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Season - Overall Leaders - Vs. Spread
RankPlayerRecordWeek 20
1 Mckinz 165-101 (62.0%) 1-1
2 Wolfy83 163-103 (61.3%) 1-1
3 GoEags98908 162-104 (60.9%) 2-0

Season - Overall Leaders - Straight-Up
RankPlayerRecordWeek 20
1 bhck 185-80 (69.8%) 2-0
2 SF49ers 182-83 (68.7%) 2-0
2 blackngold 182-83 (68.7%) 2-0

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The B-Man

2018-19 NFL Picks Page Champions
166-101, 62.2% Vs. Spread
Nana Van
182-83, 68.7% Straight-Up