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The B-Man
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The B-Man9/20/21 11:36:42PM ET
Week 2 was a 50-50 week for us, with the Rams missing their cover by 1 point and accounting for 2 of the losses. I was able to cheer my Panthers on to an upset victory and easy cover in person.

Looking at Week 3, there are many games with spreads of more than 7 points, giving us several opportunities to use that bonus pick for Upset of the Year. Just a reminder, your upset pick has to be a 'dog of more than a touchdown and they must win the game outright for you to get the bonus Win added to your record.

With 14 players having made picks, I just need payments from 2 players to set the payouts. charp and, please let me know about your ante. Assuming they pay up, we'll have a first place prize of $735 and second place of $315.

Lock of the Week Club Standings
PlayerPickResultWinsLossesBonus Picks
PatuPatriotsW 2 0
The_GOATPanthersW 2 0
Tony PerezCowboysW 2 0
pvalCowboysW 2 0
Taylorj3PatriotsW 2 0
The B-ManPanthersW 1 1
Eseibert1973BillsW 1 1
MR BILLCardinalsL 1 1
charpCardinalsL 1 1
Elmer HomeroFootball TeamL 1 1
The MandalorianSaintsL 1 1
kirby.comRamsL 0 2
AmPmSaintsL 0 2
FreigRamsL 0 2
Freig9/19/21 12:45:28PM ET
kirby.com9/19/21 12:20:35PM ET
charp9/19/21 12:04:59PM ET
Lock of the Week: AZ
The B-Man9/19/21 10:34:05AM ET
Welcome to Week 2, everyone.

I don't like to be a homer, but when I'm in the stadium cheering them on...

B-Man's Lock of the Week: CAROLINA PANTHERS +3.5

I'll be there in person to help root my lock home. Wish me luck!
MR BILL9/19/21 6:35:18AM ET
Lock Pick Week 2 Cardinals
AmPm9/18/21 9:37:37PM ET
Week 2: Lock of the week N. Orleans
pval9/18/21 10:48:04AM ET
Lock of the week: Dallas Cowboys!!!
Taylorj39/16/21 7:14:27PM ET
Week 2 Lock of the Week: Patriots
The Mandalorian9/16/21 2:52:23PM ET
Changing : Lock of the Week 2: New Orleans
The Mandalorian9/16/21 6:28:00AM ET
Lock of the Week 2: Kansas City Chiefs
The_GOAT9/15/21 9:16:11PM ET
Week 2 Lock: Carolina Panthers
Patu9/15/21 9:10:26PM ET
Week 2 Lock Pick Patriots
Tony Perez9/15/21 8:10:08PM ET
Lock of the week 2: Dallas
Elmer Homero9/15/21 6:00:00PM ET
I'm sorry but I must correct myself!


Disregard my previous message Pleae.
Elmer Homero9/15/21 5:55:13PM ET
Lock for week 2 Browns
The B-Man9/14/21 3:25:35AM ET
Week 1 results were mixed, both on the site and for the Lock Club. The 49ers and Chargers accounted for 7 of the 9 correct Lock picks. Good start with those picks, fellas.

I'm waiting to hear from our 2 players who committed but did not post a lock for Week 1, unless I missed it somehow. For now, they show as a loss for No Pick.

Lock of the Week Club Standings
PlayerPickResultWinsLossesBonus Picks
MR BILL49ersW 1 0
charp49ersW 1 0
Patu49ersW 1 0
Elmer Homero49ersW 1 0
The_GOATBrownsW 1 0
Tony PerezChargersW 1 0
pvalChargersW 1 0
Taylorj3PanthersW 1 0
The MandalorianChargersW 1 0
The B-ManFootball TeamL 0 1
kirby.comPatriotsL 0 1
FreigPackersL 0 1
Eseibert1973ChiefsL 0 1
Killer KevinNo PickL 0 1
AmPmNo PickL 0 1
The B-Man9/12/21 11:53:27PM ET
Lock Club note: A few folks posted their Lock pick in the pool bulletin board instead of here so I moved the picks over.
The B-Man9/12/21 4:22:25PM ET
Haha. Great start for me. Oh well, Panthers won!
kirby.com9/12/21 4:04:24PM ET
Tony Perez9/12/21 12:48:54PM ET
Lock of the week 1: Chargers
pval9/12/21 12:35:07PM ET
Week 1 Lock of the Week: Chargers
The B-Man9/12/21 11:32:33AM ET
Good luck to those in the Lock Club. We should have a fun, competitive group this season.

I recently moved to a high-rise apartment in uptown Charlotte - so I'll be tailgating and watching the Panthers all season, optimistically rooting for a playoff run.

Trusting a former Panther coach with my Lock pick to kick things off. Give me:

B-Man's Lock of the Week: Washington Football Team +1.5

Another one I really liked was Titans -2.5.

Let's go!
charp9/12/21 11:27:02AM ET
I'm in. Lock of the Week: Niners
MR BILL9/12/21 9:39:29AM ET
Lock Pick Week 1 49ers
The_GOAT9/12/21 8:57:52AM ET
Week 1 lock: Browns
Eseibert19739/12/21 8:32:26AM ET
Changing: Week 1 Lock - Kansas City
The Mandalorian9/11/21 11:05:53PM ET
Lock of the Week: Chargers
Eseibert19739/11/21 10:27:44AM ET
Chargers Lock Pick Week 1
Freig9/10/21 3:46:39PM ET
Lock of the week: Green Bay
Rolltide7579/9/21 7:54:20PM ET
B-Man, is your PayPal still the same? I submitted my picks for this week but need to send you the payment. Same $200 (I think) as last few years?
The B-Man9/9/21 7:07:30PM ET
Good luck to all as another season kicks off. Time for my annual predictions!

NFC Playoff Teams (w = wildcard):

Football Team
Rams (w)
Seahawks (w)
Cowboys (w)

AFC Playoff Teams

Patriots (w)
Colts (w)
Ravens (w)

NFC Title: Bucs over Rams
AFC Title: Bills over Chiefs

SB LVI Champ: Bucs over Bills

I tried to pick someone to beat the Bucs but unless they suffer injuries, I just don't see it.

Who does everyone have this year?
Patu9/9/21 3:52:53PM ET
Sf 49ers Week one Lock.
pval9/8/21 7:42:03PM ET
If anyone is interested - Last call for the ZONA 2021-2022 pool with weekly prizes, playoff tournament, and overall season winners.

Over 40 different prizes. Entry fee is $ 120. Currently at approximately 100 participants. Been running the pool for a few years now.

email if interested.
Elmer Homero9/8/21 5:29:24PM ET
Lock for week 1 SF 49s
Taylorj39/8/21 4:20:13PM ET
2021 Week 1 Lock of the week: Panthers
kirby.com9/8/21 1:16:48PM ET
Hi B-Man. I'm in again this year. I'll get you the entry fee.
Patu9/7/21 11:00:45AM ET
2021 Week 1 Lock of the week: SF 49ers
The B-Man9/6/21 2:01:33PM ET
Lock Club members: I've only gotten one entry fee (pval) and he's a newcomer. Get your fees in or let me know if you are not playing this year.

For those playing, invite your friends. Let's make it a big pool $$$ this year.
The B-Man9/1/21 2:30:41PM ET

Once again I will be running the Lock Club Pool here on the Bulletin Board. You make one pick each week, with payouts at the end of the season (Super Bowl) for 1st & 2nd, tiebreaker will be your ranking for Spread picks on this site.

If you would like to play, simply join the Lock Club pool via this link. Then be sure to post your Lock pick for Week 1 before the last game kicks off next Sunday.

Join the Lock of the Week Club

Lock of the Week Contest Rules:

1) You must be 18 or older to enter.

2) Entry fee is $75.00 in US Dollars. The fee can be paid in several ways preferrably Zelle: or Venmo: @thebman. If you need to mail a check, send me a private message.

3) We will distribute winnings to the top 2 players at 70% and 30% of the total. All funds taken in are redistributed to the winners. There is no "vig".

4) Each player makes 1 pick per week for each week of the regular season and each week of the playoffs, including the Super Bowl game itself. The picks are against the spread using the final lines posted on this web site.

4a) For the Super Bowl only, I will post an Over/Under line that can be used as your Lock Pick. This was added last season to provide additional options for the final game.

5) There are 2 bonus picks -- an Upset of the Year Pick and a Superbowl Bonus Pick. The Upset pick must be an underdog in a game where the point spread is 7.5 or more points. The underdog must win straight up. The Superbowl Bonus Pick is made AFTER WEEK 17 once the playoff seedings are announced. You may revise your Superbowl Bonus Pick at any time or as many times as you like up to kickoff of the first playoff game. You must pick the eventual Superbowl winner straight up. You do not get a loss added to your record if you miss either or both of the bonus picks. But if you choose correctly, you get a bonus win added to your total for the season.

6) Each pick each week must be made here on this bulletin board before kickoff of that game. You can wait until before kickoff of the Monday Night game and pick that game if you like. If you don't make a pick for a week, you automatically get a loss for that week. You must abide by the site rules for all of your posts.

7) In the event of a tie in the records of 2 or more players, the tie breaker will be the overall ranking in the spread picks on this site for the year using the site's point system. Be sure to submit your against the spread picks each week during the season since we can't use the straight up records for the tie-breaker. If there is still a tie, the money, if any, will be distributed evenly among those players.

8) I will be keeping track of the records for the Lock Club. If you disagree with my scoring or any other decision, simply post your disagreement. We will vote democratically on the issue. Majority rules. If the vote falls 50/50, my original decision will stand.

9) You may change your mind about your pick any time before kickoff of the game you eventually pick. You may not change a pick after kickoff of that game, however. It is legal to adjust your pick based upon what another player has done for strategic purposes, but you must specify a team for your pick. You cannot say "I'll take the opposite of whatever so and so takes." You must name your team with your pick. Likewise, it is also okay to switch your pick at the last minute if you suspect another player is shadowing your picks, but you must make any switches before kickoff of the game you select.

10) The time stamp here on the board will be the controlling evidence for when you posted your pick. The official clock used by the NFL is presumed to be the same as the clock on the board, although in reality the two clocks might be a few minutes different from each other. You could be at the game and be posting your pick before the kickoff, but still be too late to get your pick in if the 2 clocks are different, so don't wait until the last minute. Any picks that happen after kickoff, even just a few seconds after, will be ignored as if they never happened.

11) To join the Lock Club, you must post your intentions to join here on this board. You must get your pick in for Week 1 here on this board. Your entry fee must be received no later than the deadline for making your pick for Week 2. Should you miss week 1 and still wish to join, you may join, but you will get a loss for the missed week 1 pick.

12) To make it easier for me and so I don't miss your selection, please put all picks in BOLD lettering using the and HTML tags. Also, don't say something like "The Saints will whip the Chargers this week." Say, instead, something like "I'll take the Saints as my Lock Of The Week." Make your pick as unambiguous as possible.
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