new people and make some new friends. Thank you for your time.

Details of Pool

1. Choose the winner of each game.

2. There will be cash prizes: each week, at the end of the season, during the playoffs and for the Superbowl.

3. Picks and results for the entire pool are sent out each week (Tuesdays and Fridays)

4. An analysis sheet is also sent out each week to assist in potential pick changes.

5. Picks can be changed each week.

6. The pool is run entirely by email or texting, which makes for easy communication.

If you are interested in joining this exciting football pool, please email/message me and I will be happy to send you more information. Thank you again.
elevatorguy3/26/16 5:09:34PM ET
have the payouts been made yet as I won week 14 and split the overall on the league but have not received a payout yet--please advise
MR BILL2/18/16 9:26:34PM ET
Hey Mark just sent email sorry
Mean Mark2/18/16 12:35:52PM ET

Killer Kevin generously used his winnings to pay for you, me, and him for next year, so we're on for at least another season.
Mean Mark2/18/16 12:32:03PM ET
MR BILL: Did you get my e-mail?
Mean Mark2/14/16 2:02:56PM ET
No, MR BILL. I sent you one you can hopefully reply to and I'll get it.
MR BILL2/13/16 5:07:49PM ET
Mark I sent you a email did you rec it
The B-Man2/13/16 9:42:53AM ET
Don't give up on me now, Mean Mark. The Lock Club is definitely a big part of why I enjoy running the site. I can do a little more advertising for it and maybe we do lower the entry fee back down. I'm also overdue to make some design changes before next season. So maybe I can add something for the Lock Club to make it easier to play and track -- like I've promised over the years.
Mean Mark2/12/16 3:54:23PM ET
I'm not sure if I'll be doing the Lock Club again next year. Interest seems to be waning. This is the fewest players we've had in many years. Maybe it's getting stale. Maybe we should drop the fee back to $50. I don't know. We'll see.
Mean Mark2/12/16 3:50:49PM ET
Ron, your check is on the way. I used my bank's bill payment system. Expect it around 2/18.
Mean Mark2/10/16 11:59:59AM ET
kevin and bill, send me your current addresses at mwganson at hotmail.
MR BILL2/7/16 11:25:51PM ET
Nice Job Mark.Not sure how many years Ive played,but pretty sure this wont even make me even. I have fun every year that's all that counts.Thanks again Bman
Mean Mark2/7/16 11:03:06PM ET
Username Pick Result Wins Losses Ties Win PCT BoobyWins BoobyLosses BoobyTies Booby PCT Upset Pick Superbowl Bonus Tie Breaker Points
MR BILL Broncos W 16 6 0 .727 15 6 0 .714 Buccaneers WK17 (L) Broncos (W) 141
Killer Kevin Broncos W 16 6 0 .727 15 6 0 .714 Ravens WK7 (L) Broncos (W) 138
Mean Mark Broncos W 13 8 0 .619 13 8 0 .619 Ravens WK7 (L) Panthers (L) 132
The B-Man Panthers L 13 8 0 .619 13 8 0 .619 Chargers WK 6 (L) Panthers (L) 129
SilverArmy Panthers L 13 8 0 .619 14 7 0 .667 Ravens WK14 (L) Panthers (L) 123
Eugenius Over 45.5 L 12 9 0 .571 12 9 0 .571 Jets WK7 (L) Seahawks (L) 183
orered Broncos W 12 9 0 .571 12 9 0 .571
Patriots (L) 132 Broncos W 13 10 0 .565 11 10 0 .524 Dolphins WK17 (W) Broncos (W) 87
Dogs Rule Broncos W 10 11 0 .476 11 10 0 .524 Jets WK7 (L) Cardinals (L) 141
PigskinPicker Broncos W 10 11 0 .476 11 10 0 .524 Lions WK 4 (L) Patriots (L) 96
Ron Panthers L 8 13 0 .381 8 13 0 .381 Ravens WK7 (L) Cardinals (L) 177
koz316 NO PICK NO PICK 7 14 0 .333 12 9 0 .571
Panthers (L) 162

Looks like I finished in the top 3 unless I erred somewhere in the tallies. Payoffs will be:

1) $495.00
2) $206.25
3) $123.75
Booby Prize: $75.00

Winners, e-mail me your current addresses so I can get the checks out this Friday. I always wait a few days just to give the players a chance to correct any mistakes beforehand.
Ron2/7/16 10:28:59PM ET
Great season all. Thanks for hosting this site Bman. I had my best year with 55% wins and a top 200 finish overall.

Plus I won a boobie prize :)
SilverArmy2/7/16 10:28:10PM ET
Thanks for the contest opportunity and Congrats to the winners
MR BILL2/7/16 6:28:18PM ET
lock pick Denver
I hope Mark is right Panthers come out on top but don't cover the spread. B man can come up and take it all if Panthers wipe them out.Thanks Mark for another great year with the lock club pool and Bman for another fun year. Good luck everyone
The B-Man2/7/16 5:06:53PM ET
A shot at the Lock Club title, should I watch the others' picks and consider Denver?

Not a chance... I wouldn't dare jinx my boys...

B-Man's Super Lock of the Week: CAROLINA PANTHERS

It's been another fun season here guys. I really enjoy competing against you fellas and running the site. It's been 20 seasons, can you believe that? Ha.

Enjoy the big game everyone!
Dogs Rule2/7/16 2:31:26AM ET
LOCK DENVER . Thanks to all was fun.
kirby.com2/5/16 3:01:14PM ET
SilverArmy2/4/16 7:39:24PM ET
LOCK: Carolina
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